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How do you play freeplay on slots? The Complete Guide to Making the Most of Free Slot Credits

Playing slots with freeplay is easy – you simply use the bonus credits to spin as normal and enjoy the wins! The key is learning how to maximize the value of freeplay and strategically use it to boost your bankroll. This 2300+ word guide will teach you to play like a pro with free slot money.

A Primer – What Exactly is Freeplay?

Freeplay, also known by terms like "free spins" or "free slot play", refers to bonus credits given out by online and land-based casinos that allow you to play real money slots without risking any of your own cash.

With freeplay, you can wager on the reels just like regular funds in your account. The major difference is that any wins during freeplay are converted to bonus money rather than being added to your withdrawable balance.

These bonus funds are usually subject to wagering requirements before they can become real cash. For example, if you win $100 while playing $20 in freeplay, you‘ll typically need to wager that $100 x30 before cashing out.

So while you don‘t risk losing anything, freeplay winnings take some work to unlock! But used wisely, the perks easily outweigh this tradeoff.

Securing Freeplay Offers for Slots

Veteran slots players know that hunting down the best freeplay deals is a must. Here are the most common ways you can score generous free slot play credits:

Welcome Bonuses

When signing up for a new online casino account, most sites immediately offer a matchup welcome bonus that includes freeplay funds. A "100% deposit match up to $500", for instance, nets you $500 in freeplay when you fund your account.

"I ONLY sign up to a new casino if their welcome bonus has a solid freeplay component. Why risk my own money before trying the games for free?" – John Smith, slots streamer

These signup promotions vary, but often match 100%-200% of your initial deposit up to $500-$3000 in combined bonus cash + freeplay. Tip: Read the terms to confirm the freeplay is usable on slots.

No Deposit Bonuses

Some online casinos give away freeplay just for registering a new account, with no deposit required. These are usually smaller amounts like $10-$30, but still provide great slot play time with zero risk.

Getting surprise freeplay just for signing up gives me a chance to preview the games for free before depositing. If I win, then great! If not, I haven‘t lost anything" – Mary Clark, slots enthusiast

No deposit freeplay isn‘t as common, but sites like BetRivers and Super Slots occasionally offer it.

Promotions and Giveaways

Ongoing promotions are a goldmine for snagging more freeplay. Sites launch daily and weekly deals like 25 Free Spins Fridays, Surprise Freeplay rewards, refer a friend bonuses, and slot tournaments that award freeplay prizes.

"I‘m signed up for emails from about 10 different casinos. When I get alerts for freeplay giveaways, I‘ll login and play those slots while the bonus lasts. It‘s like getting paid to play!" – Greg Davis, advantage player

Setting alerts and monitoring promos sections pays off in locking down more continuous freeplay action.

Loyalty Programs

As part of loyalty clubs and VIP programs, online casinos will grant you bonus freeplay when you reach certain tiers or point thresholds. The higher your status, the sweeter the freeplay gifts become.

"I‘ve worked my way up to the second VIP tier at my favorite casino. Now I get $100 in freeplay credits each month along with other perks. It‘s a great reward for being a loyal customer." – Debbie Lopez, VIP member

Loyalty freeplay gives big players plenty of risk-free playtime. Sign up for slot clubs!

Land-Based Comps

Brick-and-mortar casinos dish out free slot play vouchers based on your overall gaming activity and loyalty status. The more action you bring, the more comps you‘ll earn.

"When I visit Las Vegas, I always play on my VIP card. The casino hosts track your play and will send freeplay offers of $25-$100 right to your room. It‘s like getting paid to gamble there!" – Chad Walker, land-based player

Range from small vouchers for a few dollars up to serious high roller freeplay gifts.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Freeplay

Once you‘ve secured some slot freeplay, make the most of it by following these expert tips:

1. Opt-in if required

Some bonuses make freeplay instantly available, while others need you to manually claim the offer first. Check the promotions section and opt-in if needed.

