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How to Cancel and Delete iPhone Apps Before the Free Trial Ends

Have you ever downloaded a hot new app, signed up for the free trial, used it for a bit, and then forgot all about it? A week later you get a surprise charge on your credit card for $9.99 per month because the free trial automatically renewed. Damn!

We‘ve all been there. It‘s frustrating and annoying to get saddled with unwanted app subscription fees because you forgot to cancel a free trial. Don‘t worry my friend, I‘m going to walk you through exactly how to avoid this scenario. By the end, you‘ll know how to properly cancel Apple app subscriptions directly from your iPhone and delete any apps you don‘t want well before the trial ends. No more surprise charges!

How Do I Cancel a Free Trial on iPhone Before I Get Charged?

When you download a new app and sign up for a free trial, you typically need to enter your Apple ID and password. This allows the app developer to charge your Apple account when the trial period ends. Most free trials automatically renew into a paid subscription after 3, 7, 14, or 30 days unless you explicitly cancel it ahead of time.

To avoid accidentally paying for app subscriptions, you need to proactively cancel the free trial before it ends. Here are the simple steps to cancel from your iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on your name at the top

  2. Scroll down and tap on Subscriptions

  3. Select the app you want to cancel

  4. Tap Cancel Subscription at the bottom and confirm it

Following these steps will immediately cancel the trial and prevent any charges once it expires. You can still use the app until the end of the original trial period.

An alternative method is to cancel the subscription directly from the App Store app:

  1. Open App Store and tap your profile icon

  2. Scroll down to Subscriptions and select it

  3. Choose the app subscription you want to cancel

  4. Tap Cancel to confirm cancellation

Either way works perfectly. I prefer doing it directly through Settings but do whatever is easiest for you.

How Do I Delete an App Before the Free Trial Ends?

In addition to cancelling the subscription, you may also want to delete the app entirely from your iPhone before the free trial expires. This removes the app icon from your home screen and deletes all its data.

Important note though: deleting the app does NOT cancel the actual subscription or free trial. You still need to cancel it separately or you‘ll get charged even if the app is deleted.

Here are the steps to delete an iPhone app:

  1. Press and hold the app icon until your apps start wiggling

  2. Tap the "X" that appears on the upper-left corner of the app

  3. Confirm that you want to delete the app when prompted

And voila, the app will vanish from your home screen and be completely deleted. Just remember to still cancel the trial subscription!

Why You Should Cancel Free Trials Immediately

Now you may be wondering — do I really need to cancel the free trial right away? Can‘t I just wait until the end?

It‘s always smart to cancel as soon as you sign up. Here‘s why:

  • You won‘t forget later on and accidentally get charged

  • The trial still lasts the full period even if you cancel immediately

  • You can request a refund immediately if unhappy with the app

  • It prevents unused apps from cluttering up your home screen

  • Peace of mind knowing you won‘t wasted money on subscriptions

So don‘t feel like you need to wait! Canceling the trial right after downloading the app is a pro-move that saves you headaches down the road.

Top Free Trial Apps to Watch Out For

The App Store is filled with apps offering free trials ranging from 3 to 30 days. Some of the most popular examples include:

  • Netflix: 1 month free trial for new subscribers

  • HBO Max: 7 day free trial to stream hit shows and movies

  • YouTube Premium: 1 month ad-free YouTube with YouTube Music

  • ESPN+: 7 day free trial with access to live sports

  • Headspace: 14 days of guided meditation sessions

  • Duolingo: Language courses with 1 week free trial of Duolingo Plus

  • Fitbod: 7 day trial for custom weight lifting programs

  • Noom: 2 week trial for their weight loss coaching app

  • Babbel: 7 day free language learning trial

  • Shine: Premium self-care app with 7 day free trial

The key is trying them out, figuring out which apps you love, and cancelling the rest before the trials end. Set calendar reminders so you don‘t forget!

Expert Tips For Managing Free Trials

As a consumer tech expert, I‘ve tested my fair share of app subscriptions and free trials over the years. Here are my pro tips for avoiding unwanted charges:

  • Cancel immediately – Don‘t wait until the end of the free trial. Cancel asap even though you get to keep using the app until the trial expires.

