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How do I get Battlefield 2042 for free and redeem access?

If you‘re asking yourself "How do I redeem my free Battlefield 2042?" then you‘ve come to the right place. This detailed guide will walk you through all the different ways to score free access to Battlefield 2042 on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and more.

I‘ll provide step-by-step instructions for redeeming codes, activating trials, and participating in free events. Plus tips to maximize your playtime from gaming experts. Read on to learn how you can redeem and start playing Battlefield 2042 for free today!

An Overview of Battlefield 2042

Before we dive into the redemption details, let‘s do a quick overview of Battlefield 2042 for those new to the franchise.

Battlefield 2042 is the latest entry in the massive Battlefield military first-person shooter series from DICE and Electronic Arts. It features staples of the franchise like large-scale maps and modes supporting 128 players on PC and new-gen consoles.

The game is set in the near future of 2042 as the world is devastated by climate disasters and conflict. Players take on the role of Specialists with unique abilities and traits across battlefield zones like flooded cities, oil rigs, and deserts.

According to EA, key features of Battlefield 2042 include:

  • Massive persistent battles with support for 128 players on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5. 64 players on Xbox One and PS4.

  • Dynamic weather like tornadoes and sandstorms that shape the environment and tactics.

  • A focus on all-out military warfare through land, air, and sea combat across varied environments.

  • Four distinct Specialist classes with unique skills and traits for strategic team play.

  • AI soldiers that fight alongside players to fill out enormous battles.

So that provides an overview of Battlefield 2042‘s offerings. Now let‘s get to the good stuff: how to start playing for free!

Redeeming Free Copies Included with Hardware

Some of the best deals for getting Battlefield 2042 at no cost come from hardware and components bundles. Many graphics cards, SSDs, processors, and other parts have come with free codes.

For example, one popular promotion was Battlefield 2042 free with select WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSDs.

Here are the steps to redeem a free copy from a hardware bundle:

1. Find your code – Locate the redemption code card, leaflet, or sticker that came in the hardware‘s packaging. It may be on the front, back, inside the box, etc.

2. Go to the redemption site – Navigate to the promotion‘s redemption website listed on the code. For Western Digital SSDs it was

3. Enter your code – Carefully type in the full code from your card on the website. Avoid typos!

4. Check email for game code – After redeeming on the website, check your email. You should get a message with the actual game code.

5. Activate game code – Take the game code from email and redeem it through your platform‘s store, like PlayStation Store, Steam, etc.

6. Preload if available – Download the game files ahead of release so you‘re ready to play the second it unlocks. Check with the retailer for preload details.

7. Enjoy early access – Hardware bundles with Battlefield 2042 often include early launch access. So get a head start!

By following these redemption steps, you can score a free copy of Battlefield 2042 with eligible hardware purchases. Time to trade in old parts and upgrade your rig!

Trying Free Trials from EA Play and Xbox Game Pass

Don‘t have new hardware but still want to play Battlefield 2042 risk-free? No worries, you can access free trials too!

EA and Xbox offer limited-time trials through their subscription services. Here are the key details on how to redeem your Battlefield 2042 trials:

EA Play Trial

  • Provides a 10-hour trial of Battlefield 2042. Progress carries over if you buy.

  • Available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

  • Included with all EA Play subscriptions.

  • Find in your platform‘s store and download the trial version.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Trial

  • Also offers a 10-hour EA Play trial. Works on Xbox and PC.

  • Included for all Game Pass Ultimate members.

  • On Xbox find it in Subscriptions > EA Play.

  • On PC download via the Xbox app or EA desktop app.

EA Play Pro (PC Only)

  • Grants full-game access, not just a 10-hour trial.

  • Included with EA Play Pro on PC.

  • Download and play through EA desktop app or Origin.

So with access to these subscription trials, you can essentially demo Battlefield 2042 for up to 10 hours. Hands-on time to experience the maps and modes for yourself before buying.

Playing During Free Access Events

In addition to the trials above, EA has also been hosting special Free Access events for Battlefield 2042. These grant free access to everyone for a limited time!

