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How To Get Beeswax In Minecraft (Honeycomb)

Minecraft is a game that allows players to explore, create, and craft in a vast and dynamic world. One of the resources that players can find and use in the game is beeswax. Beeswax is a versatile material that can be used for making candles, honeycomb blocks, and other items. In this article, we will show you how to get beeswax in Minecraft. Whether you are an experienced player wanting to learn more or a recruit just beginning your Minecraft adventure, this guide will give you all the information you need to master beeswax.

Understanding Beeswax in Minecraft

Beeswax in Minecraft

Before we indulge in the methods of obtaining beeswax, we must first understand what beeswax is and why it is of value in the game.

Beeswax, or honeycomb, is a valuable item in Minecraft that can be obtained from beehives and bee nests found in flower forests and plains biomes. To get beeswax, you must first find a beehive or bee nest. Beehives are large, artificial structures made from planks and honeycomb blocks. At the same time, bee nests are smaller natural structures generated on trees in flower forests and plains. However, obtaining beeswax can be tricky for those new to the game or unfamiliar with the mechanics of beekeeping.

Beeswax, a renewable resource in Minecraft, can be used for various crafting and building purposes. It is associated with bees and their activities within the game. Beeswax is often used to craft candles for functional and decorative purposes. Additionally, it can be used to prepare waxed copper blocks, which help prevent the oxidation of copper over time. This USE is excellent for players who want specific colors of copper in their building.

Also, beeswax plays a role in Minecraft's ecosystem by encouraging players to engage with the game's beekeeping mechanics. This product adds depth to the gameplay and promotes the conservation of virtual bee populations, which are crucial for pollination and honey production in the game.

Getting Beeswax in Minecraft

Beeswax can be hard to find, harvest, and farm complexes. That's why many players are asking how to get beeswax in Minecraft. Now that we have a basic understanding of beeswax let's explore the step-by-step process of obtaining it in Minecraft.

1. Establishing a Beehive

First, you'll have to locate beehives or bee nests in flower forests or plains biomes. Bee nests and hives are naturally generated in the game's world. They are typically found in flower-filled biomes, such as plains, sunflower plains, and flower forests. You can spot these nests and hives hanging from trees or cliffs. Bee nests have a 5% chance of spawning on oak or birch trees in plains and sunflower plains biomes and a 2% chance in Java Edition or a 3% chance in Bedrock Edition of generating on any tree in flower forest.

Depending on the edition, the chance is much less in other forest biomes, ranging from 0.2% to 0.035%. Bee nests can also be found in caves, but this is on infrequent occasions. Look at the Stats below on how to establish a beehive;

  • Plains (5% chance in both Java and Bedrock editions)
  • Sunflower plains (5% chance in both Java and Bedrock editions)
  • Flower forest (2% chance in Java, 3% in Bedrock)
  • Forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Wooded hills (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Birch forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Tall birch forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Birch forest hills (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Tall birch hills (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)

2. Then, Collect the Bee Nest.

It would help if you had a tool with the Silk Touch enchanter to collect a bee nest or hive. This enchantment allows you to manage the nest or hive without angering the bees.

3. Relocate the Bee Nest or Hive

After obtaining a bee nest or hive, you can put it wherever you want. However, you should pay attention to the environment, as bees are affected by their surroundings. They like a place with many flowers and require a clear sky view.

4. Harvest the Honeycombs

With a bee nest or hive in place, you can now start the process of harvesting honeycombs, which are an essential ingredient for crafting beeswax. It takes patience as a player with the result in mind. Follow the steps for successful harvesting;

After placing the nest or hive in a conducive environment for the bees, you'll need to wait for them to populate the hive or nest. The bees consistently enter and exit the nest, collecting pollen from nearby flowers and returning to their nest or hive to produce honey. When the nest or hive is full of honey, it will change its appearance and drip honey from the bottom. This activity indicates that the nest or hive is ready for beeswax harvest.

5. Use a Campfire or a Shears

Here, you have two options if you don't want to anger the bees;

Option A: Campfire Method: Place a campfire beneath the nest or hive. The smoke will calm the bees and prevent them from becoming hostile, allowing the player to harvest honeycombs safely.

Option B: Shears Method: If a player doesn't want to use a campfire, they can use shears to collect honeycombs directly from the hive. Using shears on a whole nest or hive will drop three honeycombs and reduce the honey level by one. However, this method may provoke the bees inside, causing them to attack the player, so be prepared to defend yourself if needed.

6. Collect the beeswax or Honeycombs

Collect the honeycombs that drop from the nest or hive using the campfire or shears method.

Each beehive or bee nest yields at least 1-2 blocks of honeycomb, which can then be processed into 3-8 honeycomb items, which finally get uncrafted into 3-16 portions of beeswax. A good-sized bee farm with several hives can produce much beeswax reasonably quickly.

Crafting honeycombs into beeswax

Crafting honeycombs into beeswax

After the whole process, you must craft the harvested honeycombs into do this, approach a crafting table in your game, open the crafting interface, and place the honeycombs you gathered in the crafting grid. Each honeycomb will yield one beeswax. Arrange them in any pattern within the crafting grid, and the beeswax will appear. You may occasionally get honey or honey bottles back when uncrafting honeycomb this way.

Uses of Beeswax in Minecraft

Now that you have beeswax let us explore some of its uses.

Crafting Candles:

Crafting Candles

Making candles is one of the primary purposes of beeswax. Candles have different colors and can be used for illumination and decoration in your Minecraft world. You need one beeswax and one string in a crafting grid to make candles. Try different combinations to create candles of various colors.

