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How Much Free CP Can You Actually Earn in the Call of Duty Battle Pass?

Hey friend! If you‘re a Call of Duty fan like me, you‘ve probably been curious about how the Battle Pass works and how much free CP (COD Points) you can get from it. Well, you‘ve come to the right place!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll break down exactly how the Battle Pass system works, how much free CP is up for grabs, and tips to maximize your free CP earnings each season. Let‘s dive in!

Here‘s the Short Answer Up Front

Through the free Battle Pass tiers alone, you can earn 300 free CP per season without paying a dime. This includes:

  • 100 free CP between tiers 15-20
  • 200 free CP between tiers 45-50

If you upgrade to the premium Battle Pass, you can earn an additional 1,000 CP from exclusive paid tiers:

  • 100 CP per 10 tiers
  • 300 CP at tier 90
  • 700 CP at tier 100

So in total, by grinding to tier 100 of the premium pass, you‘ll get 1,300 CP back – enough to pay for the next season‘s pass!

What Exactly Is the Call of Duty Battle Pass?

For anyone unfamiliar, here‘s a quick overview of how the Battle Pass system works in Call of Duty:

The Battle Pass is a 100-tier reward track that lets players earn cosmetic items, COD Points, and other bonuses by playing the game and gaining XP.

Each season brings a new Battle Pass that lasts around 2-3 months. All progress carries over between Warzone, Modern Warfare II, and any other current Call of Duty titles you own.

There‘s a free version of the Battle Pass that anyone can progress through. But buying the premium pass for 1,000 CP (about $10) unlocks all 100 tiers for the maximum rewards.

You advance Battle Pass tiers by earning XP through any game mode. The more you play, the more tiers you unlock! Simple right?

Now let‘s look at the key CP rewards available in both the free and premium passes.

Free Battle Pass CP Rewards

By playing Call of Duty and leveling up as normal, you can earn the following free CP from the non-premium Battle Pass tiers:

  • 100 CP between tiers 15-20
  • 200 CP between tiers 45-50

Total free CP: 300 CP

This free CP is available to all players just by ranking up through the season. While 300 CP isn‘t a huge amount, saving this free CP from each season does eventually add up!

Paid Battle Pass CP Rewards

If you purchase the premium Battle Pass for 1,000 CP, you unlock more CP rewards on top of those free tiers:

  • 100 CP per 10 tiers (tiers 10, 20, 30, etc)
  • 300 CP at tier 90
  • 700 CP at tier 100

Total premium CP: 1,000 CP

Grand total including free tiers: 1,300 CP

So if you buy the pass and grind all the way up to tier 100, you‘ll earn back the 1,000 CP spent, plus an extra 300 CP from the free tiers.

This allows you to essentially "pay" for future Battle Passes just by playing regularly to earn CP. Pretty cool!

Data: Average CP Earnings from Battle Pass

Based on player data reported on sites like Reddit, the average CP earned per Battle Pass season is:

  • Approximately 200-400 CP from free tiers
  • Around 500-900 CP from premium tiers

So while 1,300 CP is possible by maxing out the pass, the average player earns 700-1,300 CP per season in total.

The key is consistently hitting as high of tier as possible each season to get those key CP drops at tiers 90 and 100.

How to Maximize Your Free CP Earnings

If you don‘t want to spend money on the Battle Pass, here are some tips to optimize and earn as much free CP as possible from each season:

  • Play regularly – More play time means faster tier progression. Try to play at least a few times a week if possible.

  • Complete seasonal challenges – Prioritize daily and seasonal challenges for big XP boosts.

  • Use XP tokens wisely – Activate double XP tokens when you have time to play for hours and grind tiers.

  • Play with friends – Partying up earns more XP from match bonuses.

  • Focus on XP-rewarding modes – Hop into modes like Warzone that award the most XP per match.

  • Buy 10 tier skips with CP – Use leftover free CP to purchase 10 tier skips when the season is ending soon. This helps ensure you max out the free track.

  • Purchase the Battle Pass Bundle – This saves you 200 CP versus the base pass by bundled tier skips.

Follow these tips, and you can optimize your CP earnings with each Battle Pass season!

Using Free CP to Buy Future Battle Passes

Once you earn 300 or more free CP from Battle Pass tiers, you can put that CP toward unlocking the next season‘s premium pass.

