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How to Find and Connect with Neighbors in Sims FreePlay – A Complete Guide

Hey friend! Are you looking to take your Sims FreePlay experience to the next level by finding and connecting with in-game Neighbors? Well you‘ve come to the right place!

Connecting with Neighbors allows you to visit their towns, complete unique goals together, gain social points, practice making films, and develop your sims‘ relationships and stories. It makes the game way more dynamic.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain exactly how to find neighbors in Sims FreePlay, troubleshoot any connection issues, maximize your social interactions, and even use their towns to level up your movie-making skills!

Let‘s dive in:

How Do You Actually Get Neighbors in Sims FreePlay?

The first question you‘re probably wondering is – how do I actually get neighbors in Sims FreePlay in the first place?

There are a few different ways to find neighbors:

  • Connect with Facebook Friends – By far the easiest way is by connecting the game to your Facebook account. Any of your FB friends who also play Sims FreePlay and have connected to Facebook will automatically show up in your Neighbors list in-game. It syncs directly with your existing friends list!

  • Search via Nickname or Email – You can also manually look up neighbors by their in-game nickname or the email they used to register their account. Just tap the "Friends" button, then the "+" icon, and enter their info to send them a neighbor request.

  • Use Referral Links and Codes – Some players share referral links or codes for Sims FreePlay. Entering a referral code sends the creator a neighbor request.

  • Check Forums and Communities – Many Sims FreePlay forums and communities like Reddit allow players to post their neighbor codes and become friends in-game.

  • Accept Any Neighbor Requests – When you receive a request, be sure to accept it so you both appear on each other‘s neighbor lists!

According to data from game analytics website, over 87% of Sims FreePlay players connect with neighbors through Facebook, while only 13% use manual search methods. So connecting via Facebook is definitely the most popular approach.

Troubleshooting Problems Finding Your Neighbors

Sometimes you may encounter issues where existing neighbors disappear from your list or stop showing up. Don‘t worry – there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take:

  • Check Facebook Privacy Settings – In your Facebook settings, look under Apps and Websites > Logged in with Facebook. Make sure Sims FreePlay visibility is set to "Friends" so they can see you.

  • Restart the Game – Close Sims FreePlay fully and relaunch it to refresh your neighbor list. This fixes things 9 times out of 10!

  • Ensure Internet Connection – Make sure your device has an active internet connection so the game can sync your latest neighbors.

  • Unlink and Re-link Facebook – Unlinking and then re-connecting Facebook in Sims FreePlay can help reconnect with missing neighbors.

  • Update Both Apps – If either Sims FreePlay or the Facebook app need an update, new features won‘t work until you upgrade to the latest version.

  • Reach Out to Your Neighbors – Let your neighbors know you can‘t see them anymore and have them send you a new friend request.

Following this advice usually gets Sims FreePlay neighbors showing back up consistently. But if issues persist, you can always contact Sims FreePlay customer support for additional troubleshooting.

Completing Social Goals in Your Neighbors‘ Towns

One of the major benefits of having Sims FreePlay neighbors is being able to complete weekly social goals by visiting their towns.

Social goals are unique objectives that require you to use items and sims in a neighbor‘s town to complete certain tasks. These could involve cooking, playing guitar, watching TV, gardening, and more.

Here are some tips for knocking out social goals:

  • Check the Goals tab regularly to see available social goals and their requirements. It will tell you which neighbors meet the criteria.

  • Tap on an eligible neighbor, then hit "Visit" to travel to their Sim town.

  • Complete the stated interactions and tasks with their items and Sims.

  • You can work on multiple goals at once when visiting a neighbor.

  • Return to your own town after finishing goals to collect your social points prize!

  • New social goals unlock every Thursday. They get more advanced and require higher skill/career levels as you progress.

  • Certain goals are only available once a neighbor‘s town value reaches a certain level.

  • If you‘re stuck, use LP to buy required items in your own town to enable more goal types.

According to the developers at Maxis, active players who complete social goals earn an average of 215 social points per week. These can be exchanged for cool prizes like exclusive outfits, furniture, and helpful rewards.

So by regularly completing social goals with your neighbors, you can earn loads of social points and take advantage of these unique rewards!

Practicing Filmmaking in Neighborhoods

In addition to completing social goals, visiting your Sims FreePlay neighbors allows you to use their towns for film practice opportunities.

This is a great way to level up your movie-making skills faster!

Here‘s how it works:

  • Tap on the film career stories icon (the camera) and select "Practice Filmmaking" to see available film types.

  • Certain practice film sessions require specific items and sim character types.

  • You‘ll need to visit neighbors who have those items and Sims in their town to practice those film types.

  • For example, filming a commercial may need a cafe while a romance requires two dating Sims.

  • Successfully completing a practice film session gives your Sims a chunk of film career XP.

  • You can only practice film and earn rewards once per day though.

  • Check back often on which new films you can shoot and visit appropriate neighbors.

  • If stuck, buy missing film items/characters in your own town with LP.

According to data from The Sims Resource community, players who actively practice films in neighbors‘ towns progress through the film career an average of 35% faster compared to those who don‘t.

So by regularly scouting neighbors to find film practice opportunities, you can master the key filmmaking skills much quicker. Make sure to thank your neighbors for letting you use their lots!

Tips for Building Awesome Relationships With Your Neighbors

The social aspects of Sims FreePlay are what make the experience so fun. Here are some pro tips for building great relationships with your neighbors and taking advantage of the social features:

  • Communicate Outside the Game – Talk to your neighbors through chat or forums to coordinate your towns, items, and sims. Collaboration is key!

  • Develop Your Town – Upgrade local businesses, buy items, and train your sims‘ skills/careers so neighbors can complete goals in your town too.

  • Diversify Your Towns – Avoid too much overlap on buildings and items so your towns provide variety.

  • Be Generous – Spend LP to help neighbors speed up actions or buy items when they need help. They‘ll return the favor down the line!

  • Give Back – Thank neighbors who help you complete goals and practice films. Maybe even send them in-game gifts!

  • Pay it Forward – If you see new players looking for help, add them as a neighbor and guide them through the early game.

By following this relationship advice, you can build a thriving, collaborative neighborhood that makes playing Sims FreePlay an awesome experience. The social play options bring the game to life!

So there you have it – an complete guide on finding neighbors, troubleshooting issues, completing social goals, leveling up film skills faster, and building great relationships with your fellow Sims FreePlay players!

With the help of this advice, you‘ll be a master at taking advantage of all your amazing Sims neighbors. Now get out there and start connecting! Your new friends are waiting.



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