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How do you open free packs on FIFA 22?

The process is simple – once you obtain free packs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team through rewards, events, objectives or other means, open them through the FUT store menu on console or the My Packs section of the web/companion app! Read on for more details on scoring free packs and optimizing your pack opening strategy.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is one of the most popular game modes in the EA Sports FIFA series. In FUT, you build squads by obtaining player cards through packs and the transfer market. Opening packs containing random players and items is an exciting core element of Ultimate Team. With free packs, you get to experience the thrill and anticipation of potentially packing a high value player without spending coins or FIFA points. This guide will cover everything you need to know about obtaining and opening free packs in FIFA 22.

The Psychology of Pack Openings

Let‘s start by looking at why opening packs is so addictive. According to gaming psychologists, the suspense and variability of pack openings triggers the same dopamine rush as gambling. The flashy animations, pulsating music and chance of getting a superstar player in a pack makes opening them irresistible. Game companies leverage this to profit from "whales" who spend excessively on FIFA points.

For the majority of players, it‘s important to find a balance between enjoying free packs while avoiding overspending on points. Limiting pack purchases reduces the sting when your 100k pack contains no walkouts. Having reasonable expectations and focusing on playing with your existing squad prevents pack openings from feeling like a letdown.

Overview of Packs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Packs are essentially loot boxes containing random virtual items to use in FUT, such as player cards, cosmetic items, club badges and other consumables. As a FIFA player, you‘ll become very familiar with the various pack types:

  • Bronze Packs – Contain mostly low rated bronze cards. The cheapest option for 5,000 coins.

  • Silver Packs – Improve your odds at silver players and uncommon bronzes. Costs 10,000 coins.

  • Gold Packs – The most common pack with mainly gold cards. 15,000 coins each.

  • Premium Gold Packs – Gold packs with an increased chance of higher rated players. 25,000 coins.

  • Promo Packs – Special packs with boosted odds during limited promotions.

  • TOTW Packs – Guaranteed players from the latest Team of the Week.

  • ICON Packs – Possibility of packing legendary ICON cards but very rare.

Pack costs range from a few thousand coins for basic bronze packs, up to 125,000 coins for rare prime gold players packs. Promo packs can exceed 300 FIFA points, costing over $3 USD. Without free packs, building a strong Ultimate Team would be extremely expensive!

How to Get Your Hands on Free Packs

The good news is there are plenty of ways to earn or unlock free packs in FIFA 22 without buying them:

  • Starting Packs – All players receive basic gold packs to build your initial FUT squad.

  • Division Rivals Rewards – Compete against others in weekly competitions for free packs based on your rank.

  • Squad Building Challenges – Complete themed SBCs to earn tradable or untradable pack rewards.

  • Objectives – Seasonal objectives and Foundations provide packs for achieving certain goals.

  • Draft Mode – Pay 15,000 coins to enter, earn pack rewards when you complete drafts.

  • Leveling Up – Your FUT Club XP increases over time, granting you jumbo pack rewards.

  • Twitch/Amazon Prime – Link accounts to claim one free Prime Gaming pack each month.

  • EA Sports Promos – Follow FIFA social media and blogs for occasional free pack giveaways.

  • FIFA Web/Companion Apps – Earn a daily login pack plus more through challenges.

  • Loyalty Packs – Awarded for consecutive daily logins and transfer market activity milestones.

According to FIFA content creators, you can realistically obtain hundreds of free packs over a FUT cycle through consistent play time and SBC completion.

When Is the Best Time to Open Packs?

Packs contain a random assortment of player items from a huge pool, with rares and high ratingsdrop rates adjusted by EA‘s opaque pack weight system. When new special cards or Team of the Week (TOTW) squads drop, those items get added to packs for a limited window.

The best times to open packs are:

  • During promotions like Team of the Year (TOTY), FUT Birthday where special cards flood packs
  • Lightning Rounds for a brief boost in pack odds
  • Right when new TOTW or Man of the Match cards are released
  • When loading screens hint at upcoming events or new content drops

Whereas low value packs can be opened anytime, it‘s smart to save rare packs like 100k Jumbo Rare Players packs or guaranteed TOTW packs for peak promotional periods to maximize your chances of packing a high value or special version player card.

Pack Opening Strategy and Tips

While the contents of FIFA packs are ultimately randomized, there are some strategies to optimize your odds when opening free packs in FUT:

  • Take Advantage of Lightning Rounds – Limited time mini-promos that boost pack weights and odds.

  • Spread Out Big Pack Openings – Don‘t blow through all your saved packs rapidly. Space out over an hour or two.

  • Avoid Previewing Too Many Free Virtual Packs – Can "drain" your pack luck before you open actual earned packs.

  • Manage Expectations Around Pack Weights – Understand the % odds of packing high vs low rated cards.

  • Enjoy the Thrill and Entertainment Value – Pack openings are designed to be fun, even if you don‘t hit the jackpot.

  • Focus on Your Squad and Gameplay – Don‘t get addicted to chasing great pack pulls or spending.

Pack TypeProsCons
Bronze PacksCheap option to build fodder for SBCsVery low chance at valuable cards
Premium Gold PacksDecent odds at packing regular 85-90 cardsNo guarantee of walkouts or special cards
Promo PacksChance at limited edition promo playersUsually extremely expensive in FIFA points
Lightning RoundsTime-limited packs with boosted oddsCan encourage overspending on points

Troubleshooting Free Pack Issues

Like any online game, you may encounter some pack issues in FIFA:

  • Pack Missing Entirely – Confirm it was claimed properly, then force close and restart the game/app to refresh.

  • Pack Appears Empty – This is usually a visual glitch. Back out and reopen the pack to reveal the contents.

  • Duplicate Untradeable Item – Use duplicates in SBCs or keep as backups in your club.

  • Packed Player Unassigned – Quick sell consumables from the pack to create space to move item to your club.

  • Prime Gaming Pack Not Showing – Double check all your account connections, or contact EA Help for assistance.

Pack Opening Mechanics in Other FIFA Modes

While FUT packs are the most well-known, FIFA 22 includes similar pack mechanics in other game modes too:

  • VOLTA FOOTBALL – Build up Volta Coins to purchase gear packs with player cosmetic items.

  • Pro Clubs – Team captains can spend Club Points (CP) earned on Pro Club packs.

  • Career Mode – Spend Catalogue points you earn completing objectives to unlock Career Mode packs.

So in summary, make sure to take advantage of all the avenues to earn free packs across FIFA 22 modes. Follow pack opening best practices, and focus on having fun building your Ultimate Team rather than chasing expensive star players. With the right pack strategy, you‘ll end up with an amazing FUT club full of great players without spending a dime!



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