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How many times can you get free Twitch Prime? Unlimited subs for the streaming addict

As a hardcore Twitch viewer, you love supporting your favorite streamers by subscribing to their channels. But with subscriptions costing $4.99 or more per month per channel, costs can quickly add up.

Luckily, Twitch Prime lets you get one free channel subscription every month. This perk allows you to cheer on your favorite streamers at no extra cost if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

But can you use multiple free Twitch Prime subs in one month? Or find tricks to get unlimited subscriptions? Let’s explore how often you can really utilize these free subs as a streaming superfan.

An Overview of Twitch Prime Benefits

Before diving into the specifics on subs, let’s quickly run through everything included with Twitch Prime:

  • One free channel subscription per month – Subscribe to any Partner or Affiliate streamer‘s channel for free once per month. You’ll keep any special sub badges and emotes you’ve earned.

  • Free loot in games – Unlock in-game items like skins, characters, currency, loot boxes and more for popular games like Apex Legends, GTA V, VALORANT, and 100+ others. You can claim new loot every month.

  • No ads on Twitch – Watch any stream completely ad-free, so you can immerse yourself in the gameplay without disruptions.

  • Exclusive Prime emotes and chat badge – Flaunt your Prime status with special subscriber emotes and an icon next to your name in any Twitch chat.

Bundling all these perks together makes Prime Gaming a must-have for serious Twitch fans. But the free subs are often the most alluring benefit for avid viewers.

The Limit of One Free Sub Per Month

Now onto the big question: how often can you use your free Prime sub?

Unfortunately, the limit is one free subscription per calendar month. When you first sign up for Twitch Prime, you’ll be granted one sub immediately to use. Then on the 1st of each month, you‘ll receive one new token.

For example:

  • Sign up on February 15th – Use 1st free sub
  • March 1st – Get 2nd free sub
  • April 1st – Get 3rd free sub

And so on. The counter resets to one on the 1st of each new month regardless of activity.

This means there is no way to accumulate or save up multiple free Prime subs at once. Even if you don’t sub for several months, you still just get the one per month.

I know…this is a bummer if you were hoping to subscribe to two or more channels simultaneously with your Prime. Unfortunately Twitch limits it to just one to prevent abuse of the system.

The Hassle of Manually Re-Subscribing Every Month

Here’s another downside of the Prime sub program – subscriptions do not auto-renew each month.

When you use your Prime sub, it will only last 30 days before expiring. To maintain your sub streak, you need to manually re-subscribe with your free token each new month.

Sure, you could set calendar reminders to resub before it lapses. But as a streaming fanatic myself, I find this annoying compared to normal auto-renewing subscriptions.

Nothing hurts more than losing your 6-month sub badge because you forgot to re-up with Prime right on the 1st.

Luckily, there is a sneaky trick to get around this…

The Auto-Renewal Twitch Prime Sub Hack

With this simple trick, you can get your Prime sub on a channel to auto-renew each month:

  1. Subscribe to a channel with your free Prime sub as normal.

  2. Immediately cancel the sub through your Twitch subscriptions page. Don’t worry – you’ll still have access for the full month.

  3. Now instead of an expiration date, it will show as “Sub End Date” with a 30 day countdown.

  4. A few days before that date hits zero, re-subscribe with next month’s Prime sub.

By repeatedly canceling and resubbing each month, you can keep a continuous subscription without having to stress about the exact renewal date.

I’ve been using this hack for over a year now to keep prime subs rolling month after month. Now you have one less thing to worry about as a Twitch addict!

Finding Loopholes for Unlimited Free Subs

Since you can only use one Prime sub per month, you may be wondering:

Is there any way to get unlimited free Twitch subscriptions?

Unfortunately, there is no legitimate method to obtain unlimited subscriptions through Prime Gaming. However, in the past clever users have found creative ways to exploit the system:

  • Creating multiple Amazon & Twitch accounts – By chaining together free Prime trials, some managed to get several months of back-to-back subs. But this is considered abuse now.

  • Sharing Prime membership benefits – Amazon Household and account sharing used to allow multiple users to benefit from the same Prime perks until changes were made.

  • Student abuse – Exploiting free Prime trial loopholes aimed at students has largely been closed through verification requirements.

  • Credit card and VPN tricks – Methods like virtual credit cards and fake locations no longer work to repeatedly get free Prime trials.

So unfortunately, any loopholes that once existed have been closed by Amazon and Twitch. The only guaranteed way to get more than one sub is still the official paid route.

But don’t lose hope! There are still some creative options to reduce your overall sub costs as an addicted stream fan…

Saving Money Through Twitch Prime Rewards

While you can‘t stack up unlimited free Prime subs directly, you can essentially translate Prime Gaming rewards into savings on subs.

Many of the free in-game loot drops that Prime offers can be sold for real cash:

  • Popular cosmetics in games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and CS:GO often resell for decent values.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Prime packs can contain players worth over $100+
  • Selling in-game currency like FUT Coins or GTA Cash Shark Cards can net $20+.

I like to cash out these rewards and apply earnings towards subscriptions or Twitch Bits for my favorite channels.

If you grind all the Prime loot from multiple games each month, you can easily earn $30+ in resale value. That covers over half the cost of a standard $54.99 six-month channel subscription!

How Much Do Streamers Earn from Prime Subs?

Twitch Prime subs may not cost you anything extra as a viewer, but they generate the same revenue for streamers as a paid sub!

Here‘s how much partners earn from Prime subs:

  • Affiliate streamers get $2.50 per Prime sub
  • Partner streamers typically get around $2.50 per sub (50% of $4.99)
  • Some top Partners negotiate up to 70% revenue share, earning ~$3.50 per sub

In 2021, Twitch boasted over 31 million monthly active Prime subscribers. Let‘s assume 70% subbed to a Partner streamer and the average payout was $3 per sub.

That results in $69 million paid to streamers through Prime subs in 2021!

No wonder big streamers love promoting Prime Gaming rewards. Subscriptions and loyalty from fans are critical, but the extra passive income from Prime definitely helps too.

Having this revenue stream subsidized by Amazon allows content creators to focus more on producing great streams to attract loyal viewers like you.

Is Twitch Prime Worth It Just for the Free Sub?

Okay, as a quick recap:

  • You get one free Twitch sub per month
  • Subs do not auto-renew
  • There‘s no way to get unlimited Prime subs

So is a Prime membership worth $12.99 per month just for the Twitch perks?

Assuming you only used your free sub each month and didn‘t care for the other Prime Gaming benefits, you‘d essentially be paying $12.99 for a single $4.99 tier 1 sub.

That‘s not an amazing deal on its own. However, remember Prime also gives you:

  • Free 2-day shipping on Amazon purchases
  • Prime Video and Music access
  • Kindle ebook benefits
  • Prime Day deals
  • Photo storage
  • And more…

When you factor in the full suite of Amazon benefits, Prime becomes a no-brainer for avid shoppers and stream fans alike.

The Twitch perks alone make Prime nearly pay for itself if you subscribe to 1-2 partners per month. Add in the other perks, and you can easily get $100+ in overall annual value.

So in summary:

  • You can get one free sub per month with Twitch Prime
  • There‘s no way around the one sub per month limit
  • But auto-renew tricks and loot resales can help maximize perks
  • Overall Prime remains a great deal for streamers and viewers

I hope this insider perspective helps you make the most of Prime Gaming subs as a fellow streaming addict. Now get out there and support your favorite broadcasters with those free Twitch Prime tokens each month!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.