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How Many Floors Can You Build in Sims FreePlay? (Up to 5 Floors Unlocked!)

As a fellow Sims FreePlay enthusiast, you may have wondered: just how tall can I make my Sims‘ dream homes in this amazing life simulation game?

Well, my friend, you‘ll be excited to know that with some strategic gameplay, you can build epic mansions up to 5 floors high! Keep reading and I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about constructing multi-story houses in Sims FreePlay.

A Quick Primer on Unlocking Multiple Floors

Let me start by explaining how you first gain the ability to build upwards. When you begin playing Sims FreePlay, adding a second floor isn‘t even an option yet.

To unlock multi-story home construction, you need to reach Level 17 and complete a special quest called "Multi-Story Renovations." This quest will guide you through adding a second floor to an existing house, installing stairs, and all the other basics of building a two-story home.

Completing the Multi-Story Renovations quest opens up stairs and additional floors as permanent options for all homes in your Sim Town. So be sure to take on this quest as soon as you hit Level 17!

How Many Floors Can You Add After Unlocking Multi-Story Homes?

Once you’ve finished that Multi-Story Renovations quest, you‘ll now be able to construct incredible homes up to 5 floors tall! Here’s a quick look at what you can build floor-by-floor:

  • Ground Floor: Main entryway, living spaces, kitchen, bedrooms
  • 2nd Floor: Extra bedrooms, hobby rooms, balcony access
  • 3rd Floor: Master suite, sitting areas, home theater
  • 4th Floor: Rooftop lounge, outdoor kitchen, observatory
  • 5th Floor: Rooftop terrace, pool, luxury penthouse

Exciting right? Keep reading for more details on furnishing each floor of your dream home.

Costs for Adding More Floors

Now, constructing a 5-story mansion doesn‘t come cheap in Simoleons. Here‘s a breakdown of how much each additional floor will set you back:

  • 2nd Floor: 300,000 Simoleons
  • 3rd Floor: 500,000 Simoleons
  • 4th Floor: 800,000 Simoleons
  • 5th Floor: 1,000,000 Simoleons

That‘s a total of 2.6 million Simoleons just for the new floors themselves!

Of course, you‘ll also need to budget for stairs, appliances, furniture and tons of decorations. But if you invest the time and resources, you can build an incredible multi-story home for your Sims to enjoy.

Floor-by-Floor Design Tips and Ideas

Alright, you know how many floors you can construct, but what should you actually put on each one? Here are some floor-by-floor design ideas and tips:

Ground Floor: Critical Living Spaces

Focus the ground floor on essential living spaces like:

  • Entryway, living room, dining room
  • Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom
  • Access to backyard and front yard

The ground floor works just like a single-story home. Make sure to include the critical rooms your Sims need like a kitchen, beds and a bathroom. The first floor is also a great place for entertaining areas like a game room or home theater.

Pro Tip: Add a staircase to the basement for bonus living space!

Second Floor: Fun Zones and Balconies

Next, use the second floor for fun leisure areas like:

  • Extra bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Hobby rooms or home gym
  • Library, loft or sitting area
  • Balcony access

The second floor is perfect for personal hobby spaces, a mini-library, or just making extra bedrooms. And don’t forget the balcony for some great outdoor chilling!

Pro Tip: Include multiple balconies and add skylights to keep things bright!

Third Floor: Lavish Master Suite

A third floor lets you indulge with spaces like:

  • Master suite with luxury bathroom
  • Spa, massage room
  • Wet bar or lounge area
  • Roof deck access

Make this floor all about pampering your Sims with an over-the-top master suite and some relaxation zones. A wet bar or lounge area is also great for entertaining friends.

Pro Tip: Add a telescope or observatory for stargazing!

Fourth Floor: Outdoor Living

The fourth floor unlocks amazing outdoor amenities:

  • Rooftop lounge
  • Outdoor kitchen and dining
  • Hot tub, fire pit hangout areas
  • Greenhouse for gardening

With a fourth floor you can take the fun outside with rooftop lounges, outdoor cooking areas, hot tubs and fire pits. A greenhouse also lets your Sims garden in the open air.

Pro Tip: Include multiple seating areas and gathering spots.

Fifth Floor: Rooftop Paradise

Finally, the fifth floor can become an urban oasis with:

  • Open-air cafe or bar
  • Rooftop pool and cabanas
  • Dance floor, DJ booth
  • Stargazing observatory

Create a rooftop paradise for your Sims to relax or host parties well into the night! Just don‘t forget the safety railing around outdoor areas.

Pro Tip: Add a hot tub, dance floor and bar for ultimate fun!

Key Tips for Building Upward

Constructing such a tall multi-story home takes strategy. Here are some of my best tips:

  • Start small: Add floors gradually as your budget allows. No need to go to 5 floors right away!
  • Include multiple stairs: This prevents Sim traffic jams with one staircase.
  • Pay attention to flow: Design floorplans that connect rooms logically floor-to-floor.
  • Focus on function first: Build critical rooms before decorative spaces.
  • Watch your budget: It‘s easy to overspend on furnishings across multiple floors!

Follow this advice and you’ll be designing amazing multi-story mansions in no time!

Why Build Upward? Benefits of Tall Homes

Finally, why add more floors in the first place? What are the key benefits of building up instead of out?

  • More bedrooms and bathrooms: As your Sim household grows, add rooms on upper floors.
  • Space for hobbies: Give each Sim their own hobby space like an art studio.
  • Separated public and private zones: Keep bedrooms/bathrooms private on upper floors.
  • Outdoor access: Rooftop decks, pools, lounges and more!
  • Incredible views: Sit back and enjoy sweeping vistas of your Sim Town.
  • Greater property values: Multi-story houses have higher worth for making money.

So if you want to construct an epic dream home for your Sims, remember to complete that Multi-Story Renovations quest at Level 17. Unlock the ability to build up to 5 floors of incredible, customized spaces tailored to your Sims’ lives. Your Sims will thank you for giving them such amazing, spacious homes to live in!

Let me know if you have any other questions about building multi-story homes in Sims FreePlay. I’m always happy to share more design tips and tricks with a fellow Sims fan!



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