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How Do I Claim Free VC on NBA 2K22?

Want to know how to get your hands on unlimited free Virtual Currency (VC) in NBA 2K22 without spending real money? I‘ve got you covered.

As a long-time NBA 2K gamer and content creator, I‘ve learned all the legit tricks and grinding strategies for earning VC quickly and easily. In this detailed guide, I‘ll explain numerous methods that anyone can use to claim free VC in NBA 2K22 on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Switch.

Whether you‘re looking to upgrade your MyPlayer, buy MyTeam card packs or fresh new gear, you can avoid draining your wallet if you follow this advice. Let‘s jump right in!

Top Daily Methods for Free VC

Completing these simple activities each day can earn you thousands of VC per week:

Collect Daily Rewards

This only takes a minute and should be part of your daily routine. Head to the Affiliation statue in the MyCareer City to claim your free daily reward. You‘ll often get bonus VC, with amounts typically between 250 to 750 VC.

Knock Out Daily Challenges

Finish all available daily challenges displayed on the top bar above The City map. These are super quick and easy, rewarding 200 to 300 VC per challenge.

Spin the Daily Prize Wheel

Found in the Gatorade Training Facility, the Daily Spin offers great prizes like boosts, XP, clothing and VC amounts up to 10,000 VC! You get one free spin every 24 hours.

Play Daily Pick ‘Em

Predict correct outcomes for that day‘s scheduled NBA matchups to earn 500 VC or more per correct pick. Can potentially get 3,500 VC per week if you get all picks right.

Watch 2KTV Episodes

Each weekly episode offers 750 to 1,000 VC for answering a few trivia questions. Takes 5 minutes and there are 25+ episodes per season.

Check Today‘s Locker Codes

Keep an eye out on NBA 2K‘s social media for fresh locker codes offering VC and other rewards. Enter them ASAP before expiration!

Daily ActivityEstimated VC Earned
Daily Rewards250 – 750 VC
Daily Challenges200 – 300 VC
Daily SpinUp to 10,000 VC
Daily Pick ‘Em500 VC
2KTV Episode750 – 1,000 VC
TotalUp to 12,800 VC per day

Spending less than 30 minutes on these quick activities each day can bring in over 12,000 VC per week!

VC Earning Methods and Grinding Tips

Dedicate time to these rewarding modes and gameplay strategies to generate VC earnings over the long term:

Play Full MyCareer Seasons

Play and sim through full NBA seasons to earn increasing VC rewards for key games, playoffs and hitting seasonal milestones.

Complete MyCareer Questlines

Earn big one-time VC payouts by finishing multi-game questlines related to endorsements, becoming a starter, winning championships and more.

Take Over The Park

Stage games earn 100-200 VC per win, and repeat 3v3 matches on The Playground for steadily increasing win rewards.

Enter Ante-Up Tournaments

Try your skills in competitive Ante-Up tournaments for chances to win thousands in jackpot VC prizes.

Dominate MyTEAM Unlimited

String together wins in online multiplayer matches for prize drops like 1,000 VC after 5 straight victories.

Auction House Flipping

Buy low value MyTEAM cards and re-sell for profit. Snipe hot cards when content drops and sell hype pieces fast.

Farm Badges to Sell

Upgrade multiple Badge categories simultaneously, then cash them in for VC at the Badge Kiosk once earned.

Play Full 5 Minute Quarters

The longer the games, the more VC you‘ll earn. 5 minute quarters maximize earnings, especially on higher difficulties.

VC Earning MethodEstimated VC Earned
Full MyCareer Season25,000+ VC
MyCareer Questline1,500 – 5,000 VC
3v3 Park Games100 – 200 VC per win
Ante-Up Tournament1,000 – 5,000 VC jackpots
5 MyTEAM Wins1,000 VC bonuses
Badge Farming5,000+ VC per hour
5 Minute Quarter Games600+ VC per game

With some dedication, you can reliably generate over 100,000 VC per week using these tips!

Locker Codes for Free VC

Keep checking NBA 2K‘s social media and website for locker codes. Here are some recent ones offering VC:

Locker CodeVC Reward

Enter new locker codes as soon as possible to have the best shot at claiming the VC rewards!

How Much VC is Needed to Upgrade your MyPlayer?

Upgrading your MyPlayer with VC can get very expensive. Here‘s a breakdown of how much VC it takes to reach key Overall Rating milestones:

MyPlayer OVRVC Required
60 to 7015,000 VC
70 to 8040,000 VC
80 to 8555,000 VC
85 to 9095,000 VC
90 to 95145,000 VC
95 to 99200,000+ VC

As you can see, reaching that coveted 99 OVR will cost over 200,000 VC!

The good news is you can generate VC steadily by combining the daily and grinding methods I‘ve outlined in this guide. With some dedication, you can reach 85+ OVR without spending any real money on VC.

Is Purchasing VC Worth it in NBA 2K22?

Here‘s a look at how much some popular VC pack sizes cost in NBA 2K22:

VC PackPrice (USD)
15,000 VC$4.99
35,000 VC$9.99
75,000 VC$19.99
200,000 VC$49.99

With 200,000 VC costing almost $50, buying your way to a 99 OVR MyPlayer could cost over $100!

While purchased VC eliminates the grind, consider that:

  • The sense of accomplishment from earning VC is lost
  • VC bought for one 2K game won‘t transfer to the next
  • You don‘t really own digital content purchased with real money
  • MyTEAM pack luck is never guaranteed

Personally, I only recommend buying VC if you really don‘t have the time to earn VC through gameplay and want to speed up the process. Otherwise, use the savvy tips in this guide to get your free VC!

Answering Common Free VC Questions

Let‘s wrap up this guide by answering some frequently asked questions on getting free VC:

How often do locker codes get released?

There‘s no set schedule, but new codes usually drop with content updates, limited time events, and MyTEAM Promo Packs.

What‘s the daily limit for earning VC offline?

No strict limit, but repeatable activities stop rewarding VC after a point. Actual games still payout reasonable offline earnings.

Can you earn VC without an internet connection?

Yes! Many modes allow offline earning, just at reduced rates compared to online play.

Is VC shared across MyCareer, MyTEAM and MyGM?

No. VC is separate for each game mode, not usable universally. MyCareer VC won‘t transfer to MyTEAM for example.

Can I transfer VC between accounts or consoles?

Unfortunately no. You also can‘t gift VC directly to other users. Only way to share is buying a 2K gift card code for them to redeem.

What are the highest VC rewards in MyCareer?

Championships pay 25,000 VC, big endorsement deals can pay over 50,000 VC and level 39 MyCareer seasonal rewards give 100,000 VC!

How long would it take a new player to earn 200,000 VC?

Using the tips in this guide, expect it to take around 1-2 months for a new player without bonuses or multipliers. Veteran players can cut that time significantly.

And there you have it! With the knowledge from this guide, you now have all the tools needed to earn unlimited free VC in NBA 2K22. Never pay for VC again!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to provide tips and help out fellow 2K players. Enjoy the grind and I‘ll see you in the MyCareer City!



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