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How I Get Free Minecraft Gift Codes in 2023 (And How You Can Too!)

Hey there! If you‘re reading this, you‘re probably a Minecraft fan looking for ways to get some free Minecoins and Minecraft gift codes without spending any cash. Well you‘ve come to the right place!

As a long-time Minecraft player myself, I‘ve found plenty of legitimate methods to earn free gift cards and codes over the years. In this guide, I‘ll share with you all my best tips, so you can get free Minecoins too!

Why Do You Want Free Minecraft Gift Codes Anyway?

Before we dive in, let‘s first quickly go over exactly what Minecoins and gift codes are all about in Minecraft:

  • Minecoins – This is the virtual currency used in Minecraft to buy skins, texture packs, maps, minigames and more from the Marketplace.

  • Gift Cards – These are physical or digital codes that add Minecoin credits to your account when redeemed. They come in various amounts like $5, $10, $25, etc.

Now, the base Minecraft game only costs around $30. So why even bother trying to get Minecoins for free?

Here are the main reasons:

  • To unlock more skins and customization options for your character. The base skins get old after a while!

  • Access to different textures, resource packs, and maps created by the community. This expands your gameplay.

  • Minigames like adventure maps provide tons of replayability and fun minigames within Minecraft.

  • Supporting content creators who make maps, mods, texture packs, and skins.

  • Unlocking content in Minecraft without constantly asking your parents for money!

So in summary, free gift codes let you fully experience everything possible in Minecraft for free! Now let‘s look at how you can go about getting them.

Method #1: Earn Points with Microsoft Rewards

One of the most reliable ways I get free Minecraft codes is through Microsoft Rewards. This program essentially gives you points for using Bing search and completing other daily activities. The best part? Those points can then be redeemed for Minecraft gift cards!

Here are the key steps I follow with Microsoft Rewards to maximize points:

  • Complete all your daily activities – I make sure to do the quizzes, polls, searches, etc. Takes just a few mins and you get 150 points per day.

  • Recurring weekly bonuses – Lots of +50 point bonuses for things like getting your daily points, searching on different days, etc. Easy extras.

  • Use the Microsoft Edge browser extension – This lets me earn bonus points whenever I search the web normally. Points for stuff I‘d do anyway!

  • Take advantage of punch cards – These are basically challenges and quests to earn big point bonuses. I always have a few punch cards active.

  • Refer friends – Get up to 5,000 points for each friend that joins Rewards and earns their first 500 points. I‘ve referred 2 friends which really added up quick.

Here‘s a cool statistic: Microsoft says the average user earns over $200 per year in rewards just for browsing normally. That‘s a ton of free Minecoins!

With consistent effort, I can reliably earn a free $10 gift card (1,100 Minecoins) around every 2 weeks or so. If you want a steady stream of free Minecraft credits, be sure to sign up and use Microsoft Rewards daily.

Method #2: Take Surveys with SurveyJunkie, Swagbucks, and More

Another go-to strategy I use is taking surveys through "get-paid-to" (GPT) websites. Many of these sites reward you with points for each survey completed, and Minecraft gift cards are often available for redemption.

Here are some of my most-used survey sites and tips:


  • Has loads of surveys to take every day across many topics. Easy to qualify.
  • $5 and $10 Minecraft gift cards available once you earn 1,000 points.
  • Can cash out instantly with Paypal once you hit $5. Fast access to rewards.

Stats: SurveyJunkie has over 6.8 million members and has paid out over $50 million to date!


  • Points can be earned through surveys, playing games, searching the web, and more. Lots of options.
  • Minecraft cards start at just 450 points, so they are easy to get.
  • Can redeem many other rewards too like Amazon cards, PayPal cash, etc. Good flexibility.


  • Great for higher paying surveys. Lots of options with big points.
  • Low redemption at just $2 for a Minecraft card. Great value!
  • Has mobile apps to earn through games, videos, etc. for extra points.

By spending about 30 mins a day on surveys, I can reliably earn around $10 in Minecraft gift cards each week. Surveys may not be the most exciting, but they deliver results!

Method #3: Download and Play Free Apps

App reward programs are another excellent way to score free Minecoins that I use all the time.

The basic premise is you earn points for downloading sponsored apps, playing games, and completing offers. You can then redeem those points for Minecraft gift cards.

Here are the app reward programs I recommend:


  • Earn "Bounts" for trying new apps, completing offers, referral bonuses, etc.
  • As of writing, 5,400 Bounts gets you a $5 Minecraft card.
  • Cheapest Minecraft redemption is only 2,700 Bounts. Super fast earning!

Google Opinion Rewards

  • Get Play Store credit for answering very short surveys on your Android phone.
  • Surveys come often, usually every 1-2 days in my experience. Fast way to earn credit.
  • Can redeem for Minecraft Gifts Cards in the Play Store.


  • Earn units called "Mistplay Points" for playing featured mobile games. Super easy!
  • Games often award over 100 points per minute of playtime. Points add up FAST.
  • Lots of gift card options, including Minecraft cards starting at around 15,000 points.

By having a few rewards apps installed on my phone and staying active, I can reliably earn around $5 per week in Minecraft credits. Easy passive earning!

Method #4: Enter Giveaways and Contests

This method requires some persistence and luck, but entering Minecraft giveaways is a great way to potentially win big rewards like Minecraft codes and gift cards!

