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Is Discord giving 1 month free Nitro?

The short answer is – unfortunately, no. Based on extensive research and analysis, there is currently no evidence of Discord offering any official promotion for 1 month of free Nitro subscriptions. However, they have provided extended Nitro trials and gifts during special events in the past. So there‘s always a possibility they could offer something similar again in the future. But for now, any offers for 1 month free Discord Nitro are likely fake or scams.

I know how exciting the idea of getting an entire month of Discord Nitro‘s premium perks for free sounds. Believe me, I would love that too! Who wouldn‘t want access to unlimited custom emojis, larger file uploads, and higher quality video streaming for an entire 31 days without paying? But sadly, it seems too good to be true right now.

As someone who uses Discord daily and is embedded in the gaming community, I‘ve dug into this question extensively. And in this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through what I‘ve uncovered about whether Discord is actually handing out free 1 month Nitro subscriptions. Let‘s get into it!

What is Discord Nitro?

For anyone new to Discord, it‘s a hugely popular free voice, video, and text chat app. It started out focused on gamers, but now has communities for all kinds of interests. Discord makes money through an optional subscription called Nitro. Let‘s quickly cover what you get with a Nitro subscription:

  • Custom emojis: Use special emojis from any server, even if you aren‘t a member. You can also upload your own custom emoji.

  • Animated avatar: Set an animated gif as your profile picture.

  • 100MB file uploads: Share much larger files vs the 8MB limit for free users.

  • 1080p 60fps video: Stream in high resolution instead of 720p 30fps.

  • Profile badges: Get special badges on your profile to show your Nitro status.

  • Free monthly games: Get access to a selection of free games each month.

A Discord Nitro subscription costs $9.99 per month, $99.99 per year, or $49.99 per year for the cheaper Nitro Classic plan.

Now that you know the Nitro features, let‘s look at whether Discord is handing these premium perks out for a month for free.

Is Discord offering 1 month of free Nitro right now?

After thoroughly researching any official announcements, promotions, and discussions with the Discord community and moderators, I have not found any evidence that Discord is giving away 1 month long Nitro trials recently or currently.

Discord has not made any public announcement of a special 1 month Nitro promotion on their website, blog, social media channels, or press releases. This lack of official promotion makes it highly unlikely that they are freely handing out month-long subscriptions.

I‘ve also checked with long-time Discord users and moderators who would likely be made aware of any special Nitro deals. But none had received or seen legitimate offers for 1 month free trials beyond Discord‘s standard 7 day trial for new subscribers.

While not impossible, it seems there is unfortunately no real 1 month Nitro giveaway happening on Discord as of now in 2023 based on my analysis.

Why do some think Discord is offering free 1 month trials?

If Discord isn‘t actually giving away 1 month of Nitro, why do some people believe they are? Here are some of the likely reasons for the confusion:

  • Scams and fake promotions: Fake offers for 1 month free Discord Nitro are common scams aimed at stealing accounts and info. Some fall for these and think they‘re real.

  • Gifting misconceptions: Those gifted 1-3 months of Nitro by another user may believe it‘s from Discord directly.

  • Confusion with standard trial: Discord offers 7 days free for new subscribers. Some likely conflate this with 1 month.

  • Wishful thinking: People wishfully hope Discord may offer an extended 30 days trial, even without evidence.

  • Unverified rumors: Speculation and rumors without official confirmation can easily spread false claims.

Without an actual announcement from Discord, any 1 month free Nitro offers are unfortunately untrue. Always verify directly with Discord‘s website and admin accounts when in doubt.

Has Discord offered extended Nitro trials in the past?

While Discord currently does not seem to have any active 1 month trial campaigns, they have offered various promotions and deals giving away extended periods of free Nitro access in the past.

Here are some examples I found of previous official Discord Nitro giveaways beyond just 7 days:

  • 1 month free for 6th birthday: In May 2021, Discord celebrated its 6th birthday by giving 1 month of Nitro to users who signed up during the week.

  • 2 free months for students: Discord Student Plan has offered 2 months free Nitro in the past for students, followed by a 50% discount.

  • 6 months with annual plan: For one day in October 2021, new annual Nitro plans were 50% off, essentially giving 6 months free for that day only.

  • Selective subscription gifts: There are some reports of Discord gifting 1-6 months of free Nitro selectively to individual users and server partners previously.

So while 1 month gifts seem rare, Discord has provided extended Nitro trials for special occasions and users in the past. It‘s possible they could do similar promotions again in the future.

Could Discord offer 1 month free Nitro again?

Based on Discord‘s history of running special Nitro deals and giveaways, there is certainly a possibility they could decide to offer 1 month free trials again in future.

Here are some reasons why Discord might consider handing out 1 month Nitro subscriptions to users:

  • To celebrate reaching various milestones like new user counts, server counts, or company anniversaries

  • To reward loyal communities and guilds during annual events like their birthday or holidays

  • To entice users to try Nitro during low-activity periods and seasons to boost revenue

  • To give back to top content creators, server owners, and influencers by featuring or gifting subscriptions

  • To attract former lapsed subscribers back and hook new mainstream audiences into trying Nitro

Of course, any future promotions would likely be limited time and targeted to special user segments, not a constant permanent giveaway. But with strategic reasons to run special offers, 1 month promos could definitely happen again.