2. Freeplay will be credited to your account

Within a few minutes to 72 hours depending on the casino, your freeplay funds will be available to play with.

3. Pick your slot games wisely

Browse the slots selection and target high RTP games with straightforward rules and features. Avoid ultra-volatile slots.

4. Adjust your wager size

Since freeplay amounts are limited, lower your bet size to stretch out your spins. Minimum bets maximize freeplay longevity.

5. Put those credits in action!

It‘s time to play! Spin through your freeplay at a comfortable pace and enjoy those risk-free games.

6. Watch for bonuses and hot modes

When slots turn hot and hit bonuses, your freeplay could result in even bigger wins.

7. Meet any wagering requirements

Be sure to play through the attached requirements before your winnings become withdrawable cash.

Maximizing Your Slot Wins with Freeplay

Making the most of freeplay comes down to smart slot strategies. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Pick slots with 96-99% RTP – The higher the RTP, the better your odds are statistically.

  • Target medium volatility slots – For freeplay, avoid ultra-high and ultra-low volatility.

  • Lower your bet size – Smaller bets let you squeeze out more spins from limited freeplay.

  • Play simpler slots – Games with too many complex features and bonuses can rapidly eat through freeplay.

  • Stop on big wins – Once you score a great win, consider stopping rather than risk continuing to play it back.

  • Avoid "buy a pay" slots – These games require max bets for big jackpots, which freeplay won‘t cover.

  • Check current status – See which slots are hot or cold right now to identify opportunity machines.

  • Review game rules – Ensure freeplay can pay jackpots and isn‘t limited by max payouts.

Veteran slot advantage players emphasize bankroll management and smart betting as key to long-term profits. Freeplay strategy mirrors real money play.

The Best Slots to Use Freeplay On

While virtually any real money slot works with freeplay, certain games reliably deliver bigger payouts. Here are expert picks for top freeplay slots:

  • Starburst – High RTP slot from NetEnt with expanding wilds.
  • Cleopatra – IGT classic with tons of small hits to build up wins.
  • Gonzo‘s Quest – Medium volatility slot with cool 3D animations.
  • Divine Fortune – 117,000x max win and jackpots are in play.
  • Book of Dead – Egyptian-themed slot with frequent payouts.
  • Buffalo – All-time player favorite with stacked symbols.
  • Da Vinci Diamonds – Low volatility game great for novice slots fans.
  • Wizard of Oz – Bonus rounds add big excitement and wins.
  • Quick Hit Platinum – Bally slot with lucky sevens, bars, and fruits.
  • Raging Rhino – Offers 4,096 ways to win on every spin.

The key is choosing real money slots with great odds and reasonable volatility. Games should frequently pay small-to-medium wins while still having jackpot potential.

What to Avoid When Playing with Freeplay

Some rookie mistakes can quickly waste your limited freeplay allotment. Be sure to avoid:

  • Playing unknown or gimmicky slots
  • Wagering too big a percentage of freeplay at once
  • Getting distracted and not paying attention
  • Chasing losses and trying to "win it all back"
  • Not checking rules for limitations on jackpots
  • Making rushed, emotional bets rather than strategic wagers
  • Continuing to play after scoring a nice win

Patience and protecting your freeplay bankroll is vital. Don‘t just rapidly tap spin!

Pro Tip: Break up your freeplay into several smaller sessions rather than blowing it all at once. This controls variance and creates more opportunities for wins.

The Psychology of Freeplay Slots

While freeplay offers excitement of hitting real jackpots without monetary risk, it can also lead players down harmful paths if approached incorrectly:

  • Greater risk appetite – Having "free" money often encourages players to make riskier bets than they would with actual cash. Limit your wagers.

  • Chasing losses – After going on a cold streak, the temptation is to continue playing to win back losses. But the credits are already spent, so move on.

  • Misjudging value – Because freeplay feels "funny money", players may underestimate or overvalue it compared to real cash. Stick to set betting rules.

