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How Many Sims Can You Have in One Household in The Sims FreePlay?

The short answer is that the default Sim household limit in The Sims FreePlay is 10. But you can actually go beyond that limit through certain gameplay features. Keep reading this guide to learn all about maximizing your Sims FreePlay household size!

When you first start playing The Sims FreePlay on mobile, you’re naturally restricted to smaller households of 2-4 Sims. But as you progress through the game and complete goals, you’ll unlock the ability to add more Sims to your households.

Most Simmers yearn for big bustling households full of Sims to control and relationships to nurture. If you want the maximum number of Sims possible in FreePlay, this comprehensive guide will teach you how.

The Basics: How Household Limits Work in Sims Games

First, let’s understand why Sims games have household limits at all. After all, wouldn’t unlimited Sims be even more fun?

According to longtime Sims game producer Lyndsay Pearson, household limits exist mainly for technical reasons. The more Sims present in a household, the more memory and computing power required to run the game smoothly.

Most Sims games cap households between 6-10 members. This keeps gameplay performance solid on average computers and consoles. The Sims 4 producer Grant Rodiek noted the classic 8 Sim cap was chosen after extensive testing to find the “sweet spot” for most machines.

However, household limits also serve a gameplay purpose. As game design expert Ethan Reid explains, some boundaries and limitations force players to make creative choices. Removing all limits could make Sims feel less meaningful to manage.

Striking the right balance of freedom and constraint is key for enjoyable Sims gameplay. Let’s see how FreePlay compares to other Sims games in its approach to household size limits:

GameDefault Sim Household Limit
The Sims Bustin‘ Out8
The Sims (Original PC/Mac game)8
The Sims 2 (PC/Mac)8
The Sims 2 (Console)6
The Sims 3 (PC/Mac)8
The Sims 3 (Console)6
The Sims 4 (PC/Mac)8
The Sims FreePlay10
The Sims Mobile16

As a mobile spinoff, FreePlay provides slightly more flexibility than core Sims titles with its 10 Sim default limit. But testing shows most mobile devices can’t smoothly handle much more than that in FreePlay’s complex 3D world.

So how can you push beyond 10 Sims? Keep reading to learn how FreePlay gives players tools to expand their households further!

Expanding Beyond 10 Sims in The Sims FreePlay

Complete Goals and Quests

The easiest way to exceed 10 Sims in FreePlay is by completing certain game goals and quests.

Many ongoing objectives and quest lines offer “+1 Sim Limit” or “+2 Sim Limit” as completion rewards. These permanently raise your household capacity by the stated amount.

For example, achieving Level 10 of the Hobby Star quest path grants a +1 Sim Limit reward. Completing the Triple Play quest line increases the limit by 2.

By regularly checking the goals and quests tabs, you can find more bonus limit increases like these. Slowly but surely, they will grow your maximum household size.

Participate in Special Events

The Sims FreePlay frequently runs limited-time live events with special quests and rewards. These events often provide opportunities to temporarily expand your household.

For instance, during the recent “On the Move” event, hitting 500 event points awarded a +1 Sim Limit boost. Reaching certain milestones in last summer’s Island Life event granted bonuses like “Add 1 Toddler to Household.”

So by actively participating in seasonal and holiday events, you can likely exceed the standard 10 Sim cap while the event is running. The boosts are temporary, but still allow you to cram more Sims in for fun short-term challenges.

Use Cheats and Hacks

I don’t recommend this option, but hardcore Simmers have found unofficial “cheats” to remove the Sim limit in FreePlay. These include:

  • Setting your device’s clock forward 48+ hours before opening FreePlay, then resetting it. This tricks the game into thinking much more time has passed.

  • Repeatedly buying and selling the most expensive in-game items to earn XP and level up rapidly, increasing the limit.

  • Having a Sim constantly bake and sell pastries to earn fast XP to level up and raise the limit.

However, these cheats may cause your game to become unstable and glitchy. Stick to official methods for expanding your household, or only use cheats temporarily if you’re willing to take the risk!

Mods and Hacks (PC/Mac only)

Mods like MC Command Center and Basemental Drugs let desktop Sims 4 players adjust or deactivate the 8 Sim limit. But there are no equivalent mods for the mobile FreePlay app.