  • Use disposable virtual cards – Protect yourself by using virtual credit card numbers that disable after the trial ends so you can never be charged.

  • Set reminders – Mark your calendar when trials end as a cue to cancel or delete the app.

  • Turn off auto-renew – Disable automatic subscription renewal in your Apple account settings for an extra safeguard.

  • Don‘t fall for "free trial scams" – Watch out for shady apps that lure you in but make it hard to actually cancel the trial.

  • Check your subscriptions regularly – Periodically review your Apple Subscriptions page to audit trials ending soon.

Following this expert advice will help you avoid the pitfalls of "free trial hell" and save money!

Apple App Subscription Statistics and Data

Let‘s look at some revealing statistics about app subscriptions and free trials from Apple:

  • Over 43% of app revenue now comes from subscriptions rather than one-time purchases

  • The average subscription price is $4.99 per month

  • Top categories for subscriptions are Entertainment, Music, News, Fitness and Education

  • Over 25% of subscribers cancel their trial before it ends

  • Over 50% of trial subscribers go on to pay for a subscription

The data shows subscriptions are hugely important for app monetization. But many of us don‘t really want or need long-term access if we‘re just casually trying out an app. That‘s why promptly cancelling free trials is so crucial.

What Happens If You Forget to Cancel a Free Trial?

We all forget or procrastinate sometimes. So what actually happens if you miss cancelling before your free app trial ends? Here are the consequences:

  • The app will automatically begin charging your Apple account monthly

  • The amount depends on the app‘s subscription pricing (typically $5 to $20 per month)

  • Apple will email receipts for the subscription charges to your iCloud account

  • You‘ll see the charges on your credit card associated with your Apple ID

  • You‘ll need to actively cancel the subscription to stop being billed

  • If you catch it quick, you can request Apple refund the charges

Moral of the story — don‘t forget! But if you slip up, cancel ASAP and ask Apple for a refund. The earlier the better.

Can You Reuse Free Trials for the Same App?

This is a tricky one. Some apps allow starting a free trial again if it‘s been awhile since your last one. But most apps restrict you to just a single trial per user.

Attempting to get another free trial by uninstalling the app or using a different Apple ID rarely works. The app records your device ID or tracks your payment info, so you can‘t trick it easily. Any free trial reuse attempt typically results in instant charges rather than another trial.

Bottom line: don’t count on being able to regularly reuse free trials for the same app. The occasional retrial may work if you haven‘t used the app in months, but don‘t abuse it.

Shared Family App Subscriptions

One last pro tip! If you have family members with iPhones, look into Apple‘s Family Sharing system. It allows you to share app subscriptions with family while only paying once.

For example, you could start a free trial on Netflix via Family Sharing, then during the trial add your spouse and kids. They can all then use Netflix until the trial ends without needing separate subscriptions.

Family Sharing supports all App Store subscriptions. It‘s a nice legal way to maximize free trials across family iPhones without abusing the system.

Let‘s Recap:

Alright my friend, we‘ve covered a lot of ground here. Let‘s quickly recap everything we learned about cancelling iPhone app free trials:

  • Cancel subscriptions from Settings or the App Store before trials end

  • Delete unwanted apps separately if you want them off your home screen

  • Don‘t wait, cancel free trials immediately even though you keep access

  • Beware auto-renewing into paid subscriptions if you forget to cancel

  • Set reminders so you don‘t miss cancellation deadlines

  • Use expert tips like disposable card numbers to stay safe

  • Check out Family Sharing to maximize free trial value

  • Act quickly if you forget and get charged to request refunds

You‘ve got this! Just stay diligent about cancelling any app trials you don‘t plan to continue using. Your bank account will thank you in the long run.


I hope this guide gave you clarity on exactly how to cancel Apple app subscriptions directly from your iPhone and delete unwanted apps before sneaky free trials turn into paid memberships.

Remember, deleting the app alone does NOT stop the charges – you have to explicitly hit Cancel Subscription as well. Following the steps I outlined will save you from having to pay for apps you don‘t want or need. Say goodbye to unpleasant financial surprises!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to provide tips to avoid free trial headaches. Now go forth and take advantage of all the great app deals out there. Just cancel the rest before you get charged!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.