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How do I get my free taco?

I‘m so glad you asked! Getting free tacos may seem difficult, but it‘s very achievable with the right techniques. I‘m here to be your guide to scoring all the free tacos your taste buds desire. By using my savvy tips and tricks, you‘ll be well on your way to taco bliss, without emptying your wallet.

Know the Best Taco Places

Let‘s start with where to find the tastiest free tacos. Based on my expertise as a consumer addict and deal finder, I recommend focusing your efforts on these top spots:

Taco Bell – The undisputed king of fast food tacos, Taco Bell has mastered convenient, craveable tacos. Through their app, rewards program and promotions, there are so many opportunities to score free tacos here.

Del Taco – For more authentic Mexican-style tacos, Del Taco is a prime target. Their app and loyalty program offer multiple ways to get free tacos and deals.

I also suggest keeping an eye out for giveaways and specials from places like Qdoba, El Pollo Loco, Baja Fresh and Rubio‘s Coastal Grill. The more apps and rewards programs you join, the merrier!

Maximize App & Rewards Accounts

Now let‘s get you set up with the key tools for taco success. I highly recommend downloading the apps for Taco Bell, Del Taco and any other favorite taco spots. Many provide free taco rewards just for downloading or registering. For example:

  • Taco Bell: Get a free Doritos Locos Taco for downloading and registering on their app
  • Del Taco: Score 2 free seasoned beef tacos for new app users
  • El Pollo Loco: Receive a BOGO free taco deal for first-time app users

Make sure to create accounts and input your contact information accurately to take advantage of special offers and birthday freebies. Connecting these apps to your social media accounts can also help you earn bonus rewards through shareable promotions.

Understand the Best Reward Programs

Now let‘s get you signed up for the rewards programs that offer the most taco freebies:

Taco Bell Rewards

  • Earn 200 bonus points for referring a friend
  • Get a free taco on your birthday
  • Chance for a free taco with "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" World Series promotion

Del Taco Rewards

  • 10 points earned for every $1 spent, with 200 points redeemable for 2 free tacos
  • Surprise rewards and member-only coupons
  • 50 bonus points for successful friend referrals

The more loyalty programs you join, the more opportunities for free birthday treats and special members-only perks.

Use Apps Strategically

Once your accounts are set up, be sure to strategically use the apps to maximize savings:

  • Enable push notifications so you never miss a deal
  • Check the "Offers" section for coupons and promos
  • Place mobile orders to earn bonus points
  • Redeem rewards points for free food
  • Rate and review for bonus points
  • Refer friends through the app for rewards

Routinely checking your accounts is key for catching the best offers!

Score Free Tacos During Major Events

Keep an eye out around big sporting and cultural events for limited-time taco freebies:

  • Taco Bell "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" World Series Deal – Get a free taco if a base is stolen during the World Series
  • Taco Bell "Steal a Win, Steal a Taco" NBA Finals Promotion – Chance for a free taco if the away team wins a Finals game
  • Del Taco National Taco Day Giveaways – Often hands out free tacos in honor of the holiday (October 4th)

Here‘s a look at when major events with possible associated Taco Bell free taco giveaways typically happen:

NBA FinalsJune
MLB World SeriesOctober/November
Super BowlFebruary
NBA All-Star GameFebruary

Act fast when you see or hear of these limited-time free taco opportunities!

Use Online Coupons & Cash Back

Scour coupon sites and cashback programs for additional taco savings:

  • Search RetailMeNot and Groupon for Taco Bell and Del Taco coupons
  • Check cashback apps like Rakuten and Ibotta for taco rebates
  • Follow blogs like The Krazy Koupon Lady for updates on best deals

Combining these promos with app offers can help you save big. I once stacked an Ibotta rebate with a Taco Bell app freebie to get 2 free Doritos Locos tacos!

Refer Friends for Bonus Rewards

Grow your taco savings by getting friends and family involved:

  • Referring a friend to Taco Bell Rewards earns you 200 bonus points
  • Referring a friend to Del Taco Rewards earns you 50 bonus points
  • Offer to exchange referral codes to multiply rewards

Encouraging others to also refer their friends means more points for everyone!

Look for Taco Deals In-Store

When you visit Taco Bell, Del Taco or other taco joints, keep an eye out for special unadvertised deals:

  • Ask the cashier if they have any coupons or know of any deals not listed online
  • Check your receipt for special offers or coupon codes you can redeem on your next visit
  • Look for bonus free taco challenges and competitions on display in-store

Sometimes the best directly from the source!

