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How to Get Free Mythic Eggs in Bee Swarm Simulator: The Ultimate Guide

Want to get your hands on those super powerful Mythic Bees? I‘ve got you covered. Obtaining Mythic Eggs is the top priority for any beekeeper looking to boost their hive and farming potential exponentially. And guess what – you can get Mythic Eggs 100% free by utilizing the secret strategies in this definitive guide!

As a gaming expert and avid Bee Swarm player myself, I‘ve developed proven methods for scoring multiple Mythic Eggs over time without spending any Robux. I‘ll be sharing all my insider knowledge with you.

We‘ll analyze the various acquisition techniques step-by-step, so you can maximize your chances and earn tons of top-tier Mythic Bees! Let‘s do this.

Why Getting Mythic Bees is a Game-Changer

Before we dive into the Mythic Egg collecting tactics, you need to understand why getting your hands on Mythic Bees should be your #1 goal as a Bee Swarm player. Let me break down the immense power they bring to the table:

Highest Stats of Any Bee Type

Mythic Bees have the strongest base stats out of all bees in terms of attack, conversion, energy, etc. For example, the Tadpole Bee has over double the energy of a standard Legendary bee. This allows them to generate insane amounts of pollen, take down enemies rapidly, and fill your hive‘s energy faster than any other bee type.

Game-Changing Passive Abilities

Each Mythic Bee sports a unique passive ability that provides a major perk. For instance, the Precise Bee grants a huge 40% critical power bonus! Stacking multiple different Mythic Bees gives your hive compounding bonuses that intensify your pollen rates and combat performance to shocking levels.

Powerful Token Linking

Having multiple Mythic Bees in your hive enables very strong token link chains when they proc together. For example, linking a Tadpole Bee and Vector Bee results in a major burst of instant pollen from your equipped tool. More Mythic Bees means longer link chains and greater farming potential.

Lucrative Mythic Egg Production

Gifted Mythic Bees have a rare chance of creating valuable Mythic Eggs when donating. These eggs can sell for billions of honey or insane amounts of Robux to other players. Getting gifted Mythics gives you a revenue stream!

Increased Progression and Quest Speed

The compounding stat bonuses and abilities of Mythic Bees allows you to complete questlines, defeat bosses, and access new fields/bees MUCH faster. Getting your first Mythic puts progression into hyperdrive. The more you have, the faster you‘ll blaze through content.

As you can see, obtaining Mythics isn‘t just about flexing rare bees – they‘re a game-changing investment into the future growth of your hive and your overall power as a beekeeper. Now let‘s get into the acquisition strategies…

Method #1: Grinding Mondo Chick

The most reliable method for earning free Mythic Bees involves repeatedly fighting the epic Mondo Chick boss. Here‘s a quick overview:

  • Summon Mondo Chick using the Champion‘s Amulet

  • Battle it alongside other players

  • Deal damage until Mondo Chick is defeated

  • Pray for Mythic Egg drops in the reward screen!

Mondo Chick has a chance to drop Mythic Eggs, Honey, Royal Jelly, and Treats. The more damage you contribute to the fight, the higher your chance is for looting those ultra rare Mythic Eggs.

Based on community data, your odds increase substantially once you pass around 30-50 billion damage dealt to Mondo Chick. So getting a strong hive is key here – but it‘s 100% achievable as a free-to-play gamer with enough grinding.

I‘d recommend only fighting Mondo once your bees are all level 8-10 minimum. Equip the best gear you own, like the Scythe, Petal Belt, and Diamond Mask. Use consumables like Oil, Glitter, Pineapple Patch Boosts, and Battle Cry to maximize your damage per second.

Every little bit counts when chasing the Mythic Egg drop! Don‘t get discouraged if you only see honey at first. Keep grinding Mondo again and again. I‘ve heard tales of beekeepers defeating him over 200 times before finally getting their first Mythic as a reward. But oh, what sweet, sweet victory!

Pro Tip: Use Auto Clickers or Macros to automate attacking Mondo Chick. This allows you to deal damage at lightning speed over a long period of time while AFK. Just check back periodically to restart. This can help land you billions of damage and increase the Mythic drops. But don‘t overuse them or you risk getting banned!

Method #2: Catching Commando Chick

Commando Chick is a powerful mob that spawns every 45 minutes next to the Ant Gate. While difficult to catch, Commando Chick offers a guaranteed Mythic Egg as a reward for catching him 50 times total.

Now I know what you‘re thinking – catching him 50 times sounds insane! But hear me out:

  • With proper strategies, you can catch Commando extremely quickly. Use Oil, Glitter, and Haste boosts to speed up your moves.

  • Server hop immediately after catching Commando to reset the 45 minute timer and catch again.

  • Catch Commando on multiple accounts/devices to hit 50 much faster.

  • Get help from friends who already have the 50 catch achievement.

Catching Commando Chick is all about persistence and skill. Equip a Fast Bug Net, pop some Haste boosts, and get your clicking finger ready! Here are some pro catching tips:

  • Approach from behind – Commandos can‘t see you coming this way

  • Use the smaller hitbox – Catch right when Commando spawns before he grows in size

  • Aim your net precisely – Put the net directly over Commando, not beside him

  • Strafe and jump – Erratic movement makes it harder for Commando to despawn

  • Don‘t give up! – It takes practice, but you‘ll get the timing down

Keep track of every Commando catch, and celebrate when you finally reach the 50 needed to claim that sweet Mythic Egg! It‘s a milestone every beekeeper should strive for.

