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Is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Free to Play on

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2), developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, is the latest blockbuster entry in the legendary first-person shooter franchise. This highly polished AAA production builds on the foundation of 2019‘s Modern Warfare reboot to deliver cutting-edge gameplay, immersive operatics, and bombastic action.

But with a premium $69.99 price tag, MW2 is decidedly not free-to-play – it requires purchasing on all platforms including for PC. Read on for a comprehensive overview of everything included with MW2 at launch and what you can expect from this massive military shooter.


Let‘s establish upfront – MW2 is a paid game on all platforms. There is no way to permanently unlock full access for free. However, limited-time events like the March 2023 multiplayer free access have temporarily allowed sampling MP for free.

MW2 purchased on Steam still requires the client to handle multiplayer features and integration with Warzone 2.0. Pricing is identical on both storefronts.

The only permanently free piece of the MW2 ecosystem is the newly launched Warzone 2.0 battle royale experience. As a F2P standalone title, Warzone 2.0 does not require owning MW2.

Now let‘s dive into everything you get with your purchase of Modern Warfare 2!

Returning to Its Roots with Infinity Ward

MW2 represents a homecoming for the series as Infinity Ward, the original developer behind Call of Duty, has retaken the reins. After years of entries by other studios, Infinity Ward aims to recapture the magic that made their earlier work like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare so groundbreaking.

Their pedigree with military shooters is unmatched. Modern Warfare (2019) laid the groundwork, and MW2 evolves the formula with brand new technology, polished mechanics, and compelling worldbuilding across campaigns and multiplayer.

Refined Gameplay for Multiplayer Mayhem

MW2 introduces a new generation of multiplayer combat under the stewardship of Infinity Ward. Their goal: reward tactical aggression and elevate the thrill of victory.

Across 16+ maps and a wide selection of competitive and casual modes, the action is faster and deadlier than ever. New movement mechanics like sliding, diving, and ledge hanging raise the skill gap. Realistic weapon handling with a deep Gunsmith customization system separates the marksmen from the noobs.

Other features like limited health regen, reduced HUD elements, and Battle Hardened mode force you to "git gud" or get left in the dust. Prepare for intense duels where reflexes and accuracy reign supreme.

Some key stats on MP content at launch:

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Fan favorite modes like Team Deathmatch return alongside new additions such as Prisoner Rescue, where teams alternate between attacking and defending a VIP target for clutch plays.

All-Out Warfare with Ground War 2.0

Ground War returns but bigger and bolder than ever before. These large-scale battles cram 32v32 players across massive maps with vehicles and powerful killstreaks turning matches into explosive mayhem.

Ground War bridges the gap between standard MP and Warzone 2.0‘s complete anarchy – offering the best of both worlds on maps purpose-built to nurture nonstop action. Coordinate with your platoon to lock down objectives and decimate the opposition.

Thrilling Co-Op with Spec Ops

Spec Ops makes its long-awaited comeback in MW2. These tactical co-op missions let you and up to four friends test your skills against deadly challenges. With varied objectives, enemy archetypes, modifiers, and settings – no two runs will play the same.

Currently Spec Ops features one core mission set in Al Mazrah with more content planned post-launch. Tackle Story, Classic, and Survival variants across three difficutly tiers. Special modifiers like limited ammo force you to constantly adapt. And prepare for boss battles against heavy juggernauts!

Blockbuster Single Player Campaign

MW2‘s story campaign spans a globe-trotting adventure that propels the series forward. Fan favorite characters like Captain Price and "Soap" Mactavish return alongside new faces to deliver an action thriller full of twists and turns.

Set following the events of 2019‘s MW, the story centers on Task Force 141‘s efforts to stop the rise of a dangerous cartel – provoking clashes with fellow special forces turned rogue. Expect epic set pieces, morally grey choices, and themes that parallel real-world conflicts.

Infinity Ward leverages state-of-the-art tech to blur the line between gameplay and cinematic storytelling. Photoreal visuals, performance captured animations, and talents like Michael Rooker as Ghost elevate each character and locale.

Next-Level Post-Launch Support

MW2 launches with a staggering amount of content – but the ride has only just begun. Activision plans extensive post-launch support with new maps, modes, events, and playlists added regularly alongside four seasonal Battle Passes brimming with cosmetics.

This expanded live service model creates a dynamic ecosystem where MW2 will continuously evolve over time. Expect new weapons, operators, and even campaign missions post-release!

Warzone 2.0 integration means battle pass progress, operators, and weaponry carries over between experiences. This shared meta-layer will likely see even more content than MW2 alone.

Is MW2 Worth the Cost of Entry?

At $70, MW2 is a major investment – but delivers refinement and innovation worthy of a flagship Call of Duty release. Extensive multiplayer, an epic campaign, and Special Ops co-op provide tremendous replay value.

Integrated with Warzone 2.0 plus post-launch plans make MW2 the centerpiece of an ever-expanding Call of Duty platform. Given the franchise‘s consistent quality and mass appeal, Activision can justify the full premium price point.

For series veterans, MW2 is a confident return to form blending old and new. For newcomers, it‘s a dazzling showcase of AAA production values and action movie thrills.

Either way, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 stands proud as a big-budget blockbuster that lives up to its legendary namesake.



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