Reach Out About Issues

Don‘t be afraid to politely contact customer service if you ever have issues getting your free tacos:

  • If a coupon code doesn‘t work or offer seems expired, ask them to make it right with a replacement coupon
  • Explain app glitches preventing you from claiming or using rewards
  • Politely request compensation if an ordered freebie wasn‘t correct or served

As long as you‘re friendly, they‘ll likely happily help resolve the problem with a free taco replacement.

Use Birthday Freebies

Taco joints like Taco Bell and Del Taco offer free birthday rewards through their apps and loyalty programs. Make sure to:

  • Have your full birthday entered into your account profiles
  • Check the apps during your birthday month for special coupon offers
  • Note birthday freebie expiration dates, as offers are usually valid for a limited window

The gift of a free birthday taco is tough to beat!

Watch for BOGO Deals

"Buy One, Get One Free" (BOGO) deals are another excellent way to score a free taco:

  • Taco Bell frequently offers BOGO tacos via app coupons and featured LTOs
  • Check Del Taco‘s app and email promotions for BOGO free taco deals
  • Order one taco variety at regular price, get another taco free

BOGOs are like a two-for-one taco coupon!

Be Social Media Savvy

Follow taco restaurant accounts closely on social media for giveaways and contests:

  • Turn on notifications for Taco Bell and Del Taco‘s Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Check Instagram Stories for limited-time free taco coupon codes
  • Participate in taco photo contests and hashtag challenges
  • Reply to taco brand posts for a chance to win freebie comment selects

Your free taco might be just one viral post away!

Sign Up For Emails

Have taco savings conveniently delivered right to your inbox:

  • Provide your email address when creating rewards accounts
  • Opt-in for promotional emails from taco restaurants
  • Open emails promptly to access exclusive coupons before they expire
  • Add Taco Bell and Del Taco emails to your VIP senders list

You don‘t want a coveted free taco email getting lost in the shuffle!

Know Key Free Taco Dates

Mark your calendar with these special annual taco freebie dates:

  • October 4th – National Taco Day – Look for Del Taco giveaways and other taco deals
  • May 4th – Star Wars Day – Taco Bell has previously given away free tacos inspired by "May the Fourth"
  • March 31st – Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen – Taco Bell sometimes offers a similar Free Taco Day

Timing your cravings around key taco holidays increases your chances of scoring freebies!

Earn Rewards Through Surveys

Complete surveys on receipts and via email to redeem points and coupons for free tacos:

  • Fill out the survey on Taco Bell receipts to get a coupon code for a free menu item
  • Take Del Taco email surveys after your visit to get a coupon based on your feedback
  • Provide your invaluable thoughts and opinions to earn rewards

These quick surveys usually take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Analyze Your Receipts

Make sure to carefully examine your taco receipts before tossing them:

  • Taco Bell – Sometimes includes coupon codes at the bottom for discounts and freebies
  • Del Taco – Often prints special offers on the back you can redeem on your next visit

Don‘t let valuable free taco coupons slip away unnoticed!

Wait For the Right Promos

While free taco offers are available year-round, prime opportunities typically happen around:

  • Major sporting events (NBA Finals, World Series, etc.)
  • Holidays like Halloween, Mother‘s Day and Christmas
  • High taco consumption events: Cinco de Mayo, National Taco Day

Plan your taco hunt accordingly to spike the odds in your favor!

Enlist Family & Friends

Multiply your taco savings by getting others involved:

  • Have everyone you know download the taco apps for referral perks
  • Designate a family member as the official "Taco Scout" to monitor deals
  • Organize a weekly roundtable to discuss latest taco findings
  • Host taco nights and trade unused coupons with friends

Turn taco savings into quality bonding time!

Track Your Progress

Measure your taco success by creating a free taco tracking system:

10/4/2022Del TacoNational Taco Day Freebie$1.99
10/15/2022Taco BellWorld Series Steal-a-Taco$2.19
10/19/2022Rubio‘sEmail Bday Coupon$4.99

Seeing your free taco wins accumulate will keep you motivated!

Enjoy Every Free Taco

Most importantly, be sure to fully savor every free taco you earn with my tips! Keep the following in mind to maximize enjoyment:

  • Customize with your favorite hot sauces and toppings
  • Try new taco combinations outside your comfort zone
  • Share the taco love by splitting freebies with friends and family
  • Take photos and videos to document the journey from taco dream to reality
  • Smile, give thanks, and relish the rewarding taste of a hard-won free taco!

Alright, you‘re now armed with my insider knowledge to start scoring mouthwatering free tacos. I wish you the very best as you embark on this tasty quest. Keep me updated on your progress – I‘m excited to hear about your taco victories!



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