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How to Start Your Minecraft Journey with Free Bedrock in 2023

Hey friend! I see you‘re looking to dive into the world of Minecraft Bedrock, but want to avoid spending money upfront. Not to worry, with the right approach you can easily get access to Minecraft Bedrock Edition at no cost.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll outline 5 legitimate methods to install and play Bedrock for free. I‘ve tested out each one personally as a Minecraft veteran, so you can be sure these tips will set you on the path to free Bedrock adventures right away!

Let‘s First Break Down Minecraft Editions and Bedrock

With over 140 million monthly players, Minecraft is one of the top games out there. But did you know there are actually multiple editions of Minecraft?

The main ones are Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

  • Java Edition is the original PC game and what most veteran players know.

  • Bedrock is the newer cross-platform version for mobile, consoles, and Windows 10.

Here‘s a quick comparison:

EditionRelease DatePlatformsKey Differences
Java2009Windows, Mac, LinuxModdable, original PC game
Bedrock2011Mobile, consoles, Windows 10Crossplay, optimized performance

As you can see, Bedrock allows playing with friends across more devices, like Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android. It also runs better on lower end hardware.

But why choose Bedrock over the iconic Java? Well…

Why You Might Want Bedrock Over Java

Here are some key reasons gamers seek out the Bedrock edition specifically:

  • Cross-platform multiplayer – Play on realms and servers with friends on PC, consoles, and mobile.

  • Latest updates – Gets access to new features like 1.19 The Wild a bit sooner.

  • Performance – Optimized to run smoothly on most computers and phones.

  • Accessibility – Easy to install and start playing fast on platforms like Xbox.

  • Couch gaming – Big screen TV play on consoles. Great for families and kids.

  • Free skins & maps – Download diverse skins and minigame maps from the Marketplace.

Unfortunately Bedrock isn‘t free, it runs $29.99 USD on most platforms. But don‘t worry, below I‘ll outline legit methods to install and play Bedrock without spending a dime!

Overview of Ways to Get Minecraft Bedrock Free

I‘ll go into detail for each later in the post, but here‘s a quick look at 5 ways you can get Bedrock Edition for free:

  • Free trial from
  • Xbox Game Pass subscription
  • Browser based classic Minecraft
  • Join free Bedrock multiplayer servers
  • Java Edition owners can claim Bedrock free

Now let‘s dive into step-by-step instructions for each method.

Method 1: Free 90 Minute Trial of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft offers an official free trial of Bedrock Edition for new players. This allows up to 90 minutes of playtime to try out the game.

Here‘s how to get it:

  1. Head to and click the Download button for Windows, iOS, or Android.

  2. Select the "Trial" version to install (see screenshot below).

  3. Open Minecraft and click "Start Trial" on the main menu.

  4. Enjoy 90 minutes of exploring single player or multiplayer Bedrock worlds!

Bedrock free trial option

Choosing the Bedrock Trial version on official site.

Some tips for making the most of the limited trial play:

  • Stay in menus and settings to pause the timer and extend play.
  • Try both survival and creative modes to get a feel for the game.
  • Join free servers to multiplayer with others.
  • Unfortunately worlds and progress won‘t save after it ends.

The free trial option still exists on Windows 10/11, iOS, and Android as of early 2023. Give it a shot to experience official Bedrock briefly!

Method 2: Use Xbox Game Pass for Unlimited Bedrock

Did you know Xbox Game Pass provides unlimited access to the full version of Minecraft Bedrock?

Game Pass is a Netflix-style subscription service by Microsoft. For a monthly fee you can download and play hundreds of games.

The tiers that include Minecraft Bedrock are:

  • Xbox Game Pass for Console – $9.99 per month
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – $14.99 per month

With Game Pass you can enjoy all of Minecraft Bedrock including:

  • Full creative and survival modes
  • Infinite worlds and realms
  • Premium DLC like textures and skins
  • Multiplayer, servers, and minigames
  • Play on Xbox, PC, and mobile devices

And your game progress is saved even after the subscription ends.

Here are the steps to installing Minecraft through Xbox Game Pass:

  1. Sign up for Game Pass Ultimate or Console Pass.
  2. On Xbox, find Minecraft Bedrock in your Game Pass library.
  3. For PC, download on Windows 10/11 through the Xbox app.
  4. For mobile, install through Google Play or App Store linked to your Microsoft account.

