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10 Action-puzzle Games Like Pico Park

Pico Park is a cooperative single and multiplayer puzzle game that won the hearts of many gamers. Cooperation is an essential aspect of the game, with different levels and modes to play. Since you play the game with your friends to achieve a common goal, Pico Park is among the best multiplayer games.

Therefore, if you are a Pico Park lover, you’ll want to try some other games like it. That’s why we are here to help you find games that will give you a thrilling experience like Pico Park.

As a casual, action-puzzle game, Pico Park is fascinating. Players must find the keys in each level for them to progress.

Pico Park has modes like Battle and Endless, where up to 8 players must work together to achieve success. The teamwork, multiplayer, and online features will keep you looking for games like Pico Park.

Are you looking for a game similar to Pico Park in gameplay or visual style? Look no further! We have compiled intriguing games that resemble Pico Park in different aspects for you. Check out our compilation…..

1. Human: Fall Flat

Human- Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat is an easy and funny dream game. In this game, every dream level is well-designed to give players a whole new environment enhancing their gaming experience. Human: Fall Flat always has something new for you, from mansions, castles, snowy mountains, night scenes, and industrial areas.

Since each level runs multiple routes and perfectly set puzzles, making the game more rewarding for exploration-minded and clever players. Even though you can solo play it, the game is more thrilling with more players. Since it allows up to 8 players to play online, grab your family and friends to make the game more enjoyable.

You can also customize your Human to your liking by changing their clothing, and choosing the head and other body parts. If you fell in love with Pico Park, you should try Human: Fall Flat. It’s one very amazing game that will leave you wanting to unlock the next level of challenges in the game.

2. Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2

Overcooked is back and much better with more chaotic cooking action. Overcooked 2 is played by either 1 or up to 4 players in which they are to serve various recipes. Taking you to the Onion Kingdom, gather your team of chefs and get cooking while overcoming challenges like fire.

In this co-op local or online multiplayer game, you’ll enjoy throwing ingredients to other chefs or cooking tools like pans. The great game mechanics, dynamic levels, and many chefs like mouse or octopus to play with make the game even more thrilling.

From pizza, cakes, and sushi recipes, prepare your favorite meal in an aesthetic kitchen setting. If you love fun co-op-type games, then this Pico Park alternative is for you.

3. A Tale of Two

A Tale for Two

A Tale of Two is a spooky two-player puzzle game that will blow your mind. The game is played simultaneously on two devices by two players. You are required to escape from the mysterious clockwork world with secrets and intriguing puzzles. This can only be achieved if you cooperate with your friend by combining information on both screens.

Communicate with your friend, shout instructions, and listen to what they have to say as you beat the clock. This makes the game fun and gives a narrative adventure with your teamwork skills put to the test. You can play the game locally or remotely as long as you have a voice connection.

For a Pico Park lover, it’s time to escape from the mystical world in A Tale of Two. This spooky puzzle game will jog your mind.

4. Portal 2

Portal 2

If you are looking for an alternative game to Pico Park, Portal 2 will exceed your expectations. Taking place many years after Portal, Portal 2 allows you to solve puzzles by placing portals so that you can teleport in them. The game has next-generation gameplay and a thrilling plot that makes you think critically while keeping the action going.

You’ll enjoy not only the comedy part of the game but also its advanced physics and dynamic new characters. The multiplayer feature gives you a new storyline, characters, and a whole new exciting experience.

Portal 2 has significantly advanced with new exciting challenges and puzzle elements, making it worth trying out. If you’re looking for a Pico Park alternative puzzle game that combines fun with unbeatable gaming challenges, then Portal 2 is for you.

5. Move or Die

Move or Die

Just as its name states, Move or Die is a fast-paced party game that involves moving so that you can stay alive. This game allows up to 4 players to compete against each other in the local or online multiplayer modes. Can you imagine playing a game where failing to move makes you explode?

With the game mechanics changing every 20 seconds, you can never know what to expect from this game. Whether it is the new rules, levels, or mayhem, you’ll always have something new to tackle after 20 seconds. That makes Move or Die a blood-pumping game that will keep you playing.

In addition to the clear 2D graphics, regular updates, and different game modes, the daily challenges put Move or Die on another level. You’ll never get enough of this Pico Park alternative game.

6. Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse is an intriguing party platformer game that will capture your attention with its fun and cartoony art style. This game involves building the level as you play while setting traps for your opponents so that you can reach the end of the level. Allowing a maximum of 4 players, you can compete against your friends locally or online.

Each level has its unique game features, flow, and strategically placed blocks to give you an exciting experience. Since Ultimate Chicken Horse allows you to build or customize the game rules and modes, you can always use different ways to mess with your friends as you enjoy its thrilling soundtrack.

Team up with friends and enjoy playing the game for the best experience. You can also pay for it solo, though it is the multiplayer mode that packs so much thrill.

7. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

Taking you to Beef City, where rivalry never ends, Gang Beasts is a fun multiplayer party game. With funny characters, brutal fights, and hilarious physics, Gang Beasts are worth reckoning.

You can play the game locally or online with up to 8 players. The game is even more thrilling because you can customize your characters as you enjoy their hilarious nature.

With thugs kicking and punching their enemies in absurd places, this game gives you a chilling feeling. You will watch in amusement as they throw their enemies into flaming pits or suspend them over building scaffolds. This is a funny, thrilling game that is impossible to stop playing once you start.

8. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a brilliant co-op game to play with your friend. It allows 1 to 4 players to work together, use different weapons and win over their enemies. It is only through teamwork that you can find victory. You’ll discover powerful space gems that will help you upgrade your ships.

With randomized levels, you will have new challenges and anticipate the unexpected. Exploring new areas with new layouts makes the game more interesting. Its simplicity with simple controls makes it easier to learn. You can start exploring the neon galaxy on your ship without much hassle.

9. Mount Your Friends

Mount Your Friends

Mount Your Friends is a simulated sporting game where you climb on each other. In this local and online multiplayer game, you are required to climb to the top of a tower created by previous payers before you run out of time. If you fail to reach the top in time, you will get eliminated.

Mount Your Friends is a competitive game with players creating massive towers if they can fling themselves much faster. You’ll enjoy the thrilling customization options and a great sense of victory as you compete on the online leaderboards.

Can you imagine you can even stick your picture on your avatar? That and other enticing features of the game make it lovable to players who loved Pico Park.



Are you looking for a hardcore cooperative game? Look no further. HELLDIVERS is your ultimate choice. In this intriguing game, players must protect SUPER EARTH by fighting off their enemies.

With added weapon packs, vehicles, and any other significant upgrades, HELLDIVERS can be played by a maximum of 4 players. This game will keep you on the edge as you rise through the ranks.

You can also get military support when the need arises. You will have many challenges with unique modifications giving you chilling but exciting experiences of over 100 hours of gameplay. It is time you enjoy the random gameplays and liberate different worlds by controlling the full might of the military in HELLDIVERS.



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