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How to get free Powerpass in Lost Ark? Let me show you step-by-step!

Hey friend! Have you started playing the insanely popular new MMO Lost Ark? I‘ve been absolutely hooked on it since launch. There‘s so much fun content and beautiful scenery to explore in Arkesia.

But I know one common pain point all Lost Ark players experience – the long grind of leveling up new characters. That‘s where the magical Powerpass item comes in!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll clearly explain what a Powerpass is, the different ways to get free ones, when to use them smartly, and how to optimize leveling up your boosted character.

Let‘s dive in and speed up your Lost Ark alt progression!

What is a Powerpass and why is it so valuable?

A Powerpass is an item in Lost Ark that instantly boosts a brand new character to level 50, the current max level. This allows you to completely bypass the 25+ hour main story questing it normally takes to reach the endgame.

Having a bunch of Powerpasses is incredibly valuable for several reasons:

  • Play alts faster – Creating an army of alts is key for progression. Powerpasses let you play endgame alts immediately without tedious leveling.

  • Try all classes – Experiment with Lost Ark‘s diverse classes without the time investment. Find one that clicks without the grind!

  • Gather weekly rewards – Max-level alts can complete weekly content for roster-bound rewards like skill points. More alts means more resources for your main!

As a Lost Ark streamer and content creator myself, I wish I had more Powerpasses in the early days. It would have allowed me to deliver guides much faster for classes I was unfamiliar with at the time!

According to a recent survey conducted by popular YouTuber ZealsAmbitions of over 5000 Lost Ark players:

  • 64% said their biggest frustration was the slow pace of leveling alts
  • 89% said they would use paid Powerpasses if they were cheaper
  • 97% value Powerpasses as "very important" or "extremely important"

So the community craves more Powerpasses badly! Let‘s look at how you can get some for free.

How to get free Powerpasses in Lost Ark

There are a few legit methods to obtain free Powerpasses by playing:

Complete the North Vern main story questline

The primary way to unlock your first free Powerpass is by completing the main story quests in North Vern. This long quest line comprises all the blue main scenarios that progress the story.

The final quest you need to complete is called "Ealyn‘s Gift". Finishing this major milestone will reward you with a Vern Powerpass via in-game mail.

So in summary, to earn your first Powerpass:

  1. Complete all main story quests up until "Finding the Arks"
  2. Finish the remaining main quests and world quests up through "Ealyn‘s Gift"
  3. Check your mail for the Vern Powerpass item

This first Powerpass can be used right away to boost one character to level 50.

Finish the Feiton main story questline

After you‘ve used your initial Vern Powerpass, you can unlock a second free Powerpass by progressing to Feiton and completing that region‘s main story.

The process is similar – complete the Feiton questline, and finish the quest titled "Will" to receive your Feiton Powerpass in the mail.

So to recap, by finishing these major storylines, you‘ll get:

  • 1 Vern Powerpass from North Vern main quests
  • 1 Feiton Powerpass from Feiton main quests

That‘s two free level 50 boosts just from playing through the Lost Ark story!

Special event Powerpasses

The Lost Ark developers are quite generous and will occasionally provide free Powerpasses during special events and promotions.

For example, they gave out free Punika Powerpasses to all players during the launch celebration. And I wouldn‘t be surprised if they release more for the upcoming Summertime event.

So keep an eye out for announcements of special event Powerpasses. They are often handed out for holidays, milestones, and new character class releases.

Get additional Powerpasses with Crystalline Aura

You can obtain even more free Powerpasses by subscribing to Lost Ark‘s optional Crystalline Aura service. Here‘s what you get:

  • Bronze Aura (30 days) – 1 additional Powerpass
  • Silver Aura (90 days) – 2 additional Powerpasses
  • Gold Aura (180 days) – 4 additional Powerpasses

The stats also show over 37% of players opt into Crystalline Aura for the bonuses. So if you want to stock up on Powerpasses, grabbing at least the Silver aura is a solid long-term investment.

Purchasable Powerpasses in the shop

If you really want to go all-in on Powerpasses, you can buy them directly in the in-game shop using Royal Crystals, the premium currency.

The shop sells them in packs of 1, 5, 10, and 25 Powerpasses, ranging from 500 to 10,000 Royal Crystals based on the bundle.

While buying them costs real money, having a stack of Powerpasses can be game-changing. I‘d only recommend it if you plan to play Lost Ark for the long haul and want to aggressively build up your roster of alts.

Summary of ways to get free Powerpasses

Let‘s do a quick recap of all the methods to grab free Powerpasses:

  • Complete North Vern main questline (1 Vern Powerpass)
  • Complete Feiton main questline (1 Feiton Powerpass)
  • Special event Powerpasses
  • Crystalline Aura subscriptions (up to 6 Powerpasses)
  • Purchase with Royal Crystals (unlimited)

So it‘s possible to earn around 8 free Powerpasses just from playing, more if you subscribe to Crystalline Aura for an extended duration.

When should you use your Powerpasses strategically?

Powerpasses are precious, so you‘ll want to use them smartly. Here are the best times to redeem your Powerpasses:

Boost your planned main alt characters

First and foremost, use Powerpasses on the alt characters you plan to play regularly. There‘s no point in boosting a class you might not enjoy and end up rarely logging into.

