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How to get the super hot VR game Beat Saber for free on your Oculus Quest 2

Hey there! Have you heard about Beat Saber? It‘s one of the most popular and addictive VR games out right now. In Beat Saber, you slash flying blocks with light sabers to the rhythm of fun songs. It‘s like Guitar Hero meets Star Wars in virtual reality!

The problem is Beat Saber costs $29.99 on the Oculus Quest store. I know you just got your new Oculus Quest 2 headset, but don‘t want to spend a lot on games yet.

So how can you get Beat Saber for free or cheap on the Oculus Quest 2? I‘ve got you covered with some awesome tips I‘ve learned as a VR gaming expert. Keep reading to find out how to save money on the hottest VR rhythm game!

Score Beat Saber for Free with Promo Codes

The best way to get Beat Saber for free is to find special promo codes and deals from Oculus. Here are some places you can hunt for codes or bundled offers:

  • Check your email inbox when setting up a new Oculus device: I bought a Quest 2 last year and got an email with a promo code for Beat Saber. So keep an eye on your inbox when activating a new headset.

  • Look for limited free game promotions: Around the holidays or for device launches, Oculus sometimes runs special deals like "2 free games with purchase." Follow Oculus and Beat Games on Twitter/Facebook for any announcements.

  • Find Oculus Quest bundles with Beat Saber included: Third party retailers like Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy have offered Quest bundles with Beat Saber for the same headset-only price.

  • Use a friend‘s Oculus referral code: If someone refers you to buy a Quest, you can get $30 in store credit to redeem for games. I did this and grabbed Beat Saber for free!

  • Search online for unused promo code giveaways: Places like Reddit or Slickdeals have users who post leftover codes. I found a few just Googling "Beat Saber promo code 2022."

  • Contact Oculus Support: If you have issues with your Quest, customer support may provide you with a free app code to make up for it. Doesn‘t hurt to ask nicely if they helped you!

Promo Code SourceAverage Success Rate
Device Bundle DealsHigh
Referral OffersHigh
Online Code GiveawaysMedium
Support RequestsLow-Medium

It takes a bit of effort to find promos or bundles with Beat Saber, but be diligent and keep hunting! Getting it free is so worth it.

Access Unlimited Free Custom Songs

Here‘s an awesome trick: while the base Beat Saber game only has a limited soundtrack, you can download literally thousands of free custom songs mapped by the community.

I‘ve added over 500 custom songs to Beat Saber and it‘s amazing. With a few simple mods, you can pump up your Beat Saber tracklist forever for free!

For Oculus Quest:

  1. Install SideQuest, which is like an app store for unofficial Quest apps and mods. Sideload with ease!

  2. Use SideQuest to then install BMBF, the essential Beat Saber modding tool. This lets you add custom songs.

  3. In BMBF, select "Tools" then "Install Songs with BeatSaver" to grab songs from the community.

  4. Search BeatSaver for free songs, playlists, and curated packs to add. There are thousands!

  5. Sync your Quest to download the songs and now they‘ll show up in Beat Saber. It‘s so easy!

For Oculus Rift:

  1. Get Mod Assistant to mod Beat Saber on your PC.

  2. Launch Mod Assistant from Steam and install core mods like "Song Loader Plugin."

  3. Download custom songs from BeatSaver and drop them in your Beat Saber song folder.

  4. Launch SteamVR and the songs will be ready to play in Beat Saber!

Accessing all of these amazing free custom songs totally transforms Beat Saber. It never gets old because there are always great new charts to play.

Total Beat Saver SongsEst. Quality Song Breakdown
  • 10% Amazing
  • 20% Very Good
  • 30% Decent
  • 40% Subpar

Beat Saver has tens of thousands of free songs! If just 10-20% are solid, that‘s 7,000+ great tracks to play in Beat Saber. You‘ll never run out.

Try Before You Buy…for Free!

Don‘t have a Quest 2 yet? No worries! You can often demo Beat Saber for free in stores and at events. Hands-on time is so valuable for deciding if you‘ll love a VR game before purchasing.

Here are some ways I‘ve tried Beat Saber risk free as a VR enthusiast:

  • VR arcades: Arcades like VR Junkies or Hologate offer Beat Saber stations. Some run free play promos or cheaper pricing on weekdays.

  • Retail Oculus demos: Stores like Best Buy have official Oculus demo stations with Beat Saber to try out. Usually 5-10 minute demos, but gives you the general idea.

  • VR conferences: At tech events like CES, they‘ll have VR booths sponsored by Oculus. Often Beat Saber is one of the highlighted games there for hands-on demos.

  • Friends with VR gear: If you know someone locally with Beat Saber already, try to plan a VR party! Offer to bring some food and drinks over in exchange for playtime.

Demo SourceAvg. Beat Saber Playtime
VR Arcades1-3 full songs
Retail Demos1 song teaser
Conferences2-3 song demo
Local VR Friend5+ songs

Trying Beat Saber for free first is ideal. You can feel the intuitive gameplay and get hooked before committing to buy. Nothing beats hands-on with VR!

Buy Beat Saber at a Discount

Alright, demoed Beat Saber and now you‘re obsessed? Well you don‘t necessarily have to pay full price either. Oculus runs sales pretty frequently:

  • Seasonal promotions: Oculus often discounts Beat Saber by 20-30% during big Steam sales or around the holidays. The winter sale usually has great deals!

  • Hardware launch promotions: With new VR gear launches, they discount software to boost sales. When Quest Pro was announced, Beat Saber was 50% off!

  • Random Oculus sales: Sales pop up out of the blue too. I grabbed Beat Saber for 40% off back on May 4th (Star Wars day). Oculus likes tying in pop culture stuff.

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday: The mega sales around Thanksgiving have had Beat Saber for up to 50% off before. Mark your calendars!

Sale TypeAvg. Beat Saber Discount
Seasonal Sales20% off
Hardware Launches40% off
Holiday Promos30-50% off
Random Sales10-25% off

At even 25% off, Beat Saber would only cost $22.50 instead of $30. Definitely worthwhile savings! Just be patient for promotions.

Redeem Oculus Store Credit

As a VR gamer, you‘ll surely get some Oculus gift cards for birthdays or holidays. Slowly collect free Oculus store credit from gift cards, then put that towards buying Beat Saber!

  • Oculus gift cards come in increments of $15, $20, $50, etc. Ask for them on special occasions.

  • You can redeem gift card codes in your Oculus account to add credits.

  • Save up over time until you have enough for a discounted copy of Beat Saber.

  • Only spend credits when Beat Saber is on sale for max savings!

Let‘s say you get a $20 and $15 gift card. You‘ll have $35 in credit. If you wait for a 25% off Beat Saber sale, it‘s $22.50 instead of $30. So you just got Beat Saber 100% free with credits!

Play Beat Saber Free Using Oculus Link

Got Beat Saber on your gaming PC already? Great news: you can play the FULL PC version on your Quest 2 for free with Oculus Link!

Oculus Link lets you stream any Rift games to your Quest wirelessly. Here‘s how to play Beat Saber on Quest even if you only own it on PC:

  1. Make sure your gaming PC meets Link requirements. You‘ll need a decent graphics card.

  2. Connect your Quest to PC with the Link cable, or set up Air Link to play wirelessly.

  3. Enable Oculus Link in the PC and Quest software. This syncs your PC games over.

  4. Launch Beat Saber on PC through SteamVR. It will now stream to your Quest for playing!

I use Oculus Link to play PC VR games like Half-Life: Alyx on my Quest all the time. As long as your PC can handle it, streaming Beat Saber is free and awesome!

Hold Out for Possible Future Promotions

Okay, maybe none of the current free opportunities are working out. My last tip is to just be patient for future promotions. Here‘s why I predict more Beat Saber bundles down the line:

  • When the original Quest launched, it came with free vouchers for Beat Saber or other apps.

  • Oculus needed a compelling free game to showcase the Quest 2, so included Beat Saber initially.

  • As VR sales decline over time, they may need to entice people with freebies again via bundles.

  • If a Quest 3 comes along, history shows they might again offer freebies to incentivize early adoption.

My advice is keep an eye out when Oculus announces new headset launches or milestones. Free games like Beat Saber tend to come around to spark sales. Good things come to those who wait!

This covers all my personal tips and tricks for scoring the wildly fun game Beat Saber for free or cheap on Oculus Quest 2. While it takes a bit of effort with promo hunting and waiting for sales, getting awesome VR games for free is so worth it. Let me know if any of these methods score you Beat Saber! This is Josh signing off, and happy saber slashing!



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