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8 Great Games Like Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Terrorist Adventure

You really enjoyed playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 and now you want to try something almost similar is not better? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve rounded up the best games like Luigi’s Mansion 3 that we think you’ll love. Check them out….

After playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 you’re probably very excited about action-adventure video games and can’t seem to have enough of them, huh! If you’re a beginner and wonder what we’re talking about, this much should be clear.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an exciting, action-packed adventure ghost-buster game on Nintendo Switch. It is the third game in the Luigi’s Mansion series and has great design and gameplay, giving players a whole new gaming experience.

Luigi and Mario were invited to the suburban hotel, but when Luigi fell asleep, Mario and others were sealed into the painting. The game starts after you get your ghostbusting vacuum backpack and flashlight. What makes Luigi’s Mansion more fascinating is its adventurous nature and the challenges of each new level of gameplay.

That being said, here are some awesome games like Luigi’s Mansion 3 that you will enjoy playing solo or with friends….

1. Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon

Luigi’s Mansion 2 Dark Moon

Starting with Luigi’s Mansion 2, in the same storyline, join Luigi on a ghost-grabbing adventure to retrieve the broken pieces of the moon and save your brother Mario. This game resembles Luigi’s Mansion 3 in many different aspects, making it suitable if you love Luigi 3.

Just like 3, you’ll deal with craftier ghosts, bringing you back to back with thrilling adventures. You will also use the same controls as in Luigi 3. Using a vacuum-like machine, you will hunt the ghosts and solve different puzzles to progress.

First, you can tackle the hand corona master and then suck them into the vacuum cleaner. The game has up to 5 different themed mansions to choose from. To progress to the next level of the game, you must come up with a workable plan of getting the dark moon shard.

2. Captain Toad: Treasure TrackerCaptain Toad Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad is another perfect Luigi’s Mansion 3 alternative, especially if you’re intrigued by action-puzzle games. It comes with a characteristic classic design and simple but great gameplay. In this Super Mario 3D World spinoff, you will have many great puzzles to enjoy.

You have complete control of the game by controlling the character and the camera. It is also a level-based game in that you have to touch a Mario-like star or moon to complete each level. The game puzzles get more complex as you advance to higher levels.

And like Luigi’s Mansion 3, Captain Toad allows players to collect gemstones and uncover hidden treasures. You’ll enjoy receiving bonuses and finding the pixelated version of Toad.

3. Super Mario Odysseysuper mario odyssey

If you loved Luigi’s Mansion 3, Super Mario Odyssey is another thrilling adventure mission game you should play. As part of the Super Mario series, your main objective will be to save the princess from a forced marriage. The game features Luigi’s brother Mario and Cappy, his new friend. Mario uses Cappy’s unique abilities to capture objects used to solve puzzles.

Just as Luigi is on a mission to save his companions, in Super Mario Odyssey, you join Mario to save the princess. It is also a level-based game in that you’ll travel across kingdoms to save the princess from Bowser. You will collect the Power Moons before you can progress to a new location.

This game is more enjoyable because you can explore the other kingdoms after completing the primary story mode. You cannot play Luigi’s Mansion 3 without taking a peek at the Super Mario Odyssey.

4. Yoshi’s Crafted WorldYoshi’s Crafted World

With its stunning graphics, Yoshi’s Crafted World is another adventurous game you can play. Just as Luigi can trap ghosts, Yoshi can swallow his enemies in this game. The enemies are then turned into eggs which Yoshi uses to overcome obstacles.

You are also allowed to hunt for treasures and other craftily hidden collectibles. You’ll enjoy playing with a floating Yoshi in this exciting platform game. If you loved the fun and adventure in Luigi’s Mansion 3, this one is even more exciting. You should try it.

5. GhostopiaGhostopia

This is another enjoyable game that takes you to the fantasy world of ghosts and a haunted mansion. It is similar to Luigi’s Mansion 3 in that it is a solo character game. Your mission is to build a residence in the Shadow Realm that attracts the most powerful ghosts. You’ll strive to decorate your mansion so that your neighbor can have a hard time being tormented by ghosts.

Success at each level of the game will be rewarded with resources such as woodcutting and minerals. This game is as enticing as thrilling in that the dead live with the living. It gives players the chance to use magic and learn fascinating conjuring recipes. You can progress by opening more rooms to increase your ghost capacity.

Isn’t it fascinating to trap ghosts so that you can have them perform different tasks for you? Then play Ghostopia.

6. Ghost Trick: Phantom DetectiveGhost Trick Phantom Detective

Ghost Trick is another solo mission adventurous video game interchangeable with Luigi’s Mansion 3. You will play as Sissel’s ghost. Like Luigi’s Mansion 3 saving perspective, you use ghost powers to save lives in this game. It also has puzzles that you can solve using ghost tricks.

This game is more exciting because you can possess corpses and switch between the land of the living and ghosts. Sissel is also given a chance to save the lives of his hosts by going back before their death. You’ll enjoy saving lives in just four minutes in this exciting game. If you love a mix of thrill with a little bit of horror, then Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a must-play.

7. Lego Hidden SideLego Hidden Side

Are you a fan of collecting games? Like Luigi’s Mansion 3, Lego Hidden Side allows players to hunt and capture ghosts. To play this game, you will install its app on your smartphone. You will join Jack and Parker to protect your town from being tormented by ghosts. Therefore, just like in Luigi’s Mansion 3, you save the whole city in Lego Hidden Side.

The game has integrated AR and traditional brick-built playsets that give you a thrilling gaming experience. You cannot resist the appeal to make physical movements as you play Lego Hidden side. The game also gives you a different chilling encounter by allowing you to visit other haunted locations to deal with stubborn ghosts.

Get a chance to face off with ghosts in bloody battles till you put them in their rightful place. If you loved Luigi 3, this action-packed adventure game would serve you right.

8. Lair Of The Clockwork Godlair of the clockwork god

If you loved playing Luigi’s Mansion 3, the Lair of The Clockwork God is another mission game you can try. In the Lair of The Clockwork God, your mission is to retrieve a flower that can heal cancer.

As part of the Ben and Dan series, the Lair of The Clockwork God is more intriguing than you can imagine. It allows you to engage in adventurous as well as open-world combat missions against hostile enemies. You will play as either Dan, the pathfinder, or Ben, the explorer.

Using both their skills, you can overcome the tough challenges in the game. You will also appreciate the need for teamwork when dominating the enemy on the battlefield.

Key Takeaway

If Luigi’s Mansion 3 blew your mind, the above games are worth trying. They share similar concepts and storylines, just like Luigi 3. And all of them support both solo and multiplayer modes, so you can embark on epic adventures or combat missions alone or with friends.