Some Android users have managed to edit the game files to remove the limit. But this requires root access and may corrupt your save. I don’t recommend attempting it unless you‘re an expert modder!

Get Help Managing Large Households

Once you’ve managed to surpass the standard 10 Sim maximum using the above methods, you’ll want some strategy tips to keep your mega-household running smoothly!

  • Control chaos with the pause button – Don‘t be afraid to pause the action frequently and queue up commands. Task prioritization is key with many Sims.

  • Use group commands – Take advantage of the "Gather Here" and group eating/chatting commands. They help coordinate Sims efficiently.

  • Automate routines with no autonomy – Program tasks like sleeping and bathing to happen automatically at set times each day.

  • Design efficient spaces – Allow for privacy and group interactions with bunk beds, open floor plans, common areas, etc.

  • prevent bottlenecks – Have duplicate resources like multiple bathrooms, fridges, etc. so needs can be met quickly.

With these tips, your super-sized Sim household will ideally feel lively yet manageable. The more Sims you have, the more patience and strategy required!

What’s the Ideal Sims FreePlay Household Size?

While the technical limits in FreePlay allow for households of 10-16+ Sims, that doesn’t necessarily make giant families ideal. You should consider:

Device Performance

Older and low-end devices can’t handle nearly as many Sims as new powerful phones and tablets. Capped RAM, limited processors, and slow graphics chips negatively impact performance as your household grows.

Aim to have no more than 6-8 Sims if playing FreePlay on an aging device. Crashes, glitches, and lag will become frequent issues beyond that.

Available Space

The size of the homes and lots you build in-game also affects how many Sims make sense. Large multi-story mansions can comfortably house more Sims than cramped starter cottages.

Before adding more household members, consider if you have room for extra beds and sufficient bathroom, kitchen, and living facilities. If space is tight, upgrade or move homes first.

Player Style

Your personal playstyle should influence ideal household numbers. If you prefer actively controlling individual Sims rather than autonomous simulation, shooting for 4-6 Sims max allows adequate micromanaging.

But if you’re happy to queue up actions and let Sims independently multitask for long stretches, you can easily handle 8+ household members.

Experience Level

Brand new Simmers should stick to smaller households of just 2-4 Sims. You need to grasp basic Sim needs and learn the game interface before tackling bigger families.

Likewise, choose lower household sizes if trying challenging scenarios like Legacy-style multi-generational games. The more complex your story, the harder large households become.

Patience Level

Managing FreePlay households takes serious patience, especially at higher numbers. Are you willing to calmly handle messy households, juggling many needs bars and goals? Or do you prefer neater, more controlled situations?

Opt for smaller households if you know you’ll get frustrated by constant chaos and demands. But if you want an extreme challenge, maximize your Sim counts!

Playtime Style

Your play schedule also influences ideal household numbers. If you play FreePlay for short bursts once or twice a day, a smaller household is more feasible. But if you play for hours-long stretches, you can guide more Sims actively during your session.

In addition, families and kids demand more playtime than lone Sims or groups of adults. So factor age diversity into your household planning.

Device Storage

FreePlay households with large inventories strain your device’s storage capacity. If you love to collect items and make Sims into digital hoarders, performance will slow over time.

To allow for bigger households, regularly sell off unneeded possessions or transfer them to other households to reduce each home’s item count.

The Verdict: How Big Should Your FreePlay Household Be?

After considering all the above factors, what’s the maximum household size I’d recommend for most FreePlay players?

For casual Simmers on average devices, aim for 6-8 Sims per household. This allows for good variety and relationships without the headaches of controlling too many Sims in a small space.

On high-end devices, veteran players can potentially manage up to 12 Sims per household if they utilize gameplay automation tools optimally. But closer to 10 is ideal for maintaining heavy personal involvement.

Regardless of actual limits, try to size households based on your individual playstyle and preferences. A game packed with 8 lovingly customized Sims you control closely is more rewarding than a sprawling household of 16 generic auto-Sims. Quality over quantity!

The Sims FreePlay gives you plenty of options when it comes to maximizing your household size. With the right strategies, you can create a vibrant community of 10+ Sims. But try not to overdo it—smaller families are often more manageable and enjoyable in the long run.



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