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How Do I Stop My Sims From Freezing to Death in The Sims 4?

Has your Sim gotten unexpectedly frostbitten? Have you lost beloved Sims to untimely freezing deaths? This guide will give you pro tips to keep your Sims warm, cozy, and alive through even the coldest of winters in The Sims 4.

We‘ll cover how freezing works, how to prevent it, and what to do if your Sim is already in danger. You‘ll also get specific advice for managing households with babies, pets, and Sims who work outdoors.

Let‘s conquer hypothermia in The Sims 4 once and for all!

Understanding Freezing, Frostbite, and Hypothermia in Sims

When Sims spend too much time outdoors in cold weather or lack proper heat sources indoors, they‘ll start to get uncomfortable moodlets like "Feeling Cold" and shiver. Allowing them to get progressively colder results in worsening stages:

  • Feeling Cold: At around 15-30 minutes of exposure to very cold conditions, Sims will get the "Feeling Cold" moodlet which causes them minor discomfort. They‘ll autonomously shiver or hug themselves to warm up.

  • Frostbite: After 30-60 minutes of cold, this escalates to "Frostbite" which makes them very uncomfortable. They‘ll shiver more dramatically and have trouble focusing. At this stage warming back up takes longer.

  • Freezing: Once their core temperature drops low enough, at around 2-3 in-game hours of exposure, Sims enter the "Freezing" stage where they turn blue and freeze solid. In this state they will die if not warmed up!

Once Sims get frostbitten, their condition deteriorates rapidly. Get them warm ASAP to avoid the freezing death. Elders, children, pregnant Sims, and pets are most as risk.

Managing Babies and Pregnant Sims

Infants and pregnant Sims have increased vulnerability to the cold. Make sure their rooms are heated to around 20°C / 70°F. Dress them and mothers-to-be in insulating cold weather outfits. Check their temperature needs frequently, as they can become chilled more quickly.

Why Sims Freeze Faster When Exhausted or Hungry

Two other needs also impact how rapidly your Sims freeze. Sims who are already exhausted or hungry will succumb to the cold much quicker than if their needs were met.

Make sure they get adequate rest and nutrition during cold spells. Quick naps and meals can go a long way to keeping them warm! Prioritize their Energy and Hunger meters during winter.

Preventing Sims From Freezing and Frostbite

With the right preparation, you can keep your Sims cozy and avoid hypothermia entirely. Here are pro tips:

Regulate Indoor Temperatures

Use thermostats and heaters to maintain pleasant temperatures around 18-22°C / 65-72°F indoors. Stoves and fireplaces also radiate heat. Install ceiling fans to spread warmth through rooms.

Place heat sources in bedrooms, nurseries, and rooms Sims use most frequently. Outdoor pets will also need heated pet houses.

Bundle Up in Cold Weather Outfits

Dress Sims in high Insulation cold weather outfits before sending them outside in winter. Hats, gloves, and layered clothing make a big difference. Outerwear like puffer jackets, parkas, and fur coats are ideal.

Elders and children need extra layers. Customize their cold weather CAS outfits accordingly.

Stay Warm With Food and Drink

Ingesting hot food and drinks is an easy way to quickly raise a Sim‘s core temperature. Have them cook up some chili, potato leek soup, hot cocoa, espresso drinks, or ginger tea to stay toasty.

Avoid icy cold beverages outdoors during winter. Refrain from eating ice cream or popsicles which can lower their temperature.

Use Fireplaces, Saunas, and Hot Tubs

Relaxing by a cozy fireplace or fire pit is perfect for warming up. Build an outdoor fire feature that Sims can gather around in the evenings for heat.

Saunas and hot tubs are great for preventing and treating hypothermia. The higher the water temperature, the better!

Check the Forecast and Dress Appropriately

Before sending your Sims out, have them check the weather forecast on their phone or computer. Make sure to dress them (and their pets!) accordingly in weather appropriate attire.

If an extreme cold or blizzard is forecasted, consider rescheduling outdoor plans to prevent deadly freezing temperatures.

Pay Attention to Temperature Needs

Frequently check in on your Sims‘ temperature needs by hovering over their icons. Don‘t ignore initial "Feeling Cold" moodlets or let them escalate. Handle chilled Sims right away!

Also pay attention to the outdoor temperature readout in the top corner. Bring Sims inside if it drops below freezing 0°C / 32°F.