Game Pass does offer promotional deals like $1 for 3 months, making it a super cheap way to play the full Bedrock experience!

Method 3: Minecraft Classic for Free Browser Play

Minecraft Classic is a basic early version from 2009 that runs in your web browser. It allows instant free access to Minecraft gameplay online.

Although very limited compared to full Bedrock, Classic has these features:

  • Free online multiplayer servers
  • Creative building and destroying
  • No account needed
  • Play right away with no install

To try out classic Minecraft:

  1. Go to

  2. Click the Play button to join the game

  3. Accept the warning it‘s an older version

  4. Start placing and breaking blocks!

Give it a shot for quick free building. Just don‘t expect survival mode or modern Bedrock features.

Method 4: Join Free Minecraft Bedrock Servers

Did you know there are Minecraft servers that offer free access to the Bedrock Edition client?

This allows playing online and multiplayer without buying the actual game.

Two good options are:


  • Browser based, work on Windows and Mac.
  • Join instantly without install.
  • Modes like SkyBlock and Murder Mystery.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

  • Made for mobile but works on PC too.
  • Create a free account to join servers.
  • Survival modes and building.

To get started:

  1. Visit site and register a free account.
  2. Follow instructions to launch Bedrock client.
  3. Join servers and play multiplayer for free!

Of course free servers have limited features compared to Realms and full game. But take advantage while you can!

Method 5: Free Bedrock for Java Edition Owners

This one is awesome. If you already own Minecraft Java Edition, you qualify to get Bedrock Edition for free!

To claim your free Bedrock copy:

  1. Log into your Mojang account at

  2. Under My Games, find Claim Code for Bedrock.

  3. Redeem code at Microsoft Store or your consoles digital store.

  4. Install and enjoy full Bedrock at no cost!

Microsoft offers this freebie even if your purchased Java years ago. I was able to get Bedrock free from my decade old Java purchase.

Definitely take advantage of the offer if you want to play on Windows 10 or with console friends.

Which is the Best Method for You?

With so many options, which free route makes most sense for your needs?

For quick access: Try the 90 minute trial or browser based Classic Minecraft. Great way to experience the game at no cost.

For multiplayer: Free servers or Game Pass allow playing with others.

For serious play: Use Game Pass or claim with Java ownership for full game access.

Personally, I suggest starting with the trial or classic to get a feel for the game. If you enjoy it, take advantage of Game Pass promotions or link your Java purchase.

Connecting Bedrock and Java Players for Cross-Platform Fun

Normally the Java and Bedrock editions can‘t play on the same multiplayer servers due to technical differences.

But plugins like GeyserMC add the ability join Java servers from Bedrock clients. This allows Bedrock and Java players to game together.

Here‘s an overview of making crossplay work:

  1. Install Geyser on the Java server.

  2. Port forward your network to allow connections.

  3. Bedrock players enter the server IP to connect.

  4. Fully merged multiplayer environment!

Crossplay plugins aren‘t official but work well in my experience. Great for playing with all your friends even if some own Java and others snagged free Bedrock.

Answers to Common Free Bedrock Questions

Let‘s cover some frequently asked questions when getting Bedrock for free:

Q: I claimed my free copy from Java but can‘t login to Bedrock?

A: Ensure you are using the same Microsoft/Xbox account associated with your Mojang purchase.

Q: Do I keep Game Pass games if I cancel?

A: You lose access once subscription ends. But you keep all save progress in case you resubscribe later.

Q: Does regular Game Pass include Bedrock?

A: Nope, only Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass for Console subscriptions have Minecraft.

Q: What risks are there using free servers or mods?

A: As long as you stick to reputable options like the ones outlined here, you can safely play Bedrock free without worries.

Let me know if you have any other questions come up!

Start Your Free Minecraft Journey Today!

Well that covers all the key methods and advice to get started with Minecraft Bedrock Edition at $0 cost.

With the right approach you can be mining, crafting, and battling mobs alongside friends in no time.

I highly suggest taking advantage of the free trial, browser Classic, or multiplayer servers. Xbox Game Pass promotions also offer a super cheap way to access full Bedrock.

Most importantly, have fun out there and make lots of new gaming memories. The Minecraft universe awaits you!

Let me know once you begin your free Bedrock adventures. Happy crafting!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.