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How to Get Free XP Tokens in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Experience or XP tokens are highly coveted items in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. They provide time-limited bonuses that accelerate progression speed, allowing you to level up quicker and unlock new loadout items faster. While XP tokens can be purchased as part of the MW2 Battle Pass, there are also numerous ways to get them completely free of charge. This guide will break down all the methods for earning free XP boosts along with tips to maximize your usage.

Overview of XP Tokens

XP tokens come in three varieties, each boosting a different aspect of progression:

  • Weapon XP – Doubles the rate of weapon leveling when equipped. This allows you to unlock attachments and camo challenges faster.

  • Player XP – Doubles the rate you gain regular player ranks. This will accelerate your overall account level.

  • Battle Pass XP – Doubles the rate you advance through the 100 Battle Pass ranks. This helps unlock tier rewards quicker.

The tokens last for either 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours of in-game play time. The timer only counts down while you are actively playing, not sitting in menus. This makes XP tokens incredibly valuable for grinding out levels and weapon camo challenges rapidly.

Ways to Earn Free XP Tokens

There are a variety of methods to get free XP tokens without having to pay:

Complete the MW2 Campaign

Playing through the single-player campaign nets you 3x 1-hour Double Weapon XP Tokens from select story missions:

  • Mission 3: Alone – 1x 60 Minute 2WXP Token
  • Mission 7: Borderline – 1x 60 Minute 2WXP Token
  • Mission 13: Sin Tax – 1x 60 Minute 2WXP Token

You can easily beat all 17 campaign missions in around 5-6 hours total. This makes it well worth it just for the free XP tokens alone.

Level Up the Battle Pass

The MW2 Battle Pass has 100 ranks of unlocks and at certain milestones will reward you with free XP boosts:

  • Rank 11 – 1x 30 Minute 2XP Token
  • Rank 16 – 1x 60 Minute 2XP Token
  • Rank 28 – 1x 30 Minute 2WXP Token
  • Rank 37 – 1x 60 Minute 2XP Token
  • Rank 49 – 1x 30 Minute 2XP Token
  • Rank 67 – 1x 60 Minute 2WXP Token
  • Rank 79 – 1x 60 Minute 2XP Token

You can earn Battle Pass XP simply by playing matches. Even without purchasing premium, you can unlock the free track items up to rank 16 for multiple hours of Double XP.

Complete Challenges

Finishing certain challenges in MW2 will grant one-time XP tokens:

  • Weapon Mastery – Getting a gun to max weapon level will award a 60 Minute Double Weapon XP Token for that same weapon. This helps continue progression to camo unlocks.

  • Daily Challenges – Occasionally the daily challenges which refresh every 24 hours will reward Double XP Tokens.

  • Mission Challenges – Challenge missions under the ‘Missions‘ tab will sometimes give XP boosts.

  • Leveling up Weapons – When leveling up a gun, certain ranks will grant an XP Token like at level 10.

Redeem Codes from Promotions

Activision has partnered with various brands like Mountain Dew, Burger King, and Doritos to provide Double XP codes. These are handed out on packaging and receipts which you then redeem at

  • Mountain Dew – "Fuel Up For Battle" promo with codes on bottles/12-packs granting 2XP.

  • Burger King – Receipt codes for BK App meals that give Operator skin + 2XP.

  • Doritos – Unique codes on Dorito bags that unlock 2XP tokens.

  • Little Caesars – Pizza box codes for 2XP when ordering their Call of Duty pizza combo.

Be sure to check packaging of any Call of Duty promotions for potential XP codes!

PlayStation Exclusive Bonus

If you play MW2 on PlayStation 4 or PS5, you get access to a special 24 Hour Double XP event once per month. This will accelerate weapon, player, and battle pass progression for a whole day.

Tips for Using XP Tokens

Once you‘ve stockpiled some free XP tokens, here are some tips to maximize your usage:

  • Combine With Double XP Events – Activision will periodically run 2XP weekends or events globally. Using your tokens during these stacks to 4XP for massive gains.

  • Play XP Rewarding Modes – Some modes like Kill Confirmed reward extra XP per kill. Combining an active token here will give you a ton of progression.

  • Focus On Weapon XP – Weapon XP tokens are the most valuable as weapon levels are harder to grind than regular player ranks. Get a weapon to max level ASAP.

  • Avoid Capped Weapons – Don‘t waste tokens on guns already at max weapon level or prestige rank, as overflow XP is lost.

  • Play Hardcore – Increased damage means faster kills resulting in more XP per match when boosted.

  • Party Up – Playing in a party gives an XP boost. Stack this with tokens for even faster progression.

  • Mission Challenge XP – Token usage stacks with mission challenge XP for huge leveling.

How to Redeem Codes

When you acquire a Double XP code from a promotion or partnership, here is how to properly redeem it:

  1. Go to the Call of Duty Redemption Page.

  2. Log in to your Call of Duty account that is linked to your platform.

  3. Enter the promotion code where it says "Enter Code".

  4. Click Submit.

  5. If successful, you will see a confirmation message and the XP token will be ready to activate in Modern Warfare 2‘s Barracks menu.

Be sure your Call of Duty account is linked properly to your platform so that the XP is granted to the correct account. You can only redeem each code once per account.

Fast Ways To Grind XP With Tokens

To maximize the value of your hard-earned free XP tokens, here are some recommended modes and methods to zoom through levels:


The new 20v20 mode Invasion has near constant action and kills, making it optimal for weapon and player XP grinding with an active boost. Games reach score limit quickly.

Hardcore Kill Confirmed

With increased damage and extra dogtag XP per kill, Hardcore Kill Confirmed racks up high XP totals when combined with an activated token.

Shooting Range

Hopping in the Shooting Range allows you to get unlimited kills vs. bots to grind weapon levels safely without the XP boost timer ticking down in matches.

Weapon Mastery Challenges

Having a Double Weapon XP Token active makes completing camo challenges like kills/headshots significantly faster.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using XP Tokens in Modern Warfare 2:

Q: Do XP Tokens expire or have a time limit?

A: Yes, XP Tokens only last for either 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours counted during in-match gameplay. The timer pauses in menus.

Q: Can you stack multiple XP Tokens at once?

A: Unfortunately no, only one Token can be activated at a time. They do not stack.

Q: Do XP Tokens work in both Multiplayer and Warzone 2?

A: Yes! Tokens work across Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 interchangeably.

Q: Can you earn XP Tokens in Warzone 2 only?

A: There are currently no Warzone 2 exclusive methods to earn free XP Tokens. You must own the full Modern Warfare 2 game.

Q: Do XP Tokens work in Private Matches against bots?

A: No, XP Tokens are only usable in public online matches to prevent exploit boosting.

Q: Can XP Tokens be used in Special Ops missions?

A: Yes, XP Tokens fully function in the PvE Special Ops mode including earning weapon XP.


Earning free Double XP Tokens in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 takes a bit of effort, but pays off handsomely in progression speed. Completing the campaign, leveling up the Battle Pass, redeeming promotional codes, and capitalizing on PlayStation bonuses will stockpile you a healthy supply of XP boosts. Just be sure to use them wisely during optimal modes and events. Patience and persistence will allow you to accelerate leveling up and unlocking new loadout items faster than ever. Now get out there and start boosting!



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