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Hey Friend, Is God of War Ragnarok Free Right Now?

I‘m sure you‘ve heard the buzz about the epic new God of War game that just launched on PlayStation. With stunning Norse mythology visuals and a captivating father-son story between Kratos and Atreus, it‘s easy to see why fans are raving about it.

But before you grab your axe and set sail on an adventure, you may be wondering: is God of War Ragnarok available for free? Or will you have to part with some hard-earned coins to play this blockbuster?

Well my friend, I‘ve got good news and bad news. Let‘s break it down!

Bad News First – God of War Ragnarok Isn‘t Free (Yet)

The bad news is God of War Ragnarok is not free. As a big-budget PS5 and PS4 exclusive that just hit shelves on November 9, it‘s still full price at launch.

  • The PS5 version costs $69.99 USD
  • The PS4 version costs $59.99 USD

As much as we‘d love to score this Game of the Year contender for free right away, Sony isn‘t giving it out gratis this soon. But don‘t fret – the good news is coming!

Good News – Ways to Get God of War Ragnarok for Free or Cheap

While you can‘t play Ragnarok for zero bucks today, there are ways to get it for free or dirt cheap in the near future:

1. PlayStation Plus Premium Free Trial

PlayStation Plus Premium members can play Ragnarok for free for 3 hours on PS5 consoles. This gives you a solid chunk of time to battle Norse beasts and explore the fantastical realms.

Sure, 3 hours is limited, but you‘ll get a free preview to see if the game hooks you before paying full freight. Pretty cool perk for PlayStation Plus Premium peeps!

2. Wait for Discounts and Sales

Have some patience my friend – God of War Ragnarok will see discounts soon enough! Major titles usually get price cuts:

  • Within 3-6 months post-launch
  • Around big holiday sales events
  • During retailer seasonal sales

Based on past Sony game pricing, I predict Ragnarok will get $10-$20 discounts around Christmas 2022. Then steeper markdowns in early 2023, maybe $40-$50 range for the base game.

If you can hold off just a bit longer, you‘ll have Kratos and Atreus for much less coin!

3. Buy a Used Copy

Looking to save a few drachmas sooner? Check for used copies on sites like eBay. Granted, savings may only be $5-$10 compared to new. But for the patient shopper, used games are a way to go cheaper if you just can‘t wait for a big sale.

4. Subscribe to PlayStation Plus

Sony often gives away even big exclusives a couple years post-launch via PlayStation Plus monthly free games. This program lets subscribers download and keep PS4 and PS5 games each month.

While it likely won‘t happen until late 2024 at the earliest, Ragnarok could someday be a free PlayStation Plus monthly game!

5. Play the Previous God of War (2018) for Free Now!

Here‘s a cool freebie available right now! The previous God of War from 2018 is free for all PlayStation Plus members through early July 2022.

This critically acclaimed PS4 title reinvented the franchise and serves as a direct prequel to Ragnarok. It lets you learn about Kratos‘ backstory and relationship with his son. So play it free on PS Plus, then continue the adventure in Ragnarok!

See, with a little knowledge and planning, you can absolutely get amazing games like God of War without paying full MSRP. Have some patience, and keep an eye out for deals. That‘s my tips for scoring this instant classic on the cheap!

Now, I know what you must be thinking next – what makes Ragnarok so darn special? Is it really worth buying at all? Grab an axe and shield my friend, and let‘s dive deep into what makes this sequel a masterpiece.

God of War Ragnarok – Reviews and Gameplay Details

I don‘t toss around the word "masterpiece" lightly. But looking at critic reviews and gameplay details, Ragnarok earns that title many times over. Let‘s see what the experts say:

  • 94% average critic score on Metacritic (PS5 version) – Making it one of the highest rated PlayStation games of all time
  • Over 3 million copies sold in first week – Breaking launch week sales records for a Sony title
  • "Stunning visuals and engrossing combat" – GamesRadar+
  • "Best action-adventure game of the generation" – ComicBook
  • "A masterclass in sequel making" – GameInformer

It‘s not just hype either – when you look at the key features of Ragnarok, you‘ll see why it‘s so special:

  • Epic Norse story and lore – Moving family drama between Kratos and Atreus at the heart of it
  • Huge semi-open world environments to explore via boat and on foot
  • 30+ hours of gameplay for just the main story, not including side content
  • Fluid cinematic combat against Norse gods, giants, soldiers and beasts
  • Puzzles, platforming, and RPG upgrade elements round out the adventure
  • Next-gen graphics and performance, targeting 60 FPS gameplay

If you‘re a fan of cinematic, story-driven action games, Ragnarok should absolutely be on your must-play list. The amount of content, polish, and memorable moments make it a game you‘ll remember for years.

Should You Pay Full Price for God of War Ragnarok?

Look, I get it – dropping $60 or $70 isn‘t chump change. You work hard for your paycheck and want to spend wisely.

So even though Ragnarok is an amazing gaming experience, is paying full MSRP worth it?

Here‘s my take for your specific situation:

  • If money is tight, wait for a sale. Ragnarok will see discounts soon.
  • If you‘re a huge God of War fan, it may be worth paying full price to play ASAP and avoid spoilers!
  • Have patience? Save money and grab it later once the price drops. Still a great game in 6 months!
  • Want to try before you buy? Check out the 3 hour PlayStation Plus Premium free trial.

No matter what you decide, it‘s a spectacular game that I‘m confident you‘ll absolutely love when the time is right!

Let me know if you have any other questions. And happy gaming – may your axe stay sharp and your journey epic!

Your friend,




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