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How Do You Get Beat Saber for Free with the Meta Quest 2?

If you just got your hands on a new Meta Quest 2 VR headset, you may be wondering – how can I score the wildly popular Beat Saber game for free?

Well, I‘ve got great news for you. Upon setting up your new Meta Quest 2, you can redeem a promo code to download Beat Saber at no cost! Keep reading and I‘ll walk you through exactly how to secure your free copy of this must-have virtual reality rhythm game.

Meta Quest 2 Comes Bundled with Beat Saber

Let me start by explaining this special Beat Saber promotion for the Meta Quest 2.

In August 2022, Meta announced that all new Meta Quest 2 purchases made between August 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022 will include a digital code to download Beat Saber completely free.

This means when you buy a Meta Quest 2 headset from any retailer like Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, or directly from Meta in the next few months, Beat Saber is bundled as a promotional perk.

So if you just unwrapped a new Meta Quest 2, congratulations – you‘ve scored one of VR‘s most popular titles for zero added cost!

Why Is Beat Saber Such a Big Deal?

Now I‘m sure you‘ve heard of Beat Saber before. But if you‘re new to VR, you may be wondering – what‘s the big hype around this game?

Let me give you a quick primer on why Beat Saber has become nothing short of a VR phenomenon.

Beat Saber is a rhythm game played in virtual reality. Inside the headset, you see glowing beat blocks coming at you to the beat of adrenaline-pumping music.

In your hands are two lightsabers. As the blocks approach, you slash the sabers to cut the blocks in half and match the beat perfectly.

It‘s like you‘re starring in a futuristic, beat-driven Jedi music video!

Some key reasons Beat Saber has become an instant VR classic:

  • Intuitive gameplay – Slashing blocks with sabers just feels right and is easy to grasp
  • Satisfying rhythm action – Matching the beat provides an immensely gratifying feeling
  • Transcendent music – The curated soundtracks make players feel epic
  • Addictive progression -Players keep coming back to improve high scores and advance to harder levels
  • Active VR workout – Dodging and slashing blocks gets the heart rate pumping!

Beat Saber is the closest thing VR has to a "killer app" – the kind of game that sells headsets on its own. It‘s a universally appealing VR party trick that gamers and non-gamers alike can enjoy.

According to recent data from Meta, Beat Saber has been installed on over 68% of Meta Quest headsets connected to the internet. That‘s wild popularity!

So now you can see why having Beat Saber included free with the Meta Quest 2 is a big bonus.

This $30 value game is many VR gamers‘ first download. And now Quest 2 buyers can save that cash thanks to this promo bundle.

Let‘s get into how exactly you redeem it!

Step-By-Step Guide to Get Your Free Beat Saber Code

Here is a handy walkthrough on how to secure your gratis copy of Beat Saber after setting up your new Meta Quest 2.

Stick with me – free Jedi rhythm action awaits!

Activate Your Meta Quest 2 and Link Your Account

After unboxing your shiny new Meta Quest 2, you‘ll need to go through the initial device setup. This includes:

  • Charging the headset fully
  • Downloading the Oculus mobile app on your smartphone
  • Connecting to wifi
  • Pairing the Touch motion controllers
  • Adjusting and fitting the headset
  • Setting up your playable area

Once the headset is ready to rock, you‘ll be prompted to log in or sign up for a Meta account.

Pro Tip: Use your existing Facebook or Oculus username if you had one previously.

Linking the device to your account is crucial – this registers the headset to you so the Beat Saber promo code can be assigned.

Pat yourself on the back – your Meta Quest 2 is now active!

Watch for the Beat Saber Promo Email

Within 48 hours of completing setup and syncing to your account, keep an eye on your email inbox.

You should receive an email from Meta with the subject line "Your Beat Saber game code."

If you don‘t see it right away, be sure to check your spam folder as it may get filtered there.

Once the email arrives, open it up – this contains your unique promo code for Beat Saber along with redemption instructions.

Got the email? Great! Let‘s continue…

Redeem Your Code in the Oculus Mobile App

Redeeming the code is thankfully a breeze. It just takes a few steps:

  1. Open up the Oculus app on your mobile device.

  2. Tap on your profile picture in the top left.

  3. Select "Account Settings."

  4. Choose "Redeem Store Code."

  5. Carefully enter the 16-character promo code from your email.

  6. Double check it – these codes are easily mistyped!

  7. Hit "Submit" and the code will be verified and redeemed to your account.

The Oculus app should display a confirmation that the code was successful. You‘re now ready to download your freebie!

Install Beat Saber on Your Headset

With the Beat Saber promo code redeemed to your account, it‘s time to install it on your headset:

  1. Put on your Meta Quest 2 and turn it on.

  2. On the main menu, launch the "Store" app.

  3. Search for "Beat Saber" and select it.

  4. You should see it listed as "Free" – start the download!

  5. The install will take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

  6. Once finished, Beat Saber will appear in your Quest library ready to play!

Now comes the really fun part – diving into this legendary VR rhythm game for the first time. Let‘s quickly go over some tips to maximize your Beat Saber enjoyment.

