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How to Get Free Land and Build Your Dream Home in The Sims 4

Have you ever dreamed of building a spectacular mansion, majestic castle, or super modern dream home for your Sims? With the right tips and cheats, you can acquire huge plots of land and construct amazing homes in The Sims 4 without spending a single Simoleon.

Getting free real estate and endless building funds may sound too good to be true. But I promise it‘s easily achievable if you follow this guide! I‘ll explain how to:

  • Claim vacant lots for free using a quick cheat code
  • Build anything you want with zero expenses enabled
  • Expand small lots into expansive luxury estates
  • Discover the largest parcels available in each world
  • Choose ideal locations based on amenities and views
  • Design and build ostentatious mansions worthy of royalty
  • Construct beautiful modern homes full of sleek details
  • Add custom content and mods to enhance your gameplay
  • Pursue new stories, careers, relationships and more for your Sims

Let‘s dive into all the specifics on how you can acquire vast tracts of land and construct your dream homes without spending a single Simoleon!

Using the Free Real Estate Cheat

The easiest way to claim residential lots for free is by using the classic “Free Real Estate” cheat code.

Here are simple steps to use this cheat:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console. This works anytime while playing The Sims 4.

  2. Type testingcheats true and press enter on your keyboard. This enables access to all cheat commands.

  3. Enter freerealestate on and press enter again. This unlocks all empty residential lots and makes them available for $0.

  4. Exit the cheat console by pressing enter again. The game will save and confirm cheats have been enabled.

  5. Now visit any vacant residential lot on the map screen. You‘ll notice you have the option to purchase it for $0 Simoleons instead of the normal price!

Once you‘ve moved a household into a free residential lot, you‘ll need to enter freerealestate off to disable the cheat. Otherwise you won‘t be able to purchase normally priced community lots or homes in the future.

The Free Real Estate cheat is the best way for beginners to claim their very first home. But advanced Simmers may want more options for larger lots and custom locations. Keep reading and I‘ll explain how to do that too!

Using Building Cheats for Complete Customization

While the Free Real Estate cheat lets you own vacant residential lots for free, you still need in-game funds to construct and furnish your new home.

More experienced Simmers may want unlimited free reign to build extravagant multi-million dollar mansions, sprawling estates, and other creations only limited by their imagination.

Luckily there are a few powerful building cheats that unlock free construction and removal of all item restrictions when designing your perfect dream home.

Here are the important ones you‘ll want to use:

  • bb.enablefreebuild – This enables you to construct buildings, add extensions, and create any structures on residential lots for free regardless of what it would normally cost.

  • bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement – This cheat unlocks all furniture, decor items, appliances, electronics and everything else for building. No career or skill level requirements needed!

  • bb.moveobjects – This allows you to freely move and place objects anywhere on the lot outside normal grid restrictions. You can clip items through terrain, other objects, stack items, and more.

By combining these cheat codes, you gain unlimited freedom to build whatever you can imagine!

Follow these steps when designing your custom luxury estate:

  1. Claim a residential lot for free using freerealestate on as explained above.

  2. Enable bb.enablefreebuild to remove all construction costs and allow extensions.

  3. Use bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement to access ANY items you want, regardless of career or skill requirements. Everything is available!

  4. Turn on bb.moveobjects to break placement rules and clip objects anywhere needed.

Now you have endless funds, total build mode freedom, and no restrictions on what your home can include. Build a sprawling mansion, modern masterpiece, whimsical tiny home, underwater retreat or whatever your heart desires!

Just don’t forget to save your designs to the Gallery for others to enjoy. Happy cheating!

Maximizing Lot Sizes

When selecting a residential lot to call your own, naturally you‘ll want the largest plot of land possible for constructing your dream home. Here are some tips for finding and expanding the biggest lots available:

  • 64×64 – This is the largest lot size available in The Sims 4 base game. Several worlds including Oasis Springs, Willow Creek, and Newcrest contain 64×64 lots ideal for mega mansions.

  • Merge Lots – Some worlds have smaller max lot sizes like 50×50 or 40×40 at most. You can merge up to 4 adjacent vacant lots together to create larger combined spaces.

  • Unlock All Residential – The TwistedMexi mod "All Worlds Are Residential" lets you unlock normally unplayable public lots for residential use too. This adds parklands, beaches and other large lots.

  • Expand Bounds – With cheats like bb.enablefreebuild you can build beyond normal lot bounds. Try stacking multiple floors vertically to gain more space.

  • Dig Down – The basement tool lets you excavate downwards and create huge usable spaces underground too.

Be sure to thoroughly explore all worlds and scout for the largest vacant lots when planning your housing projects. Combined with the right cheats, you can make truly massive estates in The Sims 4.

Choosing an Ideal Location

While having an enormous lot is important, selecting the optimal location is also key when choosing where to settle down.