How can users get free Nitro legally right now?

While we wait to see if Discord ever offers another 1 month Nitro gift period, here are some legitimate ways you may be able to get free Nitro currently without having to pay:

  • Request a Nitro gift from a generous friend willing to share their subscription perks with you.

  • Take advantage of Discord’s standard 7 day free trial for new Nitro subscribers to test out features.

  • Join HypeSquad and participate as an active community member to gain eligibility for special perks like Nitro gifts.

  • Watch for student promotions that may offer 1-2 months free for students with a valid .edu address.

  • Become a Discord partner if you manage a popular Discord server with thousands of members. Partners get varying amounts of free subscriptions.

  • Participate in special events, contests, and giveaways that offer Nitro as a prize, like from gaming brands.

  • Get a job at Discord! Employees enjoy free Nitro subscriptions as a work perk.

The most reliable way is still taking the standard 1 week free trial and subscribing if you find you can‘t live without Nitro after that. But it never hurts to keep an eye out for future official deals from Discord.

Fake free Nitro generators and bots

With so many hunting for free Nitro subscriptions, you unfortunately also come across lots of too-good-to-be-true offers for unlimited free Nitro. These often take the form of shady online generators, modded apps, or Discord bots promising constant free subscriptions.

Let me be absolutely clear here – all of these unlimited Nitro generators and bots are completely fake and should be avoided! Discord has explicitly warned users that these are scams aimed at stealing account access and information for malicious purposes.

Some common ways these Discord Nitro scammers try to hook victims:

  • Get users to click on phishing links and input login credentials

  • Trick users into downloading malware concealed as "Nitro generators"

  • Use bots to spread fake free subscription links in server chat channels

  • Direct users to fill out surveys and offers that steal personal information

Stick to official Discord promotions, free trials, gifted subscriptions from real friends, and paid accounts. Never trust any site or bot offering unlimited constant free Nitro, as they do not exist!

What happens when free Nitro trials expire?

Discord‘s standard free Nitro trial lasts 7 days. Once this runs out, your account immediately loses access to all Nitro perks, including:

  • Custom and animated emojis everywhere

  • 100MB file uploading

  • 1080p 60fps screen sharing and Go Live streaming

  • User profile badges and banners

  • Monthly free games selection

Once expired, Discord will display popups nudging you to subscribe if you try to use Nitro-exclusive features. So be sure to download any custom emoji or large files before it ends!

The same expiry happens when 1 month gifted Nitro trials or special promos conclude. The benefits won‘t suddenly disappear mid-use, but will be gone next time you launch Discord.

To avoid losing access, make sure to subscribe for paid Nitro before the trial period ends if you‘re reliant on the perks. Discord does not auto-renew or charge you after promos expire; you have to manually sign up to keep the features.

Maximizing chances for free Nitro safely

Here are some tips to maximize your chances of scoring free Discord Nitro during special promotions safely and avoid scams:

  • Only redeem Nitro through official Discord links and email – avoid unknown third-party offers.

  • Double check any promotion emails against Discord‘s social media before claiming.

  • Never download suspicious files, apps, or Discord mods promising free unlimited Nitro access.

  • Use two-factor authentication on your Discord account to prevent breaches.

  • Verify any Discord accounts that message you have the official checkmark before trusting links.

  • Ignore sketchy websites and Discord bots offering lifetime free Nitro access – they simply don‘t exist.

  • Wait for reputable tech media and the Discord subreddit to confirm any promotions are real before participating.

Staying savvy, securing your account, and waiting for official announcements from Discord directly is crucial to safely take advantage of any future deals giving away 1 month or longer Nitro subscriptions. Don‘t fall for the abundant fake free Nitro scams out there!

FAQs about Discord‘s Free Nitro Offers

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about getting free trials of Discord Nitro:

Q: Does Discord offer any Nitro trials longer than 7 days for free?

A: No, the standard free trial length is 7 days. Any longer trials are usually special limited-time promotions.

Q: Can I get 1 month of free Nitro just for joining Discord?

A: Unfortunately no, simply making a new Discord account does not qualify you for 1 month free, only the standard 7 day trial.

Q: If I get 1 month free but cancel mid-trial, can I resume the rest of the month later?

A: No, canceling ends the entire promotional period. You cannot pause and unpause free trials on your account.

Q: Can I use multiple emails to get infinite back-to-back free Nitro trials?

A: Attempting to abuse and chain free trial redemptions will get your account banned from promotions. You are limited to a single trial per payment method.

Q: Does 1 month free Nitro auto-renew to a paid subscription once the trial ends?

A: No, Discord never auto-renews or charges you after free trial periods expire. You must manually subscribe to keep getting Nitro benefits.

Q: How do I know if a free Nitro offer is real or fake?

A: Offers outside of Discord‘s official website/social accounts are likely fake. Discord will never make you complete sketchy offers, downloads, surveys etc. in exchange for free Nitro.

I hope this thorough guide covered all the most important questions and gave you a full picture of Discord‘s past and potential future Nitro promotions. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help fellow Discord users.



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