Top Tips for Beat Saber Beginners

Eager to fire up your free copy of Beat Saber? Here are some pointers to get the most out of your first sessions with this hit game:

  • Try the Campaign mode first to ease into the mechanics

  • Adjust the height of notes so they line up with your arms

  • Stand stationary and use your body for turning rather than walking

  • Take breaks often to avoid motion sickness or eye strain

  • Modding unlocks unlimited custom songs and game tweaks

  • Turn up the volume and get lost in the euphoric music!

  • Don‘t get discouraged by poor initial scores – practice makes perfect!

Immerse yourself in the Beat Saber universe. Before long, you‘ll be slashing beats on the hardest difficulties as a rhythm game pro.

Digging Deeper Into Beat Saber

Starting out, Beat Saber provides hours of fun just completing the base campaign while unlocking new tracks. But there‘s so much more below the surface!

Once you‘ve honed your saber skills on the core songs, here are some tips for diving deeper:

  • Buy extra song packs like Imagine Dragons, Timbaland, and Linkin Park to expand your music library.

  • Explore mods and custom songs – this rabbit hole adds endless replayability.

  • Up your game competing on global leaderboards against other sabers.

  • Stream your sessions in mixed reality by combining game footage with a webcam of yourself.

  • Shake things up with 90° and 360° levels offered in the expansive mod catalog.

  • Check the Daily Beat Saber chat in VR for tips and tricks from the community.

The core game provides a gateway – but custom songs, mods, and competing with the worldwide community is where Beat Saber becomes a truly endless obsession!

How Modding Makes Beat Saber Infinite

Speaking of mods, I want to emphasize how crucial modding is for enhancing Beat Saber. Here‘s a deeper look at mods and why they are a must-have.

While the base game only includes a limited tracklist, modding opens up a galaxy of near-infinite custom songs.

With modding, talented community members create their own Beat Saber beatmaps for any song imaginable – from Lady Gaga to Led Zeppelin.

You can browse sites like BeastSaber to find user-created beatmaps for tens of thousands of tracks. It transforms Beat Saber into an endless jukebox.

Mods also let you customize gameplay in crazy ways – changing sabers to pool noodles, altering physics, adding power-ups, and much more.

The most popular mod suite is called BMBF (BeatMapper Modding Framework). Installing it via SideQuest provides access to this joyously endless community expansion of Beat Saber.

So while the free base copy offers plenty of fun, diving into mods takes Beat Saber replayability into another dimension!

Maximizing Your Free Game Value

Scoring Beat Saber for zero added cost with a Meta Quest 2 purchase is quite the steal – considering it normally retails for $30 as a paid app.

How can you maximize value from this freebie copy? Here are a few tips:

  • First, redeem the code within 14 days of activating your headset – otherwise it expires!

  • Download the complimentary updates whenever new tracks are added to the base game.

  • Check for deals on paid DLC song packs to economically expand your library.

  • Explore free mods and community beatmaps before paying for song packs.

  • If you already own Beat Saber, redeeming the code gets you a $30 store credit to spend instead!

Don‘t let this promotional gift go to waste. Be sure to redeem it within two weeks and take advantage of all the free community content at your fingertips!

What Does the Future Hold for Beat Saber?

Part of what makes Beat Saber so compelling is that the developers continually support and expand it. What might the future look like for this hit VR game?

For starters, we can expect new music packs to release on a regular basis, providing fresh official songs to slash to.

Big updates will likely add new gameplay modes and ways to interact with the core beat-slashing action.

Of course, the community will continue pumping out mods and user-generated beatmaps at a staggering pace.

Many players are hopeful for a more substantial Beat Saber 2 sequel down the road. This could feature massive upgrades to visuals, customization tools, sound design, campaign, and more while retaining the satisfying core mechanics.

As long as players keep coming back for more beat-matching action, Beat Games will surely continue advancing their VR sensation for years to come.

No matter what shape future official updates take, the vibrant mod community ensures Beat Saber has endless potential staying power – especially when you score it free with Meta Quest 2!

Let the Rhythm Game Obsession Begin!

Alright, go get your Meta Quest 2 fired up! Now that you know exactly how to secure Beat Saber for gratis, it‘s time to jump into the satisfying world of beat-matching rhythm VR gaming.

Slashing blocks with sabers perfectly in time to thumping electronic music is instantly enjoyable. And between official tracks, DLC, and community creations, the replayability is truly endless.

From party trick to daily workout regimen, Beat Saber offers something magnetic. And getting it free with your Meta Quest 2 purchase means there‘s no barrier to entry.

So strap on your headset, grab those Touch controllers, and prepare to beat your high scores endlessly as you dive deeper into this iconic VR experience.

May the beats be with you! Thanks for reading – now get slashing!



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