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How to get a 24 7 Minecraft server for free?

Getting a free 24/7 Minecraft server might sound too good to be true, but it is absolutely possible! With the right hosting provider or setup, you can enjoy an always-online Minecraft server for you and your friends without any ongoing costs. In this in-depth guide, I‘ll outline multiple proven methods to get a free dedicated Minecraft server that stays online 24/7. Read on to learn how you can start playing Minecraft with your crew on your own terms!

Why Have a 24/7 Minecraft Server?

Before jumping into the how-to, let‘s look at why having your own always-online Minecraft server is so game-changing:

Play Anytime with Friends

A 24/7 server means your Minecraft world is always open for friends to drop in and play together. No more struggling to coordinate schedules or relying on the server owner to be online. Just share your server address and any approved players can join at their convenience.

According to a survey from LifeWire, 68% of gamers say they enjoy multiplayer games specifically so they can hang out with friends. A 24/7 server makes this social experience accessible without hassle.

Unlock Creative Freedom

Your own Minecraft server means full creative control to shape the gameplay experience. Add mods, plugins, texture packs, and data packs to enable RPG elements, mini-games, quests, advanced combat mechanics and more.

Minecraft modding has exploded in popularity, with nearly 30% of the Minecraft player base now using mods according to a Modrinth survey. But most public servers prohibit modding. A private server lets you mold the game to match your creativity without limits.

Avoid Griefing and Unwanted Players

Public Minecraft servers can expose you to griefing, cheating, and poor behavior that ruins the social experience. Running your own server lets you set ground rules and choose who plays.

Protect your community by installing anti-griefing plugins, creating a whitelist of approved players, and appointing trustworthy moderators. Take back control of your Minecraft world.

Keep Your Progress and Achievements

On public Minecraft servers, your hard work building structures and amassing resources can disappear overnight when the map resets. A private server lets you retain all your progress permanently, even when offline.

According to Microsoft research on what keeps Minecraft players engaged, the sense of ownership and control over a persistent environment is key. Your own 24/7 server provides stability.

Clearly, hosting your own 24/7 Minecraft server opens up game-changing possibilities. Now let‘s explore proven ways to make that server completely free.

Options for Free 24/7 Minecraft Servers

While paid Minecraft server hosting plans exist, they can cost $10-50 per month depending on the size you need. Here are legitimate ways to get around those costs and setup a free 24/7 server.

Free Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

Several hosting providers offer free Minecraft server plans that run 24/7. They cover costs through in-game ads, cosmetics shops or upgrades. Popular free hosts include:


  • Free plan includes 10 player slots
  • Server stays online 24/7
  • Easy 1-click installs for modpacks like Pixelmon, SkyBlock and more
  • Priority login queues available for $3/month


  • 11 player slots on free plan
  • Free DDoS protection and custom domains
  • Servers hibernate when inactive to conserve resources
  • File access via FTP for installing mods


  • 12 slots and 2GB RAM on their free plan
  • Servers remain online 24/7
  • Basic DDoS defense included
  • Additional RAM and unlimited slots available for ~$5/month

Comparison of key free server hosting providers:

ProviderFree Player SlotsAlways OnlineMod SupportEase of Use
Minehut10YesGreatVery Easy

To setup your free server:

  1. Create an account with your chosen provider
  2. Enter a name and hit deploy to claim your server
  3. Install any mods or customize as desired
  4. Share your server address and start playing!

The hosts handle maintaining server uptime and performance for you. Some may involve ads, but provide reliable 24/7 access.

Use an Extra Computer

Don‘t have spare hardware laying around? Ask friends or family if they have an old Windows or Mac computer they no longer use.

As long as it has at least 4GB of RAM and decent processing power, you can install the Minecraft server software on it and host your own free dedicated server.

To get started:

  1. Download the Minecraft server .jar file
  2. Accept the EULA agreement
  3. Launch the server to initialize and config
  4. Port forward your router to open access
  5. Share the server‘s local IP address with friends

The only catch is that the server will be offline when the computer is powered down. You‘ll need to leave the system running 24/7 to maintain uptime. But it costs nothing!