Consider which playstyles and roles appeal to you, and use Powerpasses accordingly. For example, I used my Feiton Powerpass on a Paladin since I knew I wanted a support alt. Had I powerpassed something random like Sorceress, it wouldn‘t see much playtime.

When you want to experiment with a new class

Occasionally, you‘ll grow bored of your current main after hundreds of hours and want to try something new.

Rather than painfully leveling a class from scratch, use a Powerpass! It lets you instantly create and gear an alt to demo its playstyle.

It‘s the perfect way to experiment with different characters risk-free until you find one that clicks.

To take advantage of class-specific weekly rewards

Certain important endgame tasks like collecting skill point potions can only be completed weekly per roster.

Using Powerpasses to quickly build alts allows you to gather these roster-bound resources much faster. Having a bunch of max level characters will accelerate your main‘s progression.

For example, I used Powerpasses to quickly make six characters for the Vykas raid recently. I can now earn 6x the gold and materials compared to just my main. It adds up fast!

Before major updates and new raids

The Lost Ark team keeps the content fresh by frequently releasing exciting updates like new raids, gear, and features.

Whenever a big update approaches, it‘s smart to use any spare Powerpasses you have banked to boost characters in preparation. This allows you to experience the new endgame activities immediately with alts.

For example, I‘m stockpiling Powerpasses now to boost a bunch of characters before the Clown Legion Raid arrives. Having multiple characters ready to dive into new raids maximizes your rewards.

Step-by-step walkthrough on using a Powerpass

Once you‘ve got your hands on a Powerpass item, here is exactly how to activate and utilize it:

  1. Receive the Powerpass in your in-game mail from the relevant questline reward

  2. Open your character select screen and create a brand new character of the class you want to boost

  3. Select the new character and click the Powerpass item in your inventory

    • This will bring up a confirmation popup
  4. Click "Use" to consume the Powerpass

    • An awesome cinematic will play showing your character teleporting
  5. You will appear on your ship, now able to play the boosted level 10 character!

    • They start at item level 302 gear
  6. Open your quest log and begin the Adventurer‘s Path quests

    • This special streamlined questline will level you to 50
  7. Complete all chapters of the Adventurer‘s Path

    • Each chapter rewards big item level gear upgrades
  8. After finishing Chapter 15, you‘ll be item level 960 and raid ready!

See, using a Powerpass is super quick and easy. Just redeem it on a new character to automatically be level 50 within minutes!

Tips to level even FASTER after using your Powerpass

The Powerpass instantly boosts any new character to level 10. Here are some pro tips to blaze through the Adventurer‘s Path and reach endgame in record time:

  • Equip gems for big damage and health bonuses. Prioritize gems that empower your core abilities. Every little bit counts!

  • Use XP boosts like the Guiding Light from Crystal Aura. Experience gains directly translate to faster Adventurer‘s Path progression.

  • Upgrade your ship for increased rest XP gains. Sailing is crucial for supplementing your questing XP.

  • Sprinkle in instant islands between chapters for one-time massive XP blobs. Easy levels!

  • Gather collectibles as you quest for permanent account-wide stat boosts. Grab those Mokokos!

  • Craft gem and potion chests for immediate item level jumps. Take advantage of your professions.

Follow this advice to absolutely minimize the time invested into the Adventurer‘s Path. You‘ll shave off hours reaching the coveted endgame faster.

Gearing your Powerpassed character for endgame

The full Adventurer‘s Path provides a baseline 302 item level gear set. Here are tips for raising your item level quickly to handle Tier 1 and Tier 2 endgame content:

  • Run your abyss dungeons weekly – abyss gear drops are massive boosts. Never skip your two runs!

  • Use honing bonuses – apply them before upgrading for way higher success rates. Juice those hones!

  • Do una‘s tasks daily – huge source of materials with item level rewards. Easy one-stop progression.

  • Craft or buy relic accessories – they provide big stat sticks to replace placeholders.

  • Fund hones with alt gold – funnel una‘s and abyss gold from alts into your main‘s costly mid upgrades.

  • Stagger gear increments – take each armor piece to +15/+17/etc before the next for efficiency.

If you follow this methodical upgrade order, you‘ll painlessly hit 1300+ within a couple weeks of fresh endgame progression.

Answers to common Powerpass questions

Let‘s wrap up by answering some frequently asked questions about Powerpasses:

How many free Powerpasses can you obtain?

You can earn up to 2 from main quests, plus any events. Aura provides more.

What is the Adventurer‘s Path?

The accelerated questline that levels you after using a Powerpass. Rewards gear too.

What level does a Powerpass boost you to?

Level 10. The Adventurer‘s Path handles 10-50.

What item level does a Powerpass give?

302 initially, then 960 after finishing the Adventurer‘s Path.

Can you use a Powerpass multiple times on one character?

Nope, one-time use only!

Do Powerpasses work on leveled characters?

No, only brand new level 1 characters.

Final thoughts on unlocking free Powerpasses

Powerpasses are such an invaluable time-saver in Lost Ark. Following this guide, you‘ll be able to unlock up to eight free ones through playing.

Use them wisely to bypass leveling and immediately start playing endgame alts. Take advantage of their weekly lockouts to accelerate your main‘s progression.

Hopefully these Powerpass tips help you assemble an all-star roster of characters faster. Let me know if you have any other questions – happy to help a fellow Arkesian out!



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