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Is AirParrot free? A comprehensive look at pricing and alternatives

If you‘re wondering, "Is AirParrot free?" – the short answer is no, AirParrot is not a free application. However, there is a free trial available. Keep reading as I walk you through the pricing and free options for this popular screen mirroring software.

AirParrot allows you to wirelessly stream the screen of your computer, phone, or tablet to TVs, projectors, and other displays. It‘s an easy way to mirror your device or present content on a bigger screen. But before deciding if AirParrot is right for you, let‘s look at what it will cost.

Free 7-day trial of AirParrot

AirParrot offers a free 7-day trial of the full version for both Windows and Mac. This gives you a chance to test drive the features and performance before committing to purchase.

During the trial you can use AirParrot to:

  • Mirror your computer display to Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and other supported devices
  • Stream media files, webpages, apps, and more
  • Transmit audio to AirPlay speakers
  • Use advanced features like remote control and touchback support

After 7 days the free trial expires and you‘ll need to purchase a license to keep using AirParrot. But the free trial gives you plenty of time to see if AirParrot meets your wireless streaming needs.

Pricing for AirParrot licenses

Okay, so AirParrot isn‘t free. But how much does it actually cost?

AirParrot licenses are affordably priced for individual consumers and small businesses:

  • AirParrot 3 for Windows or Mac: $19.99 one-time purchase
  • Volume licenses: Start at $14.99 per license for 5+ licenses

Education pricing is also available for schools and universities.

The license gets you:

  • Access to AirParrot on 1 computer
  • Free updates during the v3 lifecycle
  • Tech support by email

And the best part? There are no annoying subscriptions or hidden fees. You pay a single reasonable price for AirParrot 3 and can use it as long as you want.

For less than $20 bucks, AirParrot delivers robust screen mirroring at a consumer-friendly price. But if you‘re looking for completely free options, there are alternatives.

Free screen mirroring alternatives to AirParrot

While AirParrot itself isn‘t free, there are some free ways to wirelessly mirror your computer, phone, or tablet display to a TV or bigger screen. Here are a few solid options:

Windows 10 screen mirroring

If you‘re using Windows 10, try the built-in wireless projection feature. This lets you mirror your screen to smart TVs, projectors, and displays that support Miracast without any additional software.

Pros: Free, built into Windows 10

Cons: Limited to Windows devices and Miracast compatible displays

Mac OS screen mirroring with AirPlay

AirPlay is Apple‘s proprietary wireless streaming protocol. If you‘re mirroring a Mac to an Apple TV or AirPlay 2 compatible smart TV, you can use AirPlay for free.

Pros: Free for Mac users, easy streaming to Apple TV

Cons: Only works with Apple devices and AirPlay compatible displays

Third party apps

Some free third party apps offer screen mirroring capabilities as well. For example:

  • ApowerMirror: Free version mirrors 1 device
  • Splashtop: Free remote access and mirroring
  • TeamViewer: Free for personal use

The caveat is that these free versions are often limited in terms of features, resolution, number of devices, etc. But they can meet basic screen mirroring needs.

Pros: Totally free options available
Cons: Limited features and capabilities in free versions

So while AirParrot isn‘t free itself, hopefully these alternatives give you some options to consider.

AirParrot 3 pricing: One-time purchase, not a subscription

If you do decide to purchase AirParrot, you‘ll be happy to know it‘s a one-time purchase – not a monthly or yearly subscription.

When you buy an AirParrot 3 license (currently $19.99), you pay that single price for permanent access. Some key things to know:

  • No recurring fees
  • Free updates for the v3 lifecycle
  • Use on 1 Mac or Windows computer
  • Change devices anytime

So you get to use AirParrot for life after a single, reasonable payment. It‘s not one of those apps that quietly bills you monthly. The pricing is straightforward and honest.

Who is AirParrot designed for?

Now that you know AirParrot isn‘t free but is affordably priced, who should consider buying it? Here are the ideal AirParrot users:


AirParrot is a great choice for personal entertainment uses like:

  • Streaming movies, TV, and games from your computer to the big screen
  • Mirroring your phone screen on the TV to look at photos and videos
  • Playing music from laptop to home stereo speakers

With one license you can AirParrot to all your household devices.


AirParrot also enables professional applications like:

  • Wireless presentations from your laptop for business meetings
  • Projecting graphics, designs, and videos in office settings
  • Mirroring screens for digital signage
  • Classroom display sharing

For corporate and academic settings, volume licenses bring the per unit cost down.

Tech enthusiasts

Techies, gamers, and power uses love AirParrot for its versatility:

  • Ability to stream to a wide variety of devices and protocols
  • Low latency performance, even for video and gaming
  • Remote control features
  • Touchback support allowing control of the source device

AirParrot nicely scratches the tech itch for seamless streaming.

No matter how you plan to use screen mirroring, AirParrot likely has you covered.

AirParrot 2 vs 3: What are the differences?

If you see references to AirParrot 2 or AirParrot 3, what‘s the difference?

In a nutshell:

AirParrot 2

  • Older version
  • No longer supported
  • Lacks some newer features

AirParrot 3

  • Current generation
  • Actively developed
  • Supports latest operating systems and mirroring standards

AirParrot 3 is recommended because it‘s supported and will continue receiving updates. AirParrot 2 is outdated and won‘t get new features or fix bugs.

Make sure to get AirParrot 3 if you want seamless streaming that works with the latest devices and software.

Useful statistics and data about AirParrot

Still researching whether AirParrot is right for your screen mirroring needs? Here some helpful statistics and data points:

[table] | Statistic | Data |
| Total downloads| Over 4 million|
| User rating | 4.5/5 stars |
| Supported devices | Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Smart TVs, Speakers, Projectors, and more |
| Transmission latency | As low as 36ms |
| Maximum resolution | Up to 4K |
| Wireless spec support | AirPlay, Miracast, DLNA, Chromecast, Bluetooth |
|iOS apps | Native AirParrot apps for iOS screen mirroring |
| Pricing | Starts at $19.99 |

These details show AirParrot‘s versatility, performance, positive user reception, and just how many people rely on it for wireless streaming.

Bottom line

While AirParrot does not have a free version, I hope this overview gives you a better understanding of its pricing and capabilities.

The free trial is a great way to test it out before committing. And the one-time payment grants you lifetime access to this robust screen mirroring software for Windows and Mac.

There are also free alternatives like built-in tools and third party apps. While limited, these can meet basic screen sharing needs.

At the end of the day, AirParrot‘s combination of functionality, performance, and fair pricing make it a leading choice if you‘re looking for wireless display mirroring. Give the free trial a spin and see if it‘s a good fit!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m happy to share more details about getting AirParrot set up for your specific streaming needs.



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