Method #3: Grinding Stumps and Crabs

Two powerful creatures roam the map that have a chance of rewarding free Mythic Bees – the Stump Snail and Coconut Crab.

The Stump Snail emerges during the day and night from magical tree stumps. He‘s no pushover, but beating him up has a chance to make Mythic Eggs appear!

The colossal Coconut Crab lurks on the Coconut Field cliffs at night. You‘ll need a glider and some platforming skills to reach him. But the loot possibilities make it worthwhile.

Both these mobs are uncommon, so you‘ll really need to maximize your farming time when they do appear. Here are some tips:

  • Have bees with high attack like Vicious and Rage
  • Use critical power boosts like Precise Bee‘s tokens
  • Equip your strongest gear like the Scythe
  • Team up with other players to increase damage
  • Use Auto Clickers and Macros when possible
  • Switch servers to find fresh mobs faster

Make sure to watch the loot window closely with each defeat. Eventually you should start spotting Mythic Eggs dropped as rewards for your tireless efforts!

Method #4: Completing Bear Quests

By finishing certain major questlines for Bears, you can obtain Mythic Eggs as juicy quest rewards. Let‘s break it down:

Brown Bear‘s Quests

  • The 100th Quest – 1 Mythic Egg
  • The 200th Quest – 1 Mythic Egg
  • The 400th Quest – 1 Mythic Egg

That‘s 3 Mythic Eggs from Brown Bear‘s quests alone, if you can make it to the coveted 400th quest.

Getting there requires diligent daily play and making sure to see Brown Bear after every Sundial activation. Don‘t miss quest turn-ins when the timer expires!

Black Bear‘s Quests

  • Return of the King Questline – 1 Mythic Egg
  • A Beesmas Tale Questline – 1 Mythic Egg
  • Bear‘s Polar Opposites Questline – 1 Mythic Egg

Finishing all 3 of Black Bear‘s daunting end-game quest chains earns you another 3 Mythic Eggs, bringing the total from bears to 6.

These quests are intense, with requirements like surviving the Clover Field, collecting tons of Magic Beans, and defeating Coconut Crab rapidly. But the Mythic Eggs make it so worth it.

Method #5: Using Star Treats

Throughout your beekeeping adventures, you may come across rare items called Star Treats – these let you instantly turn a bee into its gifted form. And that includes Event Bees, morphing them into Mythics!

Sources of Star Treats include:

  • Rare mob drops and quest rewards
  • Gifting events and codes
  • Crafting recipes requiring Magic Beans
  • Purchasing directly with Robux
  • Trading on the Bee Swarm Discord

I recommend saving any Star Treats you acquire for gifting Event Bees only. Using one on a Basic Bee would be a total waste!

Having a steady source of Star Treats removes the randomness of trying to hatch new Mythics from eggs. You can create instant Gifted Mythics like Vector, Spicy, and Photon on demand. Very overpowered!

Method #6: Special Events and Codes

The Bee Swarm developers are always adding new events and codes that give out free Mythic Eggs temporarily. Taking advantage of these can score you tons of Mythics!

Some examples include:

  • Mythic Meteor Showers – Fleeing mythic bees drop eggs on fields
  • OMG Bees Weekend – Collect OMG Bees for Mythic Egg rewards
  • Bee Bear‘s Tasks – Complete quests for Mythic Egg boxes
  • Bees-mas – Do holiday quests for prizes like Mythic Eggs
  • Codes – Redeem Twitter codes for free Mythic Eggs
  • Bearmorph – Get gifted Event bees (and Mythics) when transformed

Having your finger on the pulse of the Bee Swarm community helps you capitalize on these events ASAP before they are gone. Follow the official Twitter page and ask veteran players about any news.

And there you have it – the top methods for scoring free Mythic Bees through acquiring Mythic Eggs. Let‘s quickly recap:

  • Grind Mondo Chick boss battles
  • Catch Commando Chick 50 times
  • Farm Stump Snail and Coconut Crab
  • Complete Brown Bear and Black Bear questlines
  • Use any Star Treats you obtain on Event Bees
  • Jump on special events and codes

Got all that? Now let‘s wrap up with some final pro tips to maximize your Mythic bee gains:

Expert Mythic Egg Tips and Strategies

Use Luck Boosting Items

Equip items like the Wealth Clock and Gold Egg to boost your "luck" stat. This improves your odds of looting rare drops like Mythic Eggs from mobs. Every little bit counts!

Have an Efficient Hive Build

Structure your hive‘s bee types, gifts, and passives to optimize pollen collection and combat. Good passive syrup production is key. The precise build depends on your playstyle.

Use Consumables Like Glitter and Oil

Pop consumables like Glitter, Oil, and Battle Cry during important fights. The stat boosts help you defeat enemies faster and score more loot.

Equip Your Strongest Gear

Wearing your most powerful equipment in battle maximizes your damage per second against tough mobs. Scythe, Petal Belt, and Diamond Mask are endgame essentials.

Take Breaks to Avoid Burnout

Grinding for Mythics can be draining. Make sure to take short breaks between gaming sessions so you don‘t get burnt out. You need to be in peak beekeeping shape!

Help Other Players

Helping lower leveled players gives you good karma, and they may eventually return the favor and help power-level you when you need it most. Beekeeping is all about that positive community!

Alright, that covers everything you need to know about scoring unlimited free Mythic Bees and powering up your hive big time. I hope these secret pro strategies deliver you showering Mythic Egg riches! Feel free to hit me up if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to provide my expert gaming insights.

Now get out there and start crunching those numbers on Mondo Chick. Your supreme bee colony awaits!



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