The last major Free Access event was back in December 2022 across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. However, EA just announced the next event will run March 13-16, 2023 on all platforms.

So clear you calendar and prepare for battle because that free play period is coming up quick!

During these events, simply download or launch Battlefield 2042 and you‘ll have unlimited access for the duration, no strings attached. All content and modes unlocked.

Free Access events let you check out Battlefield 2042‘s large-scale maps and modes like Conquest, Breakthrough, Hazard Zone and more. And test out the Specialists, vehicles, weapons and gadgets first-hand.

As gaming deal expert Miguel Sanchez told me:

"The Battlefield 2042 Free Access events have been awesome for trying before you buy. I don‘t always love every Battlefield game so it‘s nice being able to experience the latest one risk-free. Lets you decide if it‘s worth purchasing or not once the free period ends."

So be sure to mark your calendar for March 13-16 and tell your squad so you can play together during the free event.

Activating Pre-Order and Special Edition Bonuses

Aside from the free events, you can also get bonuses and exclusive content by pre-ordering or buying special editions of Battlefield 2042.

Here‘s what you get and how to redeem with the various editions:

Standard Edition

  • Base game only – No bonuses.

Gold Edition

  • Early access to full game (1 week before Standard launch)

  • Cross-gen bundle for PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Series X/S

Ultimate Edition

  • Early access to full game
  • Cross-gen bundle
  • 4 Battle Passes – Grants premium Battle Pass access for 4 seasons. Redeem in-game.
  • Early unlocks – Redeem in-game for bonuses like skins, specialists, etc.

So if you pre-ordered or bought one of the more deluxe editions, you‘ll want to redeem those special unlocks when you first boot up Battlefield 2042. Check the in-game store for your bonuses.

Maximizing Your Free Access for the Win

When redeeming trials, playing free events, or using promotional codes, be sure to maximize your access. Here are some pro gaming tips:

  • Preload early – Download the game ahead of time so you can instantly start playing the second access unlocks. Don‘t waste time installing.

  • Note exact end times – Free trials and events end at precise times and dates. So schedule accordingly to use your full allotment.

  • Set reminders – Get the most value by setting alarms and notifications as your access nears expiration. Don‘t lose track of time.

  • Stack access – Combine promotions, trials, and events to really extend your playtime. Just remember to cancel renewing subscriptions later.

  • Play with friends – Group up to maximize teamwork, revives, spawns, and overall fun during limited-time events.

  • Try all modes and maps – Fully explore while you can, since you‘ll have unlimited access for a short while.

  • Provide feedback – Give constructive feedback via surveys or forums during events so the devs can continue improving.

Using tricks like these can help you optimize every minute of your free Battlefield 2042 access. Now let‘s get to the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Battlefield 2042 Free Access

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about getting Battlefield 2042 for free:

How do I get my Battlefield 2042 game code from Amazon?

If you pre-ordered a physical copy on Amazon, your game code will be emailed to you on release day. Check your Amazon order confirmation email for details.

Is Battlefield 2042 free with Xbox Game Pass?

Battlefield 2042 currently is not fully included with Game Pass. But you do get 10-hour trials via EA Play. The full game may be added to Game Pass in the future.

Can I game share Battlefield 2042 on Xbox?

Yes, you can share downloaded copies of Battlefield 2042 on Xbox consoles with Xbox Live‘s game sharing feature. Set your friend‘s console as your "Home Xbox" to share.

When do I get charged if I pre-ordered Battlefield 2042?

You will be charged for a pre-order just before release, around 1-2 weeks prior typically. Check your retailer confirmation email for exact billing details.

How do I get veteran rewards in Battlefield 2042?

Check Battlefield 2042‘s veteran rewards site using your EA/Origin account details to see if you qualify for exclusive skins based on past Battlefield games played.

Does Battlefield 2042 support crossplay?

Yes, Battlefield 2042 offers crossplay between PC, Xbox consoles, and PlayStation consoles. So you can team up with friends on other platforms.

I hope these game access tips help you enjoy Battlefield 2042‘s large-scale multiplayer for free during limited events, trials, promotions and early access periods. See you on the chaotic battlefield, soldiers!



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