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How Do You Use a $20 Free Bet on DraftKings?

Hey there! If you‘ve received a $20 free bet from DraftKings and aren‘t quite sure how to use it, you‘ve come to the right place. In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you step-by-step through the process of using a $20 free bet on DraftKings like a pro so you can maximize your chance of winning. Let‘s get started!

What Exactly is a Free Bet?

Before we get into the specifics, let‘s make sure we understand what a free bet is and how it differs from regular cash balance.

A free bet acts like a bonus credit in your DraftKings account that gives you the chance to place a real-money wager without risking any of your own funds. DraftKings provides the money, not you!

It‘s important to understand that a free bet works differently than the cash balance you deposit and withdraw. When you win a bet placed with a free bet, you keep the profits but do not get back the original free bet amount.

For example, say you place a $20 free bet on +200 odds and win. You would receive $40 in winnings, but the $20 free bet is not returned to you. Those profits can be withdrawn or used for more bets, but the $20 credit disappears whether you win or lose.

So in summary, free bets:

  • Are bonus credits, not cash deposits
  • Allow you to bet risk-free
  • Let you keep any winnings
  • Cannot be withdrawn or cashed out
  • Are forfeited win or lose

Keeping this in mind will help you maximize the value as we walk through using a $20 free bet below.

claiming Your $20 Free Bet

Before you can use a free bet, you need to have one available in your account! Here are the most common ways to qualify for a $20 free bet on DraftKings:

  • Creating a new account – Often you will get a $20 free bet just for signing up and making a minimum deposit.

  • Referring friends – If you refer someone to DraftKings using your unique link and they deposit $20, both of you get a $20 free bet.

  • Promotional offers – DraftKings frequently provides free bets via text or email promos to encourage betting.

  • Rewards for activity – The more you bet on DraftKings, the more likely you are to get surprise free bets.

According to DraftKings, it may take up to 24 hours for the free bet to appear in your account after you qualify through one of the above methods.

You can check if you have any available free bets by going to "Account Settings" then selecting "Free Bets" which will display your balance. It‘s smart to use your free bets quickly rather than let them sit too long, as they do expire after 7 days.

Now let‘s walk through the process of actually using that $20 free credit on a sports bet.

Step-By-Step guide to Placing a $20 Free Bet

Follow my 6 simple steps below to ensure you properly place a $20 free bet on DraftKings:

1. Log Into Your DraftKings Account

First, log into your DraftKings account on the website or mobile app. Navigate to the sportsbook section if you aren‘t already there.

2. Find a Bet to Place

Browse the available sports, events, and betting markets just like you normally would to find a wager you‘d like to place. You can bet on anything from NFL games to golf tournaments.

3. Open Your Bet Slip

Once you‘ve found a bet, open up your bet slip. This is where you review and place wagers.

4. Enter the $20 Free Bet Amount

In the "Amount" section of the bet slip, enter $20 or the full amount of your available free bet balance. Do not enter any other monetary value or this will use your cash.

5. Check the Free Bet Box

Make sure to check the box that says "Apply free bet(s)" or "Use free bet". This signals that you want to use your free bet on this wager.

6. Confirm and Place the $20 Free Bet

Double check that $20 free bet is selected and place your wager! Do not enter any other cash amount or it will not work.

And that‘s it – you‘ve now successfully placed a $20 free bet on DraftKings! Here is a visual example:

Using a $20 Free Bet on DraftKings

Now that you know the process, let‘s get into some key strategy tips…

Expert Tips to Maximize Your Free Bets

Follow these expert tips from longtime DraftKings users and sports betting pros to maximize the value you get from free bets:

  • Use the full amount – Be sure to bet the entire free bet credit at once. You cannot split into smaller wagers.

  • Consider underdogs – Free bets let you take risks without cash at stake, so consider an underdog with good odds.

  • Avoid low odds – Don‘t waste a free bet on heavy favorites like -200. These offer lower returns.

  • Review expiration – Use free bets within 7 days before they expire and disappear.

  • Know the limits – There is usually a $1,000 max withdrawal on free bet winnings.

  • Check the requirements – See if the free bet has minimum odds or other rules to follow.

  • Compare odds – Shop around for the best odds to maximize your free bet value.

  • Try casino or poker – Free bets can also be used on casino games or to enter poker tournaments.

  • Take notes – Track your free bet activity and results to improve.

These tips can significantly increase your chances of winning with your $20 free bet and converting it into cold hard cash.

Withdrawing Your Free Bet Winnings

If you win your bet placed using the free bet, congratulations! Here is the process to withdraw those winnings:

  1. The profits from your winning wager will be credited to your withdrawable cash balance.

  2. Go to "Account Settings" then select "Withdraw Funds" to cash out.

  3. Choose your withdrawal method – PayPal, check, etc.

  4. Enter the amount you‘d like to withdraw. This cannot exceed the max free bet withdrawal limit, usually $1,000.

  5. Complete any additional identity verification steps.

  6. Wait for the funds to reach your account!

It‘s important to remember that your original $20 free bet amount is not returned to you. You only get to withdraw the profits made above that amount.

Some free bets offers will also require you to bet the winnings one time before withdrawing. So make sure to read the terms! Overall, withdrawing your earnings is straightforward.

Comparing DraftKings Free Bets to Other Sportsbooks

DraftKings offers excellent free bet promotions, but how do they stack up against the competition? Here is a comparison of key features:

SportsbookTypical Free Bet AmountExpirationMax WithdrawalMinimum Odds
DraftKings$207 days$1,000-200
FanDuel$2014 days$1,000-200
BetMGM$507 days$500-200
Caesars$2030 days$1,000-300

As you can see, DraftKings has very competitive free bet offers in line with the top sportsbooks. The 7-day expiration is shorter than some sites, but well within the normal range. Overall, DraftKings provides great free bet value.

Common Questions About DraftKings Free Bets

Let‘s wrap up by answering some frequently asked questions about using free bets on DraftKings:

Can I split my free bet into multiple wagers?

Unfortunately no. DraftKings requires you to use the full free bet amount on one single bet.

What bet types are ineligible for free bets?

Free bets cannot be used on live in-game bets, parlays, round robins, or cash-out wagers.

What if my free bet loses – do I lose anything?

Nope, you do not risk any of your own cash on a free bet, so you don‘t lose anything except the free bet itself if it loses.

Can I combine a free bet with cash for one bet?

No, you cannot combine a free bet with cash balance on DraftKings. It must be one or the other.

How long do free bet winnings take to withdraw?

In most cases, free bet winnings can be withdrawn within 2-3 days via your preferred payout method.

Do I have to accept the $20 free bet?

No, free bet offers do not have to be accepted if you do not wish to use them. They will expire after 7 days unused.

Hopefully these common questions provide more clarity into how to take full advantage of your next $20 free bet on DraftKings!

Putting It All Into Practice

The key takeaways I want you to remember are:

  • Free bets are promotional bonus credits, not cash deposits.

  • Make sure to use the full free bet amount on one single wager.

  • Withdraw any winnings, but the original free bet amount is not returned.

  • Use free bets within 7 days before they expire.

  • Take advantage of as many free bets offers as possible!

Follow the steps and advice outlined above and you can use your next $20 free bet on DraftKings like a professional. Just place your wager carefully, withdraw your earnings, and enjoy!

I hope this comprehensive guide gives you the confidence to maximize the value of any free bets that come your way. Let me know if you have any other sports betting questions! And as always, please gamble responsibly.



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