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How Do You See Upcoming Quests in Your Sims FreePlay Queue?

Want to plan ahead and know which Sims FreePlay quests are coming up next? This guide will explain exactly how to view queued and upcoming quests in Sims FreePlay, so you can see the full sequence and prepare for future goals.

When playing Sims FreePlay, new quests are continually added to your goals list to progress your town and unlock new features. But with so many quests available, how can you see which ones are lined up to come next?

Don‘t worry, it‘s easy to check your upcoming quest queue in Sims FreePlay! Here‘s what you need to know:

Accessing Your Sims FreePlay Quest Queue

To view queued quests, simply tap the Goals button at the bottom of the screen (clipboard icon). This opens your current goal. Underneath the active goal, you‘ll see a number in a green badge – that‘s your quest queue!

Tap the number to expand your queue. You‘ll then see a list of upcoming quests in order, along with requirements, rewards, timers, and suggested Sim levels for each quest.

So in summary, just go to Goals > Tap Queue Number > View Upcoming Quests. Checking your quest queue lets you see exactly which quests are coming up next!

Understanding Sims FreePlay Quest Types

Sims FreePlay quests drive progression by unlocking new features and content for your town. But not all quests serve the same purpose. Here are the main quest categories in Sims FreePlay:

Town Progression Quests

These core quests help expand your town and increase Sim relationships. Completing them unlocks basic features like adopting more Sims, building additional houses, throwing parties, etc. Early progression quests include:

  • Making Friends and Enemies
  • Expanding the Town
  • A Community Garden
  • Throwing a Party

Career Quests

The career questlines unlock fun new jobs for your Sims to pursue, like Fashion Designer, Teacher, Detective, and Athlete. Each job has multiple promotion levels to achieve.

Hobby Quests

Hobby quests let your Sims pick up skills like cooking, gardening, and woodworking. They unlock related buildings, items, and abilities.

Relationship Quests

Focused on romance and family, these quests allow dating, proposals, marriage, and having babies in your Sim town.

Location Quests

Special venues like restaurants, hotels, and islands are introduced through location quests. You usually have to construct a new building to house the venue.

Event Quests

Limited-time questlines centered around holiday events or seasons. Involve themed challenges and prizes.

Helpful Tips for Managing Quests

  • Focus on one questline at a time to maximize rewards.
  • Highlight key quests to prioritize town progression.
  • Use LP to instantly finish wait times when needed.
  • Buy extra days for timed quests with Simoleons if required.
  • Assign multiple Sims to complete quest tasks faster.
  • Prioritize limited quests first to earn special prizes.

So in summary, Sims FreePlay quests are grouped based on the content they unlock. Understanding the quest types helps you plan your town progression!

The Order of Key Questlines in Sims FreePlay

While the full sequence contains dozens of quests, here is the general order of major questlines in Sims FreePlay:

Early Progression Quests (Levels 1- 10)

These initial quests have you complete basic tasks like adding Sims, building relationships, expanding your town, and constructing community buildings. Core progression quests to start.

Career Quests (Levels 6 – 25)

Career quests like Barista, Teacher, and Athlete become available once your town is established. They unlock work venues and job levels for your Sims.

Hobby Quests (Levels 11 – 30)

After careers, hobby quests open up skill-building activities like cooking, gardening, and woodworking. Expand your Sims‘ talents!

Relationship Quests (Levels 15 – 35)

Around mid-game, relationship quests activate for finding love, proposing, marrying, and having babies in your town.

Location Quests (Levels 16 – 50)

Special venues get introduced via location quests. Construct restaurants, hotels, islands, and other hotspots for Sims!

Late Progression Quests (Levels 40 – 55)

In the late game, more progression quests unlock end-game buildings, final Sim slots, maximum relationship levels, and completing your town.

So in general: Progression → Careers → Hobbies → Relationships → Locations. Knowing the quest order helps you prepare and set goals!

Quest Rewards and Penalties for Failing Quests

Most Sims FreePlay quests come with rewards such as Simoleons, XP points, or limited-time prizes. Finishing quests quickly to earn these rewards is beneficial.

However, if you fail to complete a quest within the allotted time limit, the only penalty is that you miss out on its special prize. You can still finish the quest later on normally.

For example, the "Love is in the Air" quest offers special wedding outfits as its prize. If you don‘t complete this quest within 5 days, you simply won‘t get the outfits. But you can still have Sims get married in your town after the time limit.

So don‘t stress too much about timed quests! Just try to finish them efficiently if you want their unique rewards. Otherwise, take your time and you can do them later.

Finding Quests for Specific Features You Want

Unsure which quest unlocks a particular Sims FreePlay feature? Here are some quests that introduce specific content:

  • Babies/Toddlers: Complete "Two and a Half Sims" and "A Quest for Toddlers"

  • Additional Floors: Finish "A Room with a View" to unlock 2nd floors, then more floors later

  • Divorce: "Falling Out of Love" lets you break up marriages

  • Swimming Pools: Build your first pool during the "Make a Splash" quest

  • Pregnancy: Unlocked after "A Bump-y Ride" quest

  • Careers: "Barista Bonanza" is the first career quest

The Sims FreePlay Fandom Wiki also has a detailed quest list showing what each one unlocks. Use it as a reference!

Expert Tips for Quick and Easy Quest Completion

Check out these pro tips from streamers and gamers for effortlessly managing quests:

  • Focus on one questline at a time – Don‘t jump between different quest types or you‘ll delay progression.

  • Highlight key quests – Mark quests on your goals list that unlock essential features to prioritize them.

  • Use LP rewards – Spend your hard-earned Lifestyle Points to instantly finish long wait times when you need to speed up quest steps.

  • Buy extra days – If you need more time to complete a timed quest, spend Simoleons to add days to the limit.

  • Assign multiple Sims – Put several Sims on quest tasks simultaneously to get them done faster.

  • Do limited quests first – Try to complete quests with special prizes quickly before their time limit expires.

Following these tips will help you power through quests like a pro Sims FreePlay player!

In Conclusion

Viewing your upcoming quest queue in Sims FreePlay is easy – just tap the queue number on your goals list. Understanding the most important questlines, order, and rewards will allow you to strategically plan your town‘s progression. Use pro tips to optimize quest completion so you can access exciting new content faster.

With this guide, you now have the knowledge you need to see queued quests coming up and crush every goal! Checking your quest queue regularly will help you stay on top of upcoming tasks and succeed in expanding your incredible Sims FreePlay town.



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