Here are factors to consider when picking the perfect site to call home:

  • Amenities – Try to select lots already near parks, libraries, museums, markets and other areas your Sims will regularly visit. Avoid isolating them from useful destinations.

  • Views – Lots with ocean, lake, cityscape or mountain views provide inspiring vistas to admire. Elevated locations offer stunning skyline views.

  • Neighbors – Study what other homes and Sims are nearby. Proximity to friends or seclusion from strangers could be preferable.

  • Terrain – Hilly and uneven plots allow for multi-level and basement homes. Flat plains offer more usable space. Deserts present landscaping challenges.

  • Style – Some lots suit modern architecture, while others match quaint cottage personalities. Choose what complements your envisioned aesthetics.

Be sure to thoroughly scout candidate lots and analyze both practicality and aesthetics when making your selection. This ensures your Sims enjoy their new home for generations to come!

Building Opulent Mansions

Now comes the best part – using your ample free land to design and build an outrageously opulent mansion!

Follow these tips if you want to construct a palatial estate fit for royalty:

Plan Grand Spaces

  • Sketch preliminary floorplans to optimize spacious rooms and intelligent adjacencies before laying foundations.

  • Incorporate soaring entryways, elegant grand staircases, and two-story great rooms to impress guests.

  • Allow plenty of square footage for sprawling bedroom suites, home theaters, offices, ballrooms and other spaces to live large.

Select High-End Materials

  • Use polished hardwood flooring, imported marble counters, gilded chandeliers and other premium finishes throughout.

  • Choose only the largest beds, finely crafted desks, and most elegant furniture pieces available.

  • Ensure every room has refined details like crown molding, coffered ceilings, cast stone fireplaces and crystal lighting fixtures.

Include Lavish Amenities

  • Construct an indoor or outdoor pool and spa oasis for leisure and parties.

  • Build a professional grade gourmet kitchen and formal dining room fit for royalty.

  • Add unique amenities like a home theater, game room, wine cellar, observatory, art studio or whatever you crave.

Embrace Opulence

  • Incorporate grand arched windows, sweeping dual staircases, domed ceilings, and Corinthian columns.

  • Allow elaborate fountains, enormous aquariums, and massive fireplaces to inspire decadence.

  • Set the luxurious scene with romantic curtains, elegant vases, priceless artwork and baroque decor.

If you can dream it, you can build it with The Sims 4 cheats! Construct the most grandiose gilded palace your imagination allows.

Constructing Modern Masterpieces

For a contemporary approach, try your hand at designing breathtaking modern architecture. Here‘s how to construct stunning modern homes:

Design Clean Lines

  • Use basic geometric shapes like squares, rectangles and diagonals for an edgy minimalist look.

  • Favor flat or gently sloped roofs, sheer surfaces, and minimal exterior trim for smooth facades.

  • Add height and drama with full floor-to-ceiling windows to highlight natural light.

Select Sleek Finishes

  • Choose wood, metal, glass, concrete and other cool surfaces rather than ornate details.

  • Monochromatic color schemes in white, black and gray embody modern style.

  • Weave in steel, chrome and lacquered furniture pieces for sheen.

Incorporate Open Concepts

  • Remove dividing walls and barriers between rooms to create airy open floorplans.

  • Allow conversation to flow across spaces with sunken seating nooks, loft bedrooms, and double-height ceilings.

  • Frame living areas with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and uninterrupted glass walls.

Include High-Tech Extras

  • Utilize the latest high-end appliances, screens, speakers and electronics.

  • Automate lighting, window shades, accessories and anything else possible for hands-free control.

  • Add eco-friendly elements like solar panels, smart meters, and sustainable materials.

If you love modern architecture, use The Sims 4‘s tools to create something spectacularly sleek and high-tech. The possibilities are endless!

Enhancing Gameplay

Building homes is just the beginning of the fun in The Sims 4. Here are some more tips to enhance your overall gameplay experience:

  • Download New Ideas – Browse the Gallery for custom lots, blueprints, and rooms by talented creators. Reimagine their designs or use them to sharpen your skills.

  • Tell Stories – Develop unique Sims with big personalities and weave their lives into compelling storylines as you play. Capture and share tales using the in-game video and photo tools.

  • Explore Expansions – Add exciting new worlds, gameplay options, hobbies, and items with Game Packs, Stuff Packs, and Kits. Experience seasons, magic, fame, vampires and more!

  • Customize with Mods – Use CreativeSims tools like TOOL and Better BuildBuy to customize furniture, lighting, textures, and other elements.

  • Endless Enjoyment – Relish the freedom to reshape Sims‘ lives and homes however you desire. Pursue careers, relationships, hobbies, stories and anything you crave with no limits!

The Sims 4 offers practically infinite possibilities for creativity, customization and fun. I hope these tips help you unlock the full potential to build your dream homes and enjoy playing however you wish.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy simming!



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