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Is Disney Switch Game Free? Here‘s the Inside Scoop on Dreamlight Valley and More

Hi friend! With the new Disney Dreamlight Valley game now available on Nintendo Switch, you may be wondering – is this, or any Disney Switch game, available for free? It‘s an excellent question. Let me walk you through the full details so you can make an informed decision.

The short answer is: Sort of! Disney Dreamlight Valley will be completely free-to-play starting in 2023. But for now, you‘ll need to purchase early access if you want to play before next year.

In this guide, I‘ll give you insider info on:

  • How Disney Dreamlight Valley works, including pricing
  • What other Disney games are on Switch
  • How Dreamlight Valley compares to popular free games like Fortnite
  • When and how you can get Dreamlight Valley for free
  • Whether Dreamlight Valley is worth buying now or waiting
  • And lots more!

By the end, you‘ll be a Disney gaming expert! Let‘s dive in.

Here‘s the Deal with Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley is a new life simulation game where you create a character and interact with Disney characters in a beautiful world. You can decorate homes, plant gardens, cook, fish, mine for gems, and dress up in fun outfits.

It‘s designed to be a relaxing, family-friendly experience full of Disney magic. The game is developed by Gameloft, known for mobile titles.

Now for the juicy pricing details:

  • Dreamlight Valley entered early access on September 6, 2022. This means a paid sneak peek version is available ahead of the full launch.

  • During early access, you need to purchase a Founder‘s Pack ranging from $29.99 to $69.99. This grants you immediate access.

  • In 2023, Disney plans to make Dreamlight Valley completely free-to-play for anyone.

So in summary:

  • Right now, you need to buy early access to play
  • Starting next year, the full game will be 100% free

This hybrid model helps fund development now while building a player base for next year. Your progress will carry over too.

But there‘s more…

Can You Play Dreamlight Valley for Free Right Now?

I have some good news! While the full free debut isn‘t until 2023, there are a few ways to play today without spending money:

Xbox Game Pass

Dreamlight Valley is included with an Xbox Game Pass subscription! This gives you the $29.99 Standard Founder‘s Pack version for no extra cost.

A Game Pass subscription starts at $9.99 monthly, so you save big compared to buying a Founder‘s Pack. This deal is for Xbox consoles, PC, and mobile via Cloud Gaming.

Epic Store Coupon

If you play on PC or Mac, the Epic Store offers a one-time coupon for any game priced $14.99 or higher. This takes 20% off the price of Dreamlight Valley Founder‘s Packs!

For example, the $29.99 Standard Pack would cost only $23.99. Not bad!

So while the full free game isn‘t here yet, Xbox and Epic users can get in on early access today without opening their wallets.

How Does Dreamlight Valley Compare to Other Games?

Dreamlight Valley stands out from other Disney Switch games due to its forthcoming free-to-play model. Almost all major Disney titles on Switch are full-priced games:

  • Disney Magical World 2: $49.99
  • Lego Disney Pixar‘s The Incredibles: $59.99
  • Disney Classic Games Collection: $29.99

In contrast, free-to-play is common among the Switch‘s most popular games:

  • Fortnite: Free
  • Pokémon UNITE: Free
  • Rocket League: Free
  • Fall Guys: Free

So Disney is venturing into free-to-play territory normally dominated by multiplayer powerhouses. This could give them an edge over paid Disney games in attracting players.

Dreamlight Valley also avoids "pay-to-win" pitfalls some free games fall into. All purchases are purely cosmetic for customizing your character and home. You can reach the endgame without spending at all.

When Will Disney Dreamlight Valley Become 100% Free?

Gameloft hasn‘t provided an exact free-to-play launch date yet. However, we have some clues:

  • The early access period is confirmed to last at least 6 months
  • Early access began September 6, 2022
  • Most industry experts predict a full launch in late Q1 or early Q2 of 2023

Based on this info, I‘d expect Disney Dreamlight Valley to go completely free sometime between March and May 2023.

Of course, the date could get pushed back. But early to mid-2023 looks most probable. Just 8-10 months of waiting!

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Worth Buying Now?

Even with the free version on the horizon, you may be wondering if it‘s worth buying early access today. Let‘s compare the pros and cons:


  • Immediate access lets you play right away
  • Founder‘s Packs offer exclusive items and currency
  • Supports the developers financially
  • Cross-progression carries over to the free version


  • Costs $29.99 minimum for Standard Pack
  • Some performance issues on Switch
  • Will be free in months
  • Pack items won‘t be exