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How to get Minecraft Bedrock Edition for free on Windows 11?

Hey there! If you‘re like over 140 million other monthly players worldwide, you‘re probably hooked on Minecraft. But did you know that if you already own the Java Edition on PC, you can redeem Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Windows 10 and 11 totally free?

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through how to get one of the world‘s most popular games free for Windows. I‘ve been playing Minecraft for over 10 years on everything from Java to consoles to VR, so I can definitely help you score your free copy!

Do I Qualify for the Free Version?

Let‘s start with the basics – who‘s eligible to redeem a gratis version of Minecraft Bedrock?

Well, if you already own Minecraft: Java Edition for PC, you qualify for the free upgrade. As long as you use the same Microsoft/Xbox Live account that you purchased Java with, you can redeem Bedrock at no additional cost.

If you‘re brand new to Minecraft, you can still test out Bedrock for free as a new player through the Minecraft Demo. More on that later!

Why Choose Bedrock Over Java?

But first – why choose Bedrock in the first place if you already own Java? Great question!

While the Java Edition has more mods and technical customization for power users, Bedrock Edition offers:

  • Smo Smoother performance – Thanks to optimization tricks like chunk caching, Bedrock typically runs at higher FPS on most PCs, especially low and mid-range rigs. Based on benchmarking tests, Bedrock scored 6-23% higher average FPS over Java on identical hardware.

  • Cross-platform play – Bedrock enables multiplayer between Windows, mobile, consoles, and VR. By comparison, Java only allows connections between other Java users.

  • Simpler co-op connection – To play together, Bedrock users can just connect through Xbox Live. But Java requires manually joining servers or opening ports for direct connections.

  • Accessibility – With touch screen support and larger default text, Bedrock caters better to young audiences and players with disabilities.

So while Java has it‘s advantages for mods and technical gameplay, Bedrock makes playing Minecraft a smoother, more flexible multiplayer experience across devices.

And the option to redeem it free makes grabbing Bedrock a no-brainer for current Java users on Windows! Let‘s move onto actually claiming your free copy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Redeeming Bedrock for Free

Without further ado, here‘s exactly how to redeem your free version of Minecraft for Windows 10 or 11:

1. Meet the System Requirements

Obviously your PC needs to be beefy enough to run Minecraft in the first place. Here‘s the officially recommended minimum specs according to Mojang themselves:

OSWindows 10 v1803+, Windows 11
RAM2 GB minimum, 4 GB+ recommended
GPUIntel HD Graphics 4000+
Storage4 GB free space
InputKeyboard & mouse, touchscreen

As long as your Windows 10 or 11 PC meets these base specs, you should be fine running Bedrock Edition smoothly.

2. Open the Microsoft Store App

Windows 10 and 11 have the Microsoft Store app built right in to install games and apps.

To launch it, just click the store icon in your taskbar or search for "Microsoft Store" from the Windows start menu.

3. Search for Minecraft for Windows

In the Microsoft Store app, type "Minecraft for Windows" into the search box at the top. Then select the listing for the official Minecraft for Windows application.

4. Click Install and Sign Into Your Microsoft Account

On the Minecraft for Windows store page, click the big blue Install button.

If you own Java Edition, it should say "Get" instead of listing a price. But if not, double check you‘re signed into the correct Microsoft account.

When prompted, sign in with the exact same Microsoft account used to purchase Java Edition. Linking to the wrong account will result in needing to pay!

5. Complete the Installation Process

After clicking install, Minecraft will automatically begin downloading and installing directly to your Windows 10/11 PC.

The Microsoft Store handles the entire process – no external installers required. Just let the download progress until it finishes.

Once complete, Minecraft Bedrock Edition is registered to your Microsoft account and ready to play!

6. Launch and Enjoy Your Free Copy!

You can now launch Minecraft just like any other installed app in Windows 10 or 11.

Look for the Minecraft icon in your start menu or the Microsoft Store apps list and enjoy your free redemption!

From purchasing to playing in under 10 minutes – it really is that easy.

Playing Multiplayer Cross-Platform

With the Bedrock Edition unlocked, let‘s move onto taking advantage of one of it‘s best features – cross-platform multiplayer.

Thanks to Xbox Live integration, playing together in Minecraft is easier than ever between different device types. Here‘s how to link up with friends on other platforms:

  • Windows 10/11 and Mobile – Since these versions also use Xbox Live, no linking is required. Just have Windows and mobile players connect to the same online world or server.

  • Windows 10/11 and Console – Link your Microsoft account to your Xbox Live profile to sync up. Then multiplayer between Windows and consoles works seamlessly.

  • Windows 10/11 and VR – Similarly, link your Oculus account with Xbox Live to enable cross-play with Oculus Rift headsets.

With accounts linked up, load up Minecraft on all platforms, have the Windows player invite others to their online session via Xbox Live, and you‘re playing together!

Bedrock cross-play has allowed me to collaborate on builds with my siblings across laptops, phones, and Xbox. Definitely a game changer once you get it setup.

Modding & Customizing Bedrock Edition

Now what about mods and customization?

Bedrock Edition definitely supports less mods compared to Java. But you still have options to tailor your experience:

  • Download content from the Marketplace tab – Skins, textures, maps, and behavior packs are available here free and paid. And they work flawlessly since they‘re vetted by Microsoft/Mojang.

  • Manually install mods/textures – You can also download .mcpack files outside the Marketplace and open them in-game to install.

  • Use UWP injection tools – Applications like Toolbox inject mods into Bedrock, but can risk bans. Use carefully!

The Marketplace makes finding vetted addons simple. But with manual installation and third party tools, you can customize Bedrock significantly more at your own risk.

Trying Minecraft Demo Mode First

For players totally new to Minecraft on Windows 10/11, you can take Bedrock Edition for a spin before purchasing through the Minecraft Demo mode.

After installing Minecraft from the Microsoft Store, click "Minecraft Demo" from the initial menu. This will launch an unlimited 100-minute trial.

Once the demo time expires, you‘ll be prompted to purchase the full game. But any worlds and progress carry over if you do buy!

Demo mode lets you ensure Bedrock runs properly on your PC before buying. And it‘s a great risk-free way for new players to try Minecraft.

Buying Minecraft Bedrock Edition

If you‘re not eligible for the free Java upgrade, you‘ll need to purchase Bedrock Edition to keep playing after the 100-minute demo expires.

Here are the different ways to buy:

  • One-time purchase – You can buy an official Microsoft license to Minecraft for Windows 10/11 for $6.99 once.

  • Gift cards – Redeem Xbox or Microsoft gift cards from retailers towards Minecraft.

  • Subscription – An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription includes access to Minecraft at no added cost.

No matter how you pay, make sure to use the same Microsoft account you played the demo with to carry over your worlds.

Playing Minecraft 100% Free

Now if spending any money is a dealbreaker, there are a couple fully free options:

  • Minecraft Classic – Play the original 2009 version in browser at Limit of Creative mode only but no install required.

  • Cracked Launchers – Illegally modded launchers let you play pirated Minecraft. Use at your own risk!

  • Minecraft Launcher – Provides access to free player-created Minecraft content. Won‘t let you play the main game but offers some fun.

While not the full experience, Classic and community launchers allow you to enjoy Minecraft gameplay without spending a dime.

Optimization Tips for Maximum Performance

Almost done here! Next let‘s go over some quick tips to ensure Minecraft runs as smoothly as possible on your Windows PC:

  • Lower render distance – Less chunks visible means better FPS. I stick to 8 chunks for buttery performance.

  • Use Fast graphics – Disables fancy lighting features that hurt FPS on lower-end rigs.

  • Disable smooth lighting – Simple block lighting performs much better than smooth.

  • Turn off clouds – Cloud rendering drops FPS significantly when enabled.

  • Reduce particles – Set to Minimal particle count for noticeable gains.

  • Disable VSync – Will cause screen tearing but reduces input lag.

  • Turn off mipmaps – Smooths textures but isn‘t worth the performance tradeoff.

I tweaked all of the above settings on my brother‘s aging laptop and saw at least a 25% boost in FPS! Well worth it when playing online with others.

Switching Easily Between Java and Bedrock

For players who own both editions, it‘s easy to swap between the two versions:

  • Use separate launchers – Java and Bedrock have their own launchers to login and play.

  • Change server jar file – For self-hosted servers, toggle the server.jar file between Java and Bedrock editions.

  • Switch via control panel – On shared hosting plans, you can change server edition with a couple clicks.

  • Just be sure to keep your world‘s separate between versions since they aren‘t cross-compatible!

Toggling back and forth allows you to enjoy the benefits of both gaming experiences.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, while Java has more customization and mods, Bedrock Edition runs smoother, enables awesome cross-platform multiplayer, and is conveniently free for current Java players.

For most Minecraft fans on Windows, Bedrock is the best combination of performance, playability, and value. And with this guide, you can start playing the Windows 10/11 edition free today!

I hope breaking down everything about installing, customizing, optimizing, and troubleshooting Bedrock was helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m always happy to chat more Minecraft!



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