Here‘s an example of how free CP can pay for future Battle Passes:

  • You earn 300 CP from Season 1‘s free tiers
  • Use 1,000 CP to buy the Season 2 Battle Pass
  • Grind to tier 100 in Season 2
  • Earn 1,300 total CP from Season 2
  • Use 1,000 CP to buy the Season 3 pass
  • Keep 300 CP to spend

This cycle allows you to keep unlocking premium Battle Passes using only the CP you earn each season. Pretty sweet deal!

Should You Spend CP to Buy Tiers?

When a season is nearing its end, you may be tempted to spend your free CP on tier skips to finish the pass quicker.

This can be worth it, but I only recommend spending CP on tiers when:

  • You won‘t earn enough XP to reach tier 100 in time.
  • You can buy enough tiers to unlock a big CP drop at an upcoming tier.

For example, spending 200 CP to unlock tier 90‘s 300 CP reward makes sense. But randomly buying a few low-value tiers early on isn‘t the best use of your CP.

Evaluate each situation and use free CP strategically on tiers when necessary to maximize CP returns.

Can You Unlock Everything as a Free Player?

Unfortunately, it‘s not possible to unlock the entire 100-tier Battle Pass without purchasing the premium version.

The free pass includes rewards on select tiers, but leaves many locked. You‘ll miss out on a ton of cosmetic items and the big CP payouts at higher prestige tiers.

However, you can still accumulate plenty of awesome loot over time as a free player by utilizing your free CP earnings each season. It just requires patience and persistence.

For example, after 2-3 seasons, you could have:

  • 600-900 CP saved up
  • 2-3 new operators
  • 5-10 weapon blueprints
  • Bunch of emblems, charms, etc.

All without spending a dime on the pass itself! Not bad.

Is Buying the Premium Battle Pass Worth It?

In my opinion, yes – the premium Battle Pass is a worthwhile investment for most Call of Duty players.

Here are some of the key benefits you get:

  • Tons of exclusive cosmetics – We‘re talking over 100 items per season like operator skins, blueprints, emblems, etc.

  • Return on investment – You earn back the 1,000 CP spent, plus extra free CP from lower tiers.

  • New base weapons – Brand new base weapons are sometimes unlocked through Battle Pass tiers.

  • Gives clear progression – The pass adds seasonal challenges, XP events, and clear path to earn rewards each season.

If you plan on playing Call of Duty extensively throughout the year, the Battle Pass really enhances the experience by giving you fresh content to work toward each season.

For more casual players, the free tiers still offer some cool items, and a way to slowly stockpile CP over time.

So weigh your own playstyle, budgets, and preferences, but for most fans the premium pass delivers awesome bang for your buck.

Free CP Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about earning free CP from Call of Duty‘s Battle Pass system:

How long do I have to earn seasonal free CP rewards?

Each Battle Pass season lasts around 2-3 months. You must earn the free tiers during that window, as progress does not carry over.

Can I use free CP to gift skins or passes to friends?

Unfortunately, there is no gifting option for CP or cosmetics. Free CP can only be spent on your own account/items.

Is CP shared across Call of Duty games like Warzone and Modern Warfare?

Yup! Your CP balance is tied to your overall Call of Duty account, so it‘s usable in any current titles like Warzone 2, Modern Warfare II, etc.

Can I earn free CP in the Call of Duty Mobile app?

Yes, COD Mobile has its own version of the Battle Pass that also offers opportunities to earn some free CP through tier progression.

What happens if I don‘t spend my leftover free CP?

Any unused free CP carries over indefinitely and can be spent anytime on future Battle Passes or tier skips. It won‘t expire.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, here‘s the key takeaway about earning free CP from Call of Duty‘s Battle Pass:

Play consistently and utilize the 300 free CP from each season to your advantage.

Every little bit adds up. By grinding out tiers, completing challenges, and redeeming your free CP each season, you can slowly stockpile enough to purchase future Battle Passes and content.

While the premium pass brings all the shiniest gear, with some dedication, savvy spending, and patience, free players can unlock awesome loot too.

Hopefully this guide gave you a better understanding of how much free CP you can actually get from the Battle Pass and how to max out your earnings. Now get out there, start playing, have fun, and claim that sweet free CP! See you online.



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