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Is Destiny 2‘s Vault of Glass Raid Free? Yes, Here‘s a Complete Guide for New and Returning Players

The short answer is – yes! Vault of Glass, the iconic raid from the original Destiny, is completely free for all Destiny 2 players. You do not need to purchase any expansions or DLC to access and complete the Vault of Glass in Destiny 2. This makes it the perfect nostalgia trip for returning players and an exciting endgame activity for new free-to-play Guardians.

But why is Vault of Glass free, and what can players expect from this legendary raid experience? As your Destiny guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to fully experience Vault of Glass, talk about the memorable loot to earn, and provide tips to help you complete the raid‘s mechanics and encounters. Let‘s dive in!

A Nostalgic Trip for the Destiny Community

For Destiny veterans who played the first game, the return of Vault of Glass in Destiny 2 is a major nostalgia trip. This iconic raid defined so much of the original Destiny endgame experience. First released in 2014 with the launch of Destiny 1, Vault of Glass wowed players with its creative encounters, challenging bosses, mysterious setting, and coveted loot.

According to Bungie, Vault of Glass was completed over 5 million times throughout Destiny 1‘s lifespan. Based on player data, it is estimated that over 15% of Destiny 1‘s active players completed the raid at least once.

So why bring back this legendary raid now? Bungie specifically chose to recreate Vault of Glass to celebrate Destiny‘s 7th anniversary and provide nostalgia for dedicated fans. The development team rebuilt the entire raid from the ground up for Destiny 2 with stunning new visuals and remixed mechanics.

Vault of Glass Returns with Updated Visuals and New Challenges

This isn‘t just a simple port – Vault of Glass has been completely redesigned visually while keeping the core spirit and flow. Exploring the iconic settings like the Gorgon‘s Labyrinth feels fresh thanks to gorgeous new skyboxes and Vex architecture. Bungie‘s artists vividly reimagined environments like the Glass Throne world first traversed back in 2014.

In addition to graphical improvements, Vault of Glass has tuned and remixed raid mechanics. While core mechanics like forming the spire to enter the vault remain unchanged, seasoned players will notice tweaks to the Oracles encounter and final boss fight. This helps keep strategies fresh for veterans while still recapturing the magic of the original activity.

There are also new challenges like Master difficulty mode and hidden Triumphs for players to discover. Bungie has ensured Vault of Glass provides the nostalgia factor while still offering mysteries and challenges for dedicated raiders.

Vault of Glass Is Free For All Destiny 2 Players

Now that it‘s back and better than ever before, the most important factor is accessibility. Unlike recent expansions like The Witch Queen, Vault of Glass is completely free for all Destiny 2 players regardless of expansion ownership.

Bungie purposefully designed it this way to allow all Guardians to experience the thrill of raiding. Free players can now take part in Destiny endgame content and get a taste for the memorable raid format that veterans cherish.

You do not need to purchase any expansions or season passes to access Vault of Glass. As long as you have a Destiny 2 account, you can visit Venus and enter the vault. This makes it the perfect time for new, returning, or strictly free players to take the plunge into the definitive Destiny raid.

A Full Fireteam Is Required for the True Experience

While it‘s accessible for all, Vault of Glass is tuned around a full 6 player fireteam. Each person will need to take on key roles to complete raid encounters. Trying to solo the activity is extremely challenging, though skilled players have found ways to nab loot from secret chests.

My recommendation is to utilize Destiny 2‘s new Smart Fireteam feature. Open the Director, select Vault of Glass, choose your difficulty, and let the smart fireteam builder match you with 5 other Guardians. This automatically assembles a raid party so you can experience the content as intended.

Playing with others also allows veterans to pass on knowledge of raid mechanics. And completing tough encounters as a team is immensely rewarding. If you have some friends who play, try to group up! Communication is key for many Vault of Glass mechanics.

Minimum Power Level Recommendations

Bungie recommends being at least Power Level 1300 for the standard Vault of Glass difficulty. Lower level players can still access it but may find encounters more punishing.

I‘d suggest trying to get to 1300 Power or higher before attempting the raid if you are new or returning to Destiny 2. This will make the experience smoother, though skill and mechanics are still more critical than Power.

Here are the minimum recommendations I‘d give based on your experience:

  • Brand new players should reach 1200-1250 Power first by completing some core activities like Strikes or seasonal content. This will help you familiarize yourself with core mechanics.

  • Returning veterans can likely jump right in at their current Power, especially if they are over 1200. You already understand Destiny fundamentals.

  • Hardcore players should try to be 1300+ to give yourself an advantage and unlock Grandmaster content.

The Vault of Glass Master difficulty mode is recommended for 1350 Power. This provides the ultimate challenge once you‘ve mastered the core version!

Notable Loot and Rewards

Clearing Vault of Glass encounters allows your fireteam to earn various raid-specific loot and rewards:

  • Weapons: Vex Mythoclast, Fatebringer, Found Verdict, Hezen Vengeance, Praedyth‘s Revenge, Vision of Confluence, more. Includes new Timelost versions on Master.
  • Armor: Full armor sets for all classes with high stat rolls. Gives bonuses in Vault of Glass.
  • Cosmetics: Shaders, emblems, ships, sparrows, ghost shells.
  • Upgrade Materials: Enhancement Prisms, Ascendant Shards, Spoils of Conquest.
  • World Loot Pool: Umbral engrams, enhancement cores, glimmer.

The various raid-specific weapons are the biggest draw. These include exotic weapons like the unqiue Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle and legendary weapons like the fan-favorite Fatebringer hand cannon.