What To Do If Your Sim is Already Freezing or Frostbitten

If your Sim already has a "Feeling Cold" or worse "Frostbite" moodlet, they‘re in danger of imminent freezing. Here are ways to save them:

Interact With Heat Sources Immediately

Pause the game and queue up actions like taking a steam shower, sitting by the fire, getting in the hot tub, or sipping hot cocoa. The quicker you can raise their temperature the better!

You want to get their core temperature back into the comfortable green range on the temperature meter.

Save and Reload Your Game

If it‘s an emergency situation, a quick fix is to save your game and reload. This essentially resets all Sim status effects and gives you a do-over to get them warm again.

Use Cheats Like "sims.remove_all_buffs"

You can instantly remove all negative moodlets like "Frostbite" with the cheats:


This eliminates the debuff and warms them up immediately, but is still a "last resort" method.

Disable Freezing Altogether

In Game Options > Gameplay, you can toggle "Enable Freezing" off which disables this death scenario entirely. This isn‘t ideal for gameplay but can prevent total tragedy.

You can also move the household somewhere warmer until you get the situation under control!

Keeping Community NPC Sims From Freezing on Public Lots

Your played Sims are easy to monitor at home, but what about random town NPC Sims when they‘re visiting community lots? Here are tips to keep them safe from deadly freezing too:

Use Thermostats on All Indoor Venues

Ensure indoor community lots like the library, gym, and cafes have thermostats set to comfortable temperatures around 20°C / 70°F. This prevents visitors from getting chilled.

Also set the outdoor heater item by seating areas on outdoor lots. Choose designs with covered seating.

Schedule Indoor Activities in Extreme Cold

Avoid holding events outdoors if the forecast calls for blizzard conditions. Have Sims visit indoor venues like museums, retail stores, and lounges instead.

Queue up indoor socialization activities on community gathering spaces during winter. Schedule outdoor summer festivals for when temps are warmer.

Watch Group Conversation Circles

Pay attention to gossip circles that form on community lots – prolonged standing outdoors chatting can lead to group hypothermia! Guide the conversation indoors or dismiss the group if needed.

With some added supervision, you can make community lots safe for town Sims even in harsh winter climates.

Advanced Cold Weather Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Looking to get more in-depth with The Sims 4‘s winter gameplay? Here are some advanced suggestions:

Install Mods for Enhanced Cold Effects

Consider mods like WickedWhims and Basemental Drugs to add new levels of realism and consequences to cold temperatures. These expand on temperature impacts.

The Extreme Weather mods make winters more brutal with new deadly cold temperatures. Install some mods to take the cold weather challenge further!

Adopt Strategic Routines and Schedules

During cold spells, optimize your Sims‘ daily schedules and routines to minimize outdoor exposure and maximize time in heated indoor areas.

Work from home if their career permits. Carpool indoors when possible. Stay home to paint, game, and skill-build instead of going out. Send kids to school early to avoid waiting outdoors at the bus stop.

Create winter-specific routines to keep them cozy!

Get Creative With Indoor Activities

Find fun ways for your Sims to spend time indoors when it‘s too cold to play outside. Reading, gaming, and streaming movies are great options. Socialize over home-cooked meals.

Let kids build blanket forts and play pretend. Decorate for winter holidays. Curl up under a blanket and chat over mugs of hot cocoa. Rainy and snowy days offer lots of opportunities for indoor fun!

Monitor Elders and Small Children

Check in frequently on the elderly and kids in your household, as their needs fluctuate more rapidly. Make sure their rooms are extra warm. Ensure they are dressed appropriately when outdoors.

Keep a close watch on their temperature gauges and jump into action at the first sign of them feeling chilled to avoid danger. Elders and children need extra diligence.

With the right precautions, your Sims can thrive even in the iciest conditions on the coziest snow days.

In Conclusion

And there you have it – everything you need to know to keep your Sims happy, healthy, and well-warmed even in the dead of winter. With thermostats, weather-appropriate clothing, hot food and drinks, and staying indoors during blizzards, you can conquer the cold.

Just be especially attentive to temperature needs for elders, kids, pregnant Sims, and pets. If your Sim does start to freeze, act quickly and use cheats or mods if needed. Take advantage of frosty weather for cozy indoor activities.

How do you like to play through winter in The Sims 4? Do you have any other tips for surviving the cold while keeping your Sims alive and well? Let me know in the comments!



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