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How to Get Black Dye in Minecraft [Acquiring & Farm]

Do you want to learn how to bring a touch of darkness to your Minecraft creations? This article will guide you on the procedures of obtaining and using black dye in the world of blocks and adventures.

For good reasons, black dye is one of the most popular dyes in Minecraft. It is a flexible color that can create various items, from dark and mysterious banners to stylish leather armor. This article explains how to obtain and craft black dye in Minecraft, ensuring you have a steady supply for all your crafting and decorating methods.

We will also provide tips and tricks for using black dye in Minecraft creations. Whether you are a seasoned Minecraft player or just starting, knowing how to get and use black dye is essential for any crafter or builder. Obtaining black dye in Minecraft can be an exciting journey with different approaches and methods. Read on to learn more.

Acquiring Black Dye in Minecraft

1. Ink Sacs from Squids

Ink Sacs from Squids

Ink sacs are items that are dropped by squids when they are killed. Squids in Minecraft are aquatic mobs that inhibit water bodies such as oceans, lakes, and rivers. These squids are commonly found in larger water bodies. Squids are passive mobs, meaning they won't actively attack you or defend themselves when you attack them. This makes it easy to approach and deal with them.

It would be best to get close to squids to obtain black dye from them. When you defeat a squid by attacking it with a weapon, it will drop ink sacs as loot. A single squid can drop 1 to 3 ink sacs. To collect the ink sacs, walk over them, and they will automatically be added to your inventory. Once you have collected the ink sacs, follow these steps to convert them into black dye through crafting:

Step 1: Open a crafting table that consists of a three-by-three crafting grid.

Step 2: Place the ink sacs you obtained into any empty slot within the crafting grid.

Step 3: After placing the ink sacs, the crafting interface will display the output as black dye.

Step 4: Click or drag the black dye from the crafting grid into your inventory to collect it.

2. Wither Roses

Wither Roses

Wither roses are black flowers that grow in Nether Fortresses. Minecraft produces them when the deadly Wither effect kills a Wither skeleton. You must summon and defeat the formidable Whither boss to generate the Wither effect and obtain Wither roses. Gathering and defeating the Whither boss is a dangerous and challenging task. It can fly, shoot explosive skulls, and regenerate health during the battle.

Players attempting to summon and defeat the Whither should be well-prepared with powerful weapons, armor, and healing items. When a Wither skeleton is killed by the Wither effect unleashed by the boss, it can drop Wither roses. These roses are collected in the same way as any other item dropped in the game. Walk over them, and they will be automatically added to your inventory. Like ink sacs, you can convert them into black dye through crafting.

Whither Roses are a unique source of black dye in Minecraft, but they have a high level of rarity and danger. Players seeking the challenge and rewards associated with this method should approach it with caution and thorough preparation.

What are Black Dyes Used For?

What are Black Dyes Used For in minecraft

Here are some common uses for black dye in Minecraft:

  • Black dye can be used to change the color of white wool blocks or sheep to black to create dark-colored buildings, carpets, or decorative elements in your Minecraft world.
  • You can use black dye to color leather armor pieces by combining the black dye and a piece of leather armor in a crafting table to change its color.
  • Black dye is a crucial component in creating custom banner designs. You can combine banners of different colors to add black patterns, shapes, or borders to your banners.
  • Black dye is used to create fireworks stars with explosions or designs.
  • In specific versions of Minecraft, black dye can be used to craft stained glass, adding a dark tint to your windows and architectural designs.
  • If you have shulker boxes, you can dye them black to help organize your items.
  • Black dye is often used in creative buildings and decoration to contrast and depth structures.
  • In adventure maps and custom Minecraft worlds, black dye can create different visual effects and puzzles.
  • You can combine black dye with other dyes to create different colors, expanding your color palette for various Minecraft projects.

If you have too many black dyes, you can sell them to shepherd villagers for one emerald each. To do this, open a trade window with a shepherd villager and place the black dye on the left side of the window. The villager will then offer you one emerald in exchange for the black dye.

How to Farm Black Dye

Farming black dye efficiently in Minecraft depends on your available resources and playstyle. Here are some strategies to consider:

Squid Farming

  • Squid Farming. To efficiently farm black dye from squid, build a farm in a significant water source and guide squid with water currents to a central area. Set up a killing platform and use hoppers and chests to collect ink sac drops. This method ensures a steady and consistent supply of black dye over time.

Automatic Wither Rose Farm

  • Automatic Wither Rose Farm. To obtain black dye from Wither roses, consider an advanced method involving an automatic Wither skeleton farm in the Nether. This method collects Wither skeleton skulls and utilizes a mechanism to summon the Wither boss, causing the Whither skeletons to be killed by the Wither effect.


Black dye in Minecraft is your ticket to creativity. And the key to making your world stand out with style. Use it to color your armor, craft unique banners, or design mysterious buildings. With every drop of black dye, you have the power to transform the blocky landscapes of Minecraft into a canvas of your imagination. Whether you explore the depths for squid ink or challenge the Wither skeletons, these rewards are worth it. Gather your resources, dive into the adventure, and let your creativity flow freely as you paint your Minecraft world in black shades.



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