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How to Make a Bowl in Minecraft & Tips for Using Bowls

Bowls are simple but very useful items in Minecraft. They allow you to hold food items, make stews, get milk from cows, and even brew potions. Bowls can be easily crafted from wood planks or found in village chests and other structures. Every survival player should know how to make and use bowls effectively.

Crafting a Bowl To craft a bowl, place 3 wood planks of any type (oak, birch, spruce etc) in a V shape on the 3×3 crafting grid.

This will give you 1 bowl per recipe. No other materials are needed. You can use any of the various wood types in Minecraft to craft bowls.

What You Need to make a Bowl

make a Bowl

Making a bowl only requires 3 wood planks of any type. This can be oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, warped, or crimson planks. As long as you have 3 wood planks and a crafting table, you can make a bowl.

Here is what you need:

  • 3 wood planks (any type)
  • Crafting table

That's it! Just 3 basic materials allow you to craft bowls.

How to make a Bowl in Minecraft

Here are the steps to craft a bowl:

  1. Gather wood – You'll need 3 wooden planks to craft a bowl. Punch trees to get wood blocks, then open your crafting menu and convert the wood blocks into wooden planks.
  2. Open crafting menu – Access your crafting menu by pressing E (or your inventory button). This brings up a 3×3 crafting grid.
  3. Add wooden planks – Place 3 wooden planks in the bottom row of the 3×3 crafting grid. The planks need to fill the first 3 squares in the bottom row.
  4. Take bowl – Once you have the 3 planks correctly positioned, the output slot at the bottom of the crafting menu will show a bowl. Take the bowl by moving it from the output slot into your inventory.
  5. Use bowl – You can now use the bowl! Bowls allow you to make mushroom stew, beetroot soup, rabbit stew, and more recipes. To use it, equip the bowl in your hand then craft a food recipe using it in the crafting menu.

And you're done! It's that simple to craft a basic but useful bowl in Minecraft.

What Can Bowls Be Used For?

What Can Bowls Be Used For

Now that you have a supply of bowls, here are some of the main uses:

  • Holding Soup or Stew – Bowls can hold soup or stew items, which can then be eaten for hunger/saturation restoration.
  • Crafting Mushroom Stew – When combined with a red mushroom, brown mushroom, and bowl, you can craft nutritious mushroom stew.
  • Milking Cows/Mooshrooms – Right click cows or mooshrooms with an empty bowl to milk them and fill the bowl with milk.
  • Transporting Water – Fill bowls from water sources like lakes to take water with you. Helpful for farming.
  • Crafting Cake – Bowls are used as an ingredient when making cake. Cake can be used for decoration or eaten.
  • Fuel – Bowls can smelt 1.5 items when used as fuel in a furnace.

As you can see, the versatile bowl has a lot of uses beyond just holding soup or stew. Keep a stack handy when adventuring, farming, building, mining, or exploring!

How to Get a Bowl in Minecraft

If you don't have the materials to craft a bowl, here are some other ways to obtain them:

  • Villages – Bowls and mushroom stew can sometimes be found in village chests.
  • Trading – Wandering traders may offer to sell bowls for emeralds.
  • Fishing – Fishing in open water has a chance to catch bowls and bowls of fish.
  • Dungeons – Explore dungeons to find chests that may contain bowls.
  • Underwater Ruins – Ruined portals and underwater ruins can have bowls in their chests.
  • Woodland Mansions – Conquer a woodland mansion to find bowls and mushroom stew as loot.
  • Mob Drops – Strays and husks have a small chance to drop bowls when killed.

So if you need bowls but can't craft them, be sure to explore and you may find some from various Minecraft structures and mobs.

Tips for Using Bowls

What You Need to make a Bowl

Here are some helpful tips to use bowls effectively:

  • Bowls stack to 64, so carry stacks to maximize inventory space.
  • Empty bowls can be used as furnace fuel, smelting 1.5 items each.
  • Bowls can't be enchanted with enchantments like Unbreaking or Mending.
  • Using up all soup/stew/milk will empty the bowl and break it. Recraft mushroom stew to get bowls back.
  • Fill empty bowls from water sources to efficiently transport water.
  • Keep empty bowls handy to milk cows for a renewable milk supply.
  • Combine bowls with red/brown mushrooms found in caves to easily craft mushroom stew.

FAQ about Bowls in Minecraft

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about bowls:

Q. How do you get an empty bowl back?

Craft a mushroom stew by combining a bowl with red and brown mushrooms. This returns 3 empty bowls.

Q. Do different wood types matter when crafting a bowl?

No, any 3 wood planks of any type will craft a bowl. The wood type does not affect the bowl.

Q. What happens if you use up all the soup in a bowl?

The bowl will become empty and break, disappearing from your inventory. You'll need to craft a new one.

Q. Can bowls be enchanted with Unbreaking or Mending?

Unfortunately, no. Bowls are not able to receive enchantments in survival Minecraft.

Q. Do bowls stack to 16 or 64?

Bowls stack to 64 in your inventory, allowing you to carry large quantities.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about this simple but useful wood item! With the steps above, you'll be crafting and using bowls like a pro in no time. Happy crafting!



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