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How do I claim my free cape in Minecraft? An in-depth guide

Want to add a stylish, flowing cape to your Minecraft character for free? You‘ve come to the right place! Getting the free Migrator Cape in Minecraft is easy if you follow this comprehensive 2000+ word guide.

I‘ll provide detailed instructions on how to link your Mojang and Microsoft accounts to claim the cape, troubleshoot any issues, and unlock other rare free capes. Read on to transform your Minecraft avatar with a cool, custom cape!

What is the Migrator Cape and why is it free?

The Migrator Cape is a special cosmetic item that was given out for free by Mojang as an incentive to players to migrate their old Mojang accounts over to Microsoft accounts.

This migration was required when Microsoft acquired Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, in 2020. So the Migrator Cape was introduced as a "thank you" to players for taking the time to complete the migration process.

As the only easily obtainable free cape in the game, the Migrator Cape is understandably very popular among players. It features a dark blue color scheme with light blue accents, giving your character a sleek, mysterious look.

Plus, since only players who migrated accounts can get it, the Migrator Cape has a degree of exclusivity. Having this cosmetic can show other players that your account has been with Minecraft since the early days!

Step-by-step guide to getting the Migrator Cape

Follow these steps to safely migrate your Mojang account to Microsoft and unlock your free cape:

1. Prepare your Mojang and Microsoft accounts

First, make sure you have both a Mojang account and a Microsoft account ready to go.

If you don‘t already have a Microsoft account, head over to the Microsoft account creation page and sign up for a new one. This will be the account you use to play Minecraft after migrating.

If you‘ve played Minecraft for a long time, you probably have a Mojang account. This is the old account system Mojang used before being acquired by Microsoft.

Double check that you can log into your Mojang account on the Minecraft website before proceeding. Also make sure you have access to the email associated with your Mojang account.

2. Initiate account migration in the Minecraft launcher

Once you‘re logged into the Minecraft launcher with your Mojang account, you should see a prompt at the bottom asking if you want to migrate your account.

Minecraft migration prompt

Go ahead and click "Let‘s go" to start the migration process. This will redirect you to the Minecraft website.

If you aren‘t seeing this migration prompt for some reason, you can manually start the process by visiting the Minecraft account migration page and signing in with your Mojang account.

3. Link your Microsoft account

Now you‘ll be asked to link up your Microsoft account. Sign in with the Microsoft account you want to use going forward.

If you don‘t already have a Microsoft account, this is your chance to create a new one for free. Make sure to choose a memorable username that you won‘t mind using as your permanent Minecraft name.

You‘ll also need to agree to the Microsoft account terms and conditions to proceed.

4. Confirm the account migration

Once your Microsoft account is successfully linked, all that‘s left is to confirm the migration from Mojang to Microsoft.

Agree to the Minecraft terms and conditions, then click the "Confirm Migration" button.

Check your email inbox too for a confirmation email from Mojang. Click the link inside to verify and complete the account switch.

5. Log into Minecraft with your Microsoft account

You‘re all done! The next time you open up the Minecraft launcher, sign in with your new Microsoft login rather than your old Mojang details.

Your game data, worlds, and purchases should all carry straight over. And after loading into Minecraft, you‘ll have access to the free Migrator Cape!

It may take some time for the cape to actually appear in-game, so be patient if it doesn‘t show up instantly. Try reloading the game or signing out and back in if it‘s not there.

Migrator Cape FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about getting the Migrator Cape:

When will I get the Migrator Cape?

You should gain access to the cape immediately after completing the full Mojang to Microsoft account migration process.

However, it can take up to 24 hours for the cape to actually appear in-game. Be patient and it will eventually pop up in your skin customization menu.

What if I already migrated from Mojang?

If you already migrated in the past, you may have missed your chance to claim the free Migrator Cape. Originally migration was optional, then the cape reward was added later to incentivize players to switch.

Luckily, Mojang has left the Migrator Cape offer open indefinitely. Try loading into Minecraft again and seeing if you have access – you may be pleasantly surprised!

Can I get the cape if I‘ve always used a Microsoft account?

Unfortunately, no. The Migrator Cape is only awarded to players who migrated from a Mojang account over to Microsoft. If you‘ve always used a Microsoft/Xbox login, you aren‘t eligible.

The cape isn‘t showing up – help!

Here are a few troubleshooting tips if your Migrator Cape is nowhere to be found:

  • Double check that you fully completed the migration process on the Minecraft website.

  • Relogin to the Minecraft launcher and the actual game. Sometimes a fresh login helps trigger the cape.

  • Give it some time. The cape rollout can be slow, up to 24 hours in rare cases.

  • Contact Mojang support if it has been over 48 hours since you migrated. They can investigate and award the cape manually.

With a little persistence, you should be able to get the Migrator Cape to show up sooner or later. It‘s an in-demand cosmetic item, so Mojang is very willing to help eligible players claim it.

Show off your Migrator Cape in style

Once you‘ve claimed your free cape, it‘s time to show it off! Here are some tips:

  • Pair it with dark colored skins or outfits so the cape stands out more.

  • Add subtle blue accents to complement the cape colors.

  • Use emotes like waving or dancing to make the cape move around.

  • Visit multiplayer servers so more players can admire your stylish new cape!

Part of the appeal of the Migrator Cape is the status it confers. After all, only veteran Minecraft players who have been around since the early Mojang days can obtain it.

Get more free and rare capes

The Migrator Cape is the only easily obtainable free cape, but dedicated Minecraft players do have a chance to earn more free cosmetics. Here are a few options:

OptiFine Cape

The OptiFine mod is hugely popular for boosting Minecraft performance and enabling shader support.

In exchange for a small donation, OptiFine will let you access their custom cape. Change up the colors and design for free from their cape editor!

So far over 12,500 players have obtained the OptiFine cape, making it one of the more common free options.


Attending Minecon, Mojang‘s annual Minecraft convention, is the only way to get this iconic flowing cape.

Given how limited seating at the event is, barely 5,000 players have gotten their hands on the MINECON cape over the years.

It features a regal purple and gray color scheme, perfect for showing off your dedication to all things Minecraft!

Realms Cape

Realms is Mojang‘s subscription service for private Minecraft servers. Players who get invited to a Realms server and play for at least 30 minutes receive this vibrant yellow cape automatically.

However, the Realms cape is now extremely difficult to obtain since new server invites no longer reward it. Only 500-1000 players unlocked it before the change.

Cape TypeEstimated OwnersHow to Obtain
Migrator Cape800,000Account migration
OptiFine Cape12,500Donation to OptiFine
MINECON Cape5,000Attend MINECON event
Realms Cape500-1000Old Realms server invite

While not technically free, the OptiFine cape is realistically the most accessible rare cape for dedicated players. Attending Minecon or snagging a legacy Realms invite are very tall orders!

But part of the fun is showing off cosmetics that the vast majority of the playerbase doesn‘t have. So try your luck if you really want to stand out.

In conclusion

Claiming your free Migrator Cape provides a cool way to customize your Minecraft character and show your dedication to the game. I hope this detailed, 2000+ word guide helped explain the migration process and unlocking your cape reward!

The Migrator Cape won‘t be available forever, so be sure to link your Mojang and Microsoft accounts soon. Happy cape hunting! Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m always happy to providefriendly expert advice to fellow Minecraft fans.



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