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How to Avoid Instagram IP Ban?

It was easy to have multiple Instagram accounts back then, but it's not like that anymore. Signature verification is now required for each account, and any kind of spamming will get you to shut down for good. Instagram has enforced ruthless anti-spam measures to keep its content strictly organic.

What happens if you don't obey the new rules? You'll get an IP ban to stop you from accessing the platform. But don't worry. We'll be sharing useful tips on how to avoid getting banned in this article.

What is the Instagram IP Ban?

Instagram IP Ban

Have you ever had an IP ban on Instagram? Don't be shy. Tell us why you got it in the comments. Someone else may even learn from your experience. You might not know what an IP ban is, so let's start with the basics.

You couldn't be more wrong if you think you're anonymous or faceless on the Internet. The truth is, you can be easily identified. How? Here's the thing. When your Internet Service Provider sets up your internet connection, it assigns a unique12-digit code to your device. This code is called an IP address, and its purpose is to differentiate between millions of other devices on the Internet.

Two things can be associated with your IP address: your approximate location and online activity. This important information is visible on every server you connect to, which helps monitor and terminate your activity. That's why IP bans are being used to deter spammers. Let's say you're trying to expand engagement for your small Instagram account, and you decide to do so with the help of a dozen other accounts.

But you don't know that Instagram's spam algorithm gets triggered whenever there is more than 5 accounts used with the same IP address. This mistake will likely prompt the algorithm to ban you, leaving you unable to access the platform. That's how an IP ban works. Clearly, you don't want that to happen.

How to Avoid Instagram IP Ban?

So, what can you do? The short version is: don't violate Instagram's terms of service. But that's easier said than done. Let's look at these terms closely.

Instagram is a community-oriented platform, which means you will have to abide by its guidelines. Users of age thirteen and above are allowed on the platform. In order to keep it safe for its diverse audience, the platform doesn't allow sexual content or nudity no, matter what. Violating this rule can get you banned. The same goes for violent and gory content. You may be violating the rules even if you're just trying to raise awareness. Instagram doesn't allow posting material that belongs to others.

That's why only you can share your photos or repost them with permission and credit. Instagram is tough on spam, so make sure you track your daily output to avoid getting banned.

Here are some limitations you should know:

  • Old accounts can get away with following other accounts and liking, commenting, and messaging 60 times per hour.
  • New accounts can only perform these actions 30 times per hour.
  • Keep in mind that Instagram only allows five accounts from the same IP address. Any more than that, and you will probably be banned.

If you post too often, Instagram will see you as a spammer. It's hard to tell what the safe number is, but there's no need to post unnecessarily. You can do nothing to avoid getting banned for violating the terms of service. Other than following the rules, of course.

How to Automate Bulk Tasks Safely?

Automate Bulk Tasks Safely

If you want to spend less time on cumbersome tasks, there's a way to automate them without risking your account. You could do it by hand, but who even has time to spend hours liking dozens of photos every day?

Most social media managers today use bots to interact with their followers and grow the engagement on their accounts. They work well on sites like Instagram and can help you increase the number of followers without having to deal with any backlash. One of the most popular bots for Instagram is Jarvee, which works well with platforms like Instagram.

Be Sure to Use Proxies for Your Bots!

Be Sure to Use Proxies for Your Bots

But to make bots work, there is one crucial thing you're going to need. You probably know what I'm going to say. That's right. It's a proxy. Using them is the best way to prevent an IP ban. Let me explain the process in a little bit more detail.

Residential proxies allow you to look like a real user. After all, they're sourced from actual devices. How do they work? Proxies are servers that can be set to reroute your connection and thus change your IP address. It's a simple and block-proof way to get different IP addresses. You might wonder if you can use a VPN instead of a proxy server.

Honestly, VPNs don't always go well with Instagram. The reason behind it is that most providers use datacenter IPs. Unlike residential proxies, datacenter IPs come from datacenters hosted by cloud hosting companies.

While they can do pretty much anything a residential proxy can, most secure websites can easily determine that you're using a datacenter proxy. So, if you use a VPN to automate your Instagram activity, that's a sure way to get blocked.

What Can You Do If You're Already Banned?

First, you must find out whether Instagram has blocked your IP or account. One way to solve this issue could be to chat with those around you while on the same Wi-Fi and ask if they can access the platform.

Another option is to try logging out of your Instagram account and then clearing the cookies from your web browser and accessing Instagram again. If it's a login ban, you'll see the sign-in screen.

Furthermore, an IP ban will prevent you from accessing the website altogether. Changing your IP address is the only way to get back on.

As we mentioned before, the best way to do it is by using proxies. They will allow you to change your IP and get back to posting your pics. So, now that you're convinced, you need proxies.