Leverage a Raspberry Pi

The $35 Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer with enough muscle to run a small Minecraft server. Just install the Minecraft server software on the Pi‘s Linux OS and leave it plugged in.

Performance will be limited, but it handles 2-5 players smoothly. And it‘s an always-on solution for pennies. The Raspberry Pi Foundation shares a full tutorial for guidance.

Split Costs with Friends

If going the paid route, you can greatly reduce the cost per person by splitting it across your friend group. Just make sure to set clear expectations:

  • Gather a group of friends who will play regularly
  • Research hosts and select a plan with enough slots
  • Agree on a monthly contribution amount per person
  • Assign one person to setup and manage the server
  • Use Paypal, Venmo or CashApp to exchange contributions

With a group of 10 contributing $5 each, you can afford a sizable $50/month server plan while only paying $5 individually. The more contributors, the lower the cost.

Optimizing Your Free 24/7 Minecraft Server

Once you have your free 24/7 Minecraft server up, use these tips to keep it performing smoothly:

Restart Frequently – Restart the server at least once per day to clear memory issues and keep things running fresh.

Limit Mods – Too many gameplay mods will overwhelm your server‘s resources. Test and optimize the mod mix for performance.

Promote Your Server – Get more players by sharing your address on Minecraft forums, server lists and social media. More users means more potential contributions.

Foster a Community – Set rules, host events and appoint moderators to build a sense of community within your server. This investment keeps users engaged.

Setup Dynmap – Give players a live map to see the server landscape and locate friends. The Dynmap plugin is very popular for this.

Automate Backups – Use incremental backups to protect your worlds from corruption. The AMR Backup Plugin makes this easy.

Monitor Health – Keep an eye on performance metrics like TPS, RAM usage, disk space to catch any issues early.

Update Frequently – Download new patches, mods and Minecraft versions to take advantage of optimizations and improvements.

With proper care, your free server can deliver nearly the same quality of experience as more expensive hosted plans.

Potential Limitations to Factor In

While free 24/7 Minecraft servers give you plenty of benefits, you do have to work within some limitations:

  • Lower max players – Most free plans limit slots to 10-20 players online at once. Paid plans offer 50-100+.

  • Unpredictable lag – During traffic spikes, free servers suffer lag from strained shared resources.

  • Mod approval delays – Free hosts limit mods to maintain stability. Paid plans offer instant installs.

  • Limited storage – Expect 2-5GB storage on free plans, while paid offers unlimited SSD space.

  • Minimal support – Don‘t expect much personalized help on free plans. Paid users get priority service.

  • No compensation for issues – Any downtime or outages on free hosting won‘t be credited.

The key is managing expectations around performance and scale. As long as you stay within reasonable limits, a free server delivers the Minecraft experience with friends for zero cost.

Migrating to Paid Hosting Over Time

One advantage of trying free Minecraft server hosting is that migrating to paid plans is straightforward when needed.

Signs it may be time to upgrade include:

  • Friends waiting in queues to join at peak times
  • Frequent lag making the game unplayable
  • Reaching storage limits for your world
  • Needing anti-griefing tools only available via mods
  • Seeking compensation for any downtime

Many free server hosts like Minehut make transitioning to paid tiers easy within your existing account. Pricing ranges from $5-$20 per month based on needs.

You can also checkout providers like Shockbyte, BisectHosting, PebbleHost and SurvivalServers for managed Minecraft server hosting with more extensive features.

Look for unlimited slots, SSD storage, automated offsite backups, DDoS protection, mod flexibility and 24/7 personalized support.

Let the Free Minecraft Server Adventures Begin!

And that covers the full scoop on getting a completely free 24/7 Minecraft server up and running for you and your friends! With one of these proven approaches, you can start enjoying Minecraft together on your own terms today with no barrier to entry or ongoing costs.

While free hosting has some technical limitations, you can still build amazing memories, collaborate on huge projects, and foster an awesome community when you run your own server.

Now get out there, stake your claim in the online Minecraft world, and start playing immediately with your own free dedicated 24/7 Minecraft server. The endless adventures await!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.