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How Long is WoW‘s Free Trial? Up to 10 Days for New Players

If you‘re new to World of Warcraft and wondering how long you can play for free, the short answer is up to 10 consecutive days. WoW offers a generous trial period so new heroes can experience a sizable portion of Azeroth before deciding if they want to embark on a paid subscription.

In this beginner‘s guide, we‘ll cover all the details on WoW‘s free trial including exactly how long it lasts, what‘s included, tips to maximize your time, and whether 10 days is enough to know if you‘ll get hooked. Let‘s dive in!

An Overview of WoW‘s Free Trial Options

Blizzard provides two main paths for new players to sample WoW risk-free:

WoW Starter Edition: Free indefinitely up to level 20

10 Day Retail Trial: 10 days of play up to level 50

The Starter Edition acts as a perpetual free demo while the retail trial offers time-limited access to more content.

But for this guide, we‘ll focus specifically on the duration and details of the 10 day retail trial for brand new players.

What Exactly is Included in WoW‘s 10 Day Free Trial?

The 10 day retail free trial gives new heroes access to a massive amount of content covering levels 1-50 including:

  • All 9 starting race/class combinations
  • Exiles Reach and Battle for Azeroth starting zones
  • Full Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor main continents
  • Dungeons like Deadmines and Wailing Caverns
  • Unrated Battlegrounds and Arenas up to level 50
  • Ability to gain XP and advance to level 50 cap

New players can experience all of this for 10 full days without spending a dime. It‘s a ton of content considering many free to play MMOs limit free accounts to level 20.

How Long Does the 10 Day Free Trial Last?

Now let‘s answer the question you came for – exactly how long is the WoW free trial?

The WoW 10 day free trial duration is:

10 consecutive calendar days from when you first log in

Your free trial counter begins the first time you log into the game client after activating your trial account.

For example:

  • Activate trial on Monday
  • First log in on Wednesday = Day 1 of 10
  • Trial ends next Saturday, 10 days after first use

Important notes:

  • Trial lasts for 10 real-world days, not /played time
  • Logging out does not pause the timer
  • You only get one 10 day trial per Blizzard/ account

So while you get a solid 10 days, it‘s based on calendar date not time actively spent playing. Make sure to use your trial days wisely!

How Many Hours is a 10 Day WoW Trial?

Given that the trial length is measured in days instead of hours, how much actual playtime does 10 days of access provide?

Here is an estimate of playable hours in a 10 day trial period:

  • 10 days x 24 hours per day = 240 total hours
  • Minus 56 hours for 8 hours sleep per day = 184 waking hours
  • Of that, players reasonably play 3-6 hours per day
  • So about 30-60 hours of playtime in a 10 day trial

Casual players will be on the lower end while those maximizing their trial will hit 60+ hours. Either way, 10 days provides more than enough playtime to experience a ton of WoW‘s core content.

What Level Can You Reach in a 10 Day Free Trial?

With roughly 30-60 hours to play for free, what levels can a new player reasonably expect to reach?

Here‘s an estimate based on WoW‘s leveling curve:

  • Casual: Level 20-30
  • Moderate: Level 30-40
  • Power leveling: Level 40-50

According to data sites like WOWhead, the 1-50 leveling grind takes approximately 75-150 hours for most players. So maxing out 50 is ambitious but possible in a 10 day window if you really push it.

Expect to spend your first free trial in the early leveling zones like Elwyn, Westfall, and Duskwood as an Alliance player.

What Content Will You Experience in a 10 Day Trial?

While each player‘s experience will vary, here‘s a general idea of what content is accessible in the 10 day free trial:

Early Level Zone Questing

  • Starting areas like Northshire Valley
  • Initial capital cities like Stormwind
  • Early leveling zones like Elwynn Forest and Westfall
  • Class quests to unlock new abilities
  • Dungeons like Ragefire Chasm and The Deadmines

Battlegrounds & Arenas

  • Unrated PvP like Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin
  • Arena skirmishes to practice combat
  • Initial PvP quests and abilities

Professions, Economy & Social

  • Gathering professions like Mining and Herbalism
  • Utilizing the Auction House economy
  • Joining leveling/social guilds
  • Emotes, dancing on mailboxes, general chat banter

While light on endgame content, 10 days offers plentiful gameplay for new heroes to experience the core of WoW risk-free.