Let‘s look at some of the most coveted Vault of Glass weapons and what they do:

Vex Mythoclast

  • Exotic fusion rifle that unleashes a devasting linear fusion blast.
  • Rewards high risk, high reward play with ramping damage.
  • Must be earned by chance from final encounter.

Fatebringer (Legendary Hand Cannon)

  • Fan-favorite Destiny 1 hand cannon returns.
  • Rewards precision kills with explosions and bonus damage.
  • Most sought-after legendary primary weapon.

Found Verdict (Legendary Shotgun)

  • Aggressive shotgun effective at close range.
  • Rewards risky, close quarters playstyle.
  • Excellent for PvE damage and ad clear.

Earning these weapons the first time provides a huge adrenaline rush. I still remember finally getting the coveted Vex Mythoclast back in Destiny 1 after months of grinding!

Strategies and Tips for Each Encounter

Alright, you know the basics – Vault of Glass is free, provides nostalgia, and rewards awesome loot. Now let‘s get into some tips and strategies for completing each encounter you‘ll face in the raid:

Opening the Vault

This starting encounter has you defend three sync plates to form the spire that unlocks the vault entrance. Key tips:

  • Split into three teams of two – one on each plate.
  • Defeat waves of Vex Sacrifices and Majors without leaving plates.
  • Call out when help is needed with Majors like Minotaurs.

This tests your team‘s coordination. Stay disciplined on plates and assist each other when Major enemies spawn. Opening the vault tests fundamentals.

The Confluxes

After making your way down into the depths of the Vault, you must now protect sacred Confluxes from Vex seeking to sacrifice themselves. Tips:

  • Split into three teams again – Left, Middle, Right confluxes.
  • Designate a floater to help wherever needed.
  • Don‘t let Vex sacrifice themselves into the conflux light!

This is another coordination check, along with situational awareness. Communicate to stop sneaky Vex from sacrificing unseen at conveyor belts or high platforms.

The Oracles

One fireteam member will gain the Aegis relic shield. They must cleanse players when the mysterious Oracles mark Guardians for negation. Key strategies:

  • Memorize Oracle spawn locations and order.
  • Team shoots Oracles rapidly soon as they appear.
  • Aegis cleanses any Guardians marked before negation sets in.

Marking and call-outs are crucial here. "I‘m marked left!" Let the Aegis cleanse marked players immediately to avoid a team wipe. This is a true test of precision teamwork.

The Templar Boss

The first major boss, the Templar, summons legions of Vex to defend itself. Your fireteam must break its shield and stagger it. Strategies:

  • Together, trigger Templar shield break by capturing its Ritual of Negation.
  • Once vulnerable, unleash heavy and super damage before it teleports.
  • Repeat shield breaking and damage phases until it‘s defeated.

Breaking the shield and burning the boss is satisfying. But watch out for the deadly Ritual of Negation seeking out players! Stay nimble.

The Gorgon‘s Labyrinth

A maze filled with roaming Gorgons that will wipe your entire team if discovered. Stealth is key here.

  • Crouch walk slowly and silently through the labyrinth together.
  • If a Gorgon sees even one Guardian, it‘s an instant team wipe.
  • Follow your guide closely, stopping when instructed.

These Gorgons foreshadowed stealth missions to come in Destiny 2. Sneaking by undetected provides one of Vault‘s most tense and quiet moments.

The Jumping Puzzle

Guardians must navigate a precarious series of platforms while avoiding the Templar Well‘s dangers below. Strategies:

  • Take it slow and steady, don‘t rush jumps. Missing means plummeting to your death.
  • Follow the pathways laid out by experienced players in your team.
  • Use Titan and Warlock movement abilities to assist traversal.

While not as complex as future raids‘ jumping puzzles, this was an novel platforming challenge back in Destiny 1. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Vex architecture as you leap across the abyss.

The Gatekeepers

Two shielded Gatekeepers must be defeated at the same time to unlock the way forward.

  • Split into two teams, left and right side.
  • Trigger the portal and defeat the Gatekeeper within.
  • Once both are defeated simultaneously, the center path opens.

Communication is key to taking down both Gatekeepers at roughly the same time. Once open, race to the center path before it closes! This encounter gets chaotic.

Atheon, Time‘s Conflux

The final showdown against Atheon himself. He wields the power to send Guardians to different timestreams. Strategies for success:

  • Three players will be teleported at random to either the past or future.
  • Defeat Oracles within the timestream, then exit the portal.
  • Outside players must keep Atheon‘s attention and open the corresponding portal for teleported team.

This is the ultimate test of coordination, call-outs, and awareness. Miscues on portals or Oracles lead to very quick wipes. But toppling Atheon provides an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Stay patient and focused during each damage phase cycle. It may take a few tries, but you‘ll eventually defeat Destiny‘s first iconic raid boss as a team!

In Summary

I hope this guide has helped explain everything you need to know about the Vault of Glass raid being completely free in Destiny 2. Here are the key points:

  • Vault of Glass returns from Destiny 1 with stunning new visuals and remixed encounters. It‘s a nostalgia trip for veterans.

  • The raid is 100% free for all Destiny 2 players – no DLC purchase required. This opens up endgame raiding for all.

  • Form a full 6 player fireteam to take on the raid‘s mechanics and bosses. Communication and coordination are critical.

  • Notable loot includes the Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion, Fatebringer legendary hand cannon, and armor sets.

  • Each encounter will test your team‘s skills in key areas like communication, awareness, precision, and agility.

Ready to experience Destiny‘s first and most iconic raid? Assemble your fireteam and step through the glass doors. The mysteries and challenges of Vault of Glass await – at no cost! See you starside, Guardian.



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