Here are the best places I‘ve found to hunt for Minecraft giveaways online:

  • Minecraft Forums – Lots of forum contests with Minecoins as prizes. Just search "giveaway".

  • Enjin – Minecraft hosting site with frequent contests. Have won $10 in Minecoins here before!

  • – Scroll and find Minecraft giveaways between all the options.

  • – Lists sweepstakes and giveaways across many sites. Useful hub.

  • Omaze – Charity giveaways with huge prizes. Have seen Minecoins offered before.

  • DoubleXP – Weekend giveaways with gaming prizes. Minecraft pops up occasionally.

  • Instagram/Twitter – Minecraft meme pages often do followers giveaways.

It takes some luck and persistence to win, but entering every giveaway I find has earned me some nice free Minecraft codes over time! Easy to do while browsing social media or killing time online.

Method #5: Selling or Trading In-Game Items and Services

Now this method takes some effort, but you can actually earn real money within Minecraft by selling or trading in-game items, maps, mods and services. You can then use the cash to buy Minecoins.

Here are some of the ways I make money through Minecraft:

  • Sell custom modpacks – I create packs of cool mods and textures tailored to different themes. Players are always requesting unique modpacks.

  • Build custom maps and worlds – Offering my services to build anything from parkour courses to adventure maps for players. Great way to monetize my creativity!

  • Provide live coaching/teaching – Hop in a voice call and give new players gameplay tips and advice. Especially helpful on servers.

  • Power leveling and boosting – Help players quickly gain XP and resources. Saves them tons of grinding time.

  • Sell rare items – Farming things like netherite and nether stars takes forever. I sell my surplus items to players who don‘t want to grind them.

Here‘s an estimate: Experienced players can make around $5-15 per hour through these services. Not too shabby!

It takes some time and effort, but turning my skills into selling services earns me nice cash I can put towards buying more Minecoins. And it feels more rewarding than surveys!

Avoid Code Generators and Hacks

Now when looking for free Minecoins, you may come across sketchy websites offering "free unused code generators" or "gift card hacks". These are completely fake and should be avoided for account security reasons!

Trust me, I once tried out a supposed code generator when I first started playing…and it bricked my old account! Ever since I stay far away from any code gen offers.

The safest ways to earn gift cards are through Rewards programs, taking surveys, giveaways, and selling services like I outlined above.

Stick to these legitimate methods, and you can safely earn all the Minecoins you could ever want! Just takes some consistent effort.

Redeeming Your Gift Cards and Codes

Once you‘ve earned some free Minecraft gift cards through the methods above, it‘s time for the fun part – redeeming them for sweet, sweet Minecoins!

Here‘s a quick guide to properly activating both digital and physical gift card codes:

Digital Codes

For digital codes earned through rewards sites and giveaways, here‘s how to redeem:

  1. Have your Mojang/Microsoft account ready on that uses Minecraft.

  2. Click "Redeem Prepaid Card" under the "My Games" section.

  3. Carefully enter the full code and click Next. Follow the on-screen prompts.

  4. Launch Minecraft, and your new Minecoins will be available in-game! Enjoy spending them!

Physical Gift Cards

If you have a plastic gift card from a giveaway or store, follow these steps instead:

  1. If on Xbox, enter the code at Microsoft Store > Redeem Code.

  2. On Nintendo Switch, select Redeem Code in the eShop.

  3. For Playstation, enter the code under Redeem Codes in the Playstation Store.

  4. Slowly enter the 16-digit code on the back of the card to avoid mistakes.

  5. The card value will be added to your Microsoft/console wallet for you to spend on Minecoins!

And that‘s all it takes to score free Minecoins with your earned gift cards and codes! Just be sure to redeem them carefully on the correct account you use to play Minecraft.

Using Your Free Gift Codes – My Suggestions

Once you‘re loaded up with free Minecoins credits, it‘s time for the best part – shopping! Here are some of my personal suggestions on where to spend your hard-earned Minecoins:

  • Unlock new skin packs – Refresh your character‘s look with unique new skin sets spanning tons of themes!

  • New texture packs – Make the visuals way more vibrant and detailed with resolutions up to 4K. Looks incredible!

  • Try minigames – Minigames like Hide and Seek and Speed Runners offer tons of replayable fun inside Minecraft.

  • Grab adventure/parkour maps – Play through challenging levels and courses other players made. Great change of pace.

  • Get mods and modpacks – Want to completely overhaul the game? Mods let you do that and so much more.

  • Support your favorite creators – Maps, skins, mods – give back to the creators who enrich your gameplay!

With your free gift codes, you‘ll be able to fully customize your experience and get so much more enjoyment out of Minecraft. Have fun exploring all the options!

Earning Free Gift Codes is Completely Worth It

And there you have it – everything you need to know to start earning and redeeming free Minecraft gift codes and piling up that sweet in-game currency.

It may take some effort and patience, but with consistent work across these proven methods, you‘ll be surprised at how fast those Minecoins add up!

Using free gift cards lets you get so much more value out of Minecraft without constantly asking your parents for money. And earning them yourself makes it feel even more rewarding in my opinion.

So give some of these legit methods a shot, avoid any sketchy code generator scams, and enjoy all the cool stuff you can unlock with free Minecoins! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Happy Minecrafting!



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