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Is Diablo Resurrected Free? A Complete Guide on How to Play Diablo for Free

The short answer is no, Diablo Resurrected is not a free game. However, there are some limited options to play Diablo Resurrected and other Diablo games for free temporarily. Keep reading this complete guide to understand all your options for playing Diablo for free.

Free Trial Options for Diablo Resurrected

While Diablo Resurrected is a paid game retailing for $39.99, there are a couple ways to access the game for free on a limited trial basis:

Console Free Trial

Both the Xbox and Playstation versions of Diablo II: Resurrected offer a free trial that allows you to play through the first two acts of the game. This gives you a good taste of the gameplay and graphical improvements.

The console free trials do have some limitations:

  • Time limited – usually only available for a couple weeks after launch
  • Only acts I and II – no access to the full game
  • No multiplayer – online modes disabled

However, if you own an Xbox or Playstation, this is a great way to try before you buy while waiting for a sale.

Occasional Free Weekends

For the PC version sold through, Blizzard has provided occasional free access weekends around major events like new ladder seasons.

During these free weekends, the entirety of Diablo Resurrected is unlocked for all players to access. Even lapsed players who don‘t own the game can install and play during the promo period.

The downside is these free weekends are not very predictable or regular. You have to watch social media and forums for announcements of when they occur.

Can You Play Original Diablo 2 For Free?

Now over 20 years old, the original Diablo 2 is abandonware and no longer sold directly by Blizzard. Unlike Resurrected, there are no free trial options for the classic version of Diablo 2.

Here are a few potential options for accessing original D2 for free:

  • Check old accounts – If you purchased Diablo 2 back in the 2000s, your CD key may still work for a free download. This is hit or miss though.

  • Buy a used CD key – eBay and some gray market key sites sell OEM Diablo 2 keys for around $20. This route is legally questionable.

  • Acquire from a friend – If you know someone with an old Diablo 2 disc or key lying around, you may be able to get it from them.

  • Use abandonware/warez – Downloading a cracked version is an option but risky and illegal. Use at your own risk.

Unless you already own an old CD key or get one secondhand, there are no free and legal means of acquiring original Diablo 2 today. It was never a free-to-play game so you are out of luck unless you buy it or pirate it.

Is Diablo Immortal Free-to-Play?

Diablo Immortal stands out as the only fully free-to-play Diablo experience (at least officially). As a mobile game, it was designed from the ground up with a free-to-play model supported by in-app purchases.

The catch is that Diablo Immortal has been extremely controversial and criticized for relying heavily on microtransactions and gacha-like mechanics. It is possible to reach end-game without spending money but very tedious.

So while you can download and play Diablo Immortal 100% free, doing so means grinding and accepting handicaps versus paying players. Whether the aggressive monetization ruins the free experience or not depends on your perspective.

Tips for Getting Diablo Resurrected for Free

If you don‘t want to wait for sales or promotions, here are a few creative ideas for accessing Diablo 2 Resurrected for free or cheap:

  • Game share with a friend – On Xbox you can set up game sharing to split the cost and each get access.

  • Sign up for Xbox Game Pass – Diablo 2 Resurrected is included with a Game Pass subscription. You can often find discounted intro offers.

  • Play the console free trial – As mentioned earlier, this unlocks the first two acts to let you preview the game.

  • Keep watching for free weekends – Set a calendar reminder and jump on the next free promo period.

  • Wait for seasonal sales – Resurrected has already been discounted 50% or more during promotions.

Unless you use some type of account sharing, there is no way to legally access the full Diablo 2 Resurrected game for free indefinitely. You will have to pay the full $40 price tag at some point. However, sales and trials can lower or eliminate the cost if you are patient.

Should You Play Diablo 1 Instead?

The original 1996 Diablo game is now offered as freeware by Blizzard and can be downloaded totally free from their site. This is an option if you want a free taste of classic Diablo gameplay.

However, Diablo 1 is extremely dated today. Even diehard fans generally recommend playing the newer Resurrected remaster for a vastly improved experience. But for the price of free, getting Diablo 1 is an option.

Path of Exile – The Best Free Diablo Alternative

If you are looking for a great Diablo style action RPG you can play today 100% free, check out Path of Exile. Developed by Grinding Gear Games, PoE is widely considered the best ethical free-to-play Diablo alternative:

  • Completely free with no pay-to-win mechanics
  • Diablo-like dark Gothic art style
  • Extremely deep character customization and skills
  • Seasonal content and leagues

The only downside is PoE has a steep learning curve. But if you put in the time to learn it, you get an amazing free ARPG.

Summary of Free Diablo Options

Here is a quick summary of all the options covered to access Diablo games for free:

Diablo 1YesOld 1996 game, free download as freeware from
Diablo 2No20+ year old game, must purchase or find an old CD key. No trials.
Diablo 3NoRetails for $20, occasional free weekends.
Diablo ImmortalYesFree-to-play mobile game but pay-to-win.
PoEYesExcellent free alternative ARPG.
Diablo 2 ResurrectedLimitedNew remaster, free trials available but normally paid.

So in summary, the Diablo franchise is primarily premium games, besides the controversial Diablo Immortal mobile spinoff. But with creative use of sales and promotions, you can sometimes play the core games for low or no cost.



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