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How to Find Good NFT Projects to Mint?

Unveiling hidden gems in the NFT market isn't a result of mere magic or luck. Behind every successful NFT investment is a robust toolkit and strategies to identify potential winners.

While you may frequently hear in NFT videos about windfall gains, remember that this isn't financial advice. The intent here is to offer helpful insights for those navigating the burgeoning world of NFT investments.

1. NFTScoring: Your Starting Point


Begin your journey with Why? Because it presents project-related social statistics in a concise, easily digestible format. Just click on “drops” at the top.

2. Social Metrics Matter

Social Metrics Matter

Without diving deep into each project, a quick glance reveals key metrics like Twitter followers. A simplistic equation goes: hype translates to followers, which further translates to potential buyers. A mismatch, say 10,000 NFTs and only 300 Twitter followers, raises questions about demand.

3. Beware of False Hype

Beware of False Hype 

With the possibility of buying followers, always dig deeper. Low engagement despite high followers? Red flag! To be doubly sure, explore the project's Twitter. Genuine engagement vs. robotic comments can often guide your next move.

4. Monitor the Whales

Monitor the Market

Monitoring significant market players or “whales” backing a project can add an extra layer of trust. However, don't just follow them blindly. Build your list of credible traders from platforms like YouTube, Twitter, or Discord. Expand your horizon beyond just whales, and you'll likely discover more opportunities.

Moreover, observing the actions and endorsements of significant market players can add credibility to a project. Nevertheless, remember to form your list of trustworthy traders from reliable platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Discord.

5. Beyond Numbers: Art, Roadmap, and Transparency

Team Transparency

Metrics aside, several qualitative factors play a decisive role:

  • Art & Aesthetics: Found a project with captivating art? Dive deeper. Check their website or, in its absence, their Discord. What's their roadmap? Does it feel grounded? Are there innovative integrations on the horizon, like game collaborations?
  • Team Transparency: A credible project often doesn't hide behind anonymity. While you shouldn't expect personal details, many creators do reveal significant information about themselves. This could range from real names and faces to background info. After all, transparency often equates to accountability.


In the NFT world, diligent research invariably pays off. Tools like expedite this process, but your personal effort remains paramount. And if this guide shed light on the process for you, do check out our other content for deeper insights into the NFT landscape. Until next time, happy hunting!