What Features Are Missing or Limited in the Free Trial?

WoW‘s trial focuses on early game content, so many systems are limited or unavailable, including:

  • No pet battles or collecting achievements
  • Cannot access player guild features like banks
  • Restricted access to in-game support and forums
  • Level 50 and currency caps
  • No access to current expansion content like Dragonflight zones

Think of the trial as a long free demo. You‘ll get a robust sampling of WoW but it is restricted compared to the full game. The goal is to entice you into subscribing after your 10 days.

Is 10 Days Enough Time to Decide if You Like WoW?

For most new players, 10 days is more than adequate to determine if WoW‘s gameplay suits you and decide on subscribing.

According to leading consumer research firm NPD Group, the average player makes their buy/don‘t buy decision about a game within 2 hours of starting play.

With 10 full days, you have more than enough time to experience:

  • Core gameplay loops like questing, dungeons, and PvP
  • Multiple classes and specs
  • Distinct early-game zones and environments
  • Social systems like chat and working with others
  • Initial dopamine hits of rewards and progression

10 days also allows you to better evaluate if you find WoW fun versus feeling addicted or compulsively playing. This makes it easy to decide if WoW will be an enjoyable hobby versus unhealthy obsession before paying.

How Does WoW‘s Free Trial Compare to Other MMOs?

Compared to other MMORPG free trials and free-to-play options, WoW‘s 10 day trial is very competitive:

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Free up to level 35 (~20 hours)
  • Guild Wars 2: Permanently free w/ restrictions
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: 8 levels fully free (~5-10 hours)

WoW‘s 10 day trial provides more content than most rivals in a reasonable but limited time window to encourage subscribing. It strikes a nice balance between testing the game while avoiding abuse.

What Should You Prioritize Doing in Your First 10 Days?

To make the most of the WoW trial, here are some tips for new players on what content to focus on:

  • Try both Alliance and Horde – See both factions
  • Sample 2-3 classes to level 10 – See what fits you
  • Don‘t worry about professions yet – Level first
  • If you like PvP, try more Battlegrounds – Extra practice
  • Run each starting zone dungeon once – Good beginner group content
  • Read your skills and talents – Learn your class
  • Focus on 1-2 characters – Avoid too many alts
  • Have fun exploring! Don‘t just power through quests

The key is sampling various gameplay systems and finding what you enjoy most. But don‘t feel compelled to no-life the trial – take your time and don‘t burn out!

What Are the Best Ways to Get More Free WoW Time?

Once your 10 days expire, there are a few legitimate ways to extend your free WoW playtime:

  • Wait for limited time promotions like WoW‘s annual free login events
  • Receive invite codes from veteran players for 7 free days
  • Very rarely, customer support may provide 1-3 extra days if you had technical issues
  • Participate in the WoW public test realm when it‘s up

But otherwise, the only options are to subscribe or purchase game time. Take advantage of any promotions to play longer for free, but 10 days is a standard trial duration in the industry.

Should You Subscribe After the 10 Day Trial?

Here are key factors to consider when your trial is ending:

Enjoyment – Did you have fun and like the gameplay?

Value – Do you feel WoW offers good value for $15/month?

Time – Can you reasonably play enough to justify the cost?

Friends & Community – Did you make connections to keep playing with?

Addiction Risks – Are you in control or feeling compelled to play?

Game Habits – Do you tend to play MMOs long-term or bounce between games?

There‘s no right or wrong answer. Evaluate your own play style, budget, and gaming habits. A 10 day trial gives sufficient time to decide if WoW is the right choice to pay for and invest hours into.


WoW‘s 10 day retail free trial offers more than enough gameplay to experience the core of Azeroth and see if you enjoy it. While light on endgame and capped at level 50, you can play all starting zones, dungeons, and PvP for over 50 hours risk-free. Take your time sampling classes and content to see if WoW‘s addictive gameplay hooks you. With knowledge of exactly how long the free trial lasts and how to maximize it, you can determine if you want to continue your adventure as a long-term subscriber.



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