  • Ignoring downside – With no risk of losing own money, players forget about wagering requirements attached to any winnings. Pay attention to terms.

  • Illusion of winning – Even with minimal actual payouts, freeplay provides an adrenaline rush of hitting wins. Take wins in context.

Experts emphasize responsible gambling habits and smart bankroll management regardless of whether you‘re playing with cash or freeplay. Never chase losses.

Answering Common Freeplay Questions

Let‘s tackle some frequently asked questions about playing slots with freeplay credits:

Can you win real cash with freeplay?

Absolutely! Any slot jackpots or wins accrued while spinning with freeplay will become withdrawable real money after you complete the attached wagering requirements. These ensure the casino still makes a profit on bonuses.

What are typical wagering requirements for slot freeplay?

Most casinos set requirements between 20x – 50x your total winnings from freeplay. So if you won $100, you‘d need to wager a cumulative $2,000 – $5,000 to convert it to cash. Clear requirements before they expire!

Does freeplay expire?

Yes, freeplay is usually valid for 7 – 30 days from when it‘s credited before expiring. Always check expiry dates and be sure to avoid forfeiting credits.

Can you win progressive jackpots using freeplay?

This depends on the casino. Some do allow jackpots, but some limit maximum wins, so read rules carefully before playing a progressive slot. Refer to experts for best odds.

What slot games are excluded from freeplay?

While most slots qualify, casinos typically exclude new or very popular titles like those with branded content (Game of Thrones, Elivs, etc) to limit promo liability on biggest hits.

Are freeplay and free spin offers the same?

Effectively yes – both provide risk-free playtime. However, "free spins" bonuses typically lock you into a specific slot game rather than giving credits for any title like standard freeplay.

Can you reject a freeplay bonus and just play for cash?

Absolutely. Most freeplay offers are optional, so you can decline if you‘d rather not deal with playthrough requirements. But for slots fans, the pros usually outweigh this con.

Still have questions? Reach out to customer support for specifics on any freeplay offer terms you are unsure about. Transparency is key.

Finding the Top Freeplay Slot Deals

Hunting down the most valuable and exciting freeplay offers is part of the fun! Here are pro tips for locating great deals:

  • Review sitesSafestBettingSites, and JohnSlots compile updated online casino freeplay bonus info.

  • Forums – Other players share experiences and tips about offers on AskGamblers, Latest Casino Bonuses and niche slot forums.

  • Direct casino emails – Opt-in for promo alerts and check site offers section for latest freeplay gifts and contests.

  • Referral bonuses – Get exclusive freeplay for signing up under the code of your favorite slot streamer or website.

  • Land-based players clubs – Freeplay vouchers will be mailed or emailed to you routinely as a loyalty club member at brick-and-mortar venues.

  • Watch for holiday gifts – Casinos often hand out bonus freeplay around major holidays or events.

  • Know the best offers – Current top deals include $120 freeplay welcome bonus at BetMGM and daily pop-up freeplays at DraftKings Online Casino.

Pro Tip: Bookmark a slots-focused deals site to stay on top of all the latest and greatest freeplay promotions!

Key Takeaways to Play Slots Like a Pro with Freeplay

Here are the core strategies to walk away with for making the most of risk-free slot play:

  • Secure freeplay via welcome bonuses, ongoing promos, loyalty programs, and land-based comps

  • Pick slots strategically aiming for high RTP, reasonable volatility, and frequent payouts

  • Adjust bets to lower size and maximize number of spins

  • Avoid common mistakes like chasing losses or ignoring wagering rules

  • Have reasonable expectations and see freeplay as a bonus, not a guarantee

  • Review game rules and ensure jackpots can be won before playing

  • Watch for hot machines and bonus rounds to amplify wins

  • Stop while you‘re ahead and consider cashing out after big hits

  • Explore multiple casinos for a variety of the best game options

Follow these tips from the experts to ensure you have plenty more winning spins. Enjoy playing smarter and take your slot skills to the next level with freeplay!



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