Crafting Waxed Copper Blocks:

Crafting honeycombs into beeswax

You can also make waxed copper blocks using beeswax, a valuable way to stop copper blocks from changing color over time. To make waxed copper blocks, click (or use the proper control on your platform) with beeswax on a copper block in your game world.

Trading with Villagers: In some Minecraft versions, you can find villagers who offer beeswax as part of their trade offers. This way can be a convenient way to acquire beeswax without beekeeping.

Decorative Elements:

Beeswax can also be used for decorative purposes, such as creating realistic-looking candles in your buildings or setting up cozy atmospheres in your Minecraft world.

Essential Tips when harvesting from beehives:

  • Make sure to avoid angering the bees. Breaking a nest during the day or without silk touch will agitate them, and they will attack you. Bring armor and food in case you get stung to withstand the attacks.
  • Also, light up the area around hives, especially at night, to keep other mobs from spawning in the


  • If generated in challenging-to-reach locations, you can bottle and move bee nests to conducive sites with a clear view of the sky and many flowers.
  • Campfires and smoke blocks can help pacify bees while harvesting the honeycombs because they make them docile.
  • Moreover, Beehives allow you to access honeycomb without angering bees safely.
  • You can Plant many flowers nearby to keep the bees happy and produce honeycombs faster flowers to attract and breed bees. Placing flowers near a nest or hive will encourage bees to pollinate them and create more honey faster. Feeding two bees with flowers will make them enter love mode and produce a baby bee, increasing the bee population in the nest or hive.
  • Use glass bottles to collect honey from nests and hives. A glass bottle on a whole nest or hive will fill it with honey and reduce the honey level by one. This will also anger the bees unless a fire or campfire is underneath the nest or hive. Collecting honey will help keep the honey level low, allowing more bees to enter the nest or hive and produce more honeycombs.
  • Use hoppers to collect honeycombs automatically. Placing a hopper underneath a nest or hive will collect any honeycombs that drop from it when sheared by a dispenser. This move will create an automated system to harvest beeswax without manual intervention.
  • Use silk touch tools to move nests and hives around. Using silk touch tools on nests and hives will preserve their contents and bees, which can then be relocated to more convenient locations by the player. Doing this will allow the player to create a farm.
  • To maximize your honeycomb and beeswax production, create multiple bee farms in different biomes with various flower types. This will encourage your bees to work more efficiently.
  • You can automate collecting honeycombs from beehives using Redstone contraptions and hoppers. This can save you time and effort in the long run.
  • Be mindful of your bee nests and hives. Avoid breaking them or using Silk Touch to maintain your bee population. Happy bees lead to higher honeycomb production.
  • Keep bees safe by providing adequate shelter and protecting them from hostile mobs. Bees are a valuable resource, so it's essential to protect them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the purpose of beeswax, and what can it be used for?

Beeswax, also known as honeycomb, is a replenishable resource that can be acquired from bee nests and beehives. Beeswax finds utility in crafting and construction tasks, including creating candles, honeycomb blocks, waxed copper blocks, and signs.

Q. Where can I locate bee nests or beehives?

Bee nests are naturally occurring structures that can be discovered in specific biomes like plains, sunflower plains, flower forests, and various types of forests. The likelihood of encountering bee nests varies depending on the biome and the edition of the game. Beehives, conversely, are artificial structures that can be crafted by combining wooden planks and honeycombs. To compose a beehive, arrange three honeycombs in the central row of the crafting grid, with wooden planks occupying the top and bottom rows.

Q. How can I harvest beeswax without provoking the bees?

You'll need a pair of shears to collect beeswax from a nest or hive without upsetting the resident bees. Using shears on a whole nest or hive yields three honeycombs while reducing the honey level by one. However, this action agitates the bees, leading to their hostile reaction. To circumvent this, you can ignite a regular fire or campfire beneath the nest or hive before employing shears. The resulting smoke pacifies the bees, preventing them from becoming aggressive. Alternatively, you can employ a dispenser equipped with shears to remotely shear the nest or hive without agitating the bees.

Q. How can I relocate a nest or hive to a different spot?

If you wish to move a bee nest or hive to another location, you can utilize a tool infused with the Silk Touch enchantment. This allows you to retrieve the entire block, including the bees inside, for subsequent placement elsewhere. Subsequently, you can shear the block as usual to obtain beeswax.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, beeswax is an item that can be obtained from bee nests and beehives, and with a bit of care and effort, you can establish an efficient beekeeping operation in Minecraft. Beeswax has many uses in crafting honey-based items and buildings, such as making candles, honeycomb blocks, waxed copper blocks, and waxed signs. To get beeswax, the player must shear a full nest or hive with shears or use a silk touch tool. The player should also light a fire or campfire underneath the nest or hive to prevent the bees from becoming hostile. The player can also use flowers, glass bottles, hoppers, and silk touch tools to make getting beeswax easier and faster. Beeswax is a valuable resource that can enhance the player's creativity and gameplay in Minecraft.

Following the steps outlined in this detailed article and exploring the tips and tricks, you can become a master beekeeper and beeswax crafter in Minecraft. So, put the boots on, establish bee farms, and let the sweet rewards of beeswax production enrich your experience. Setting up near a village can also allow you to trade your excess beeswax and honey bottles to villagers. Bees and their hives bring great ambiance and rewards to your world when managed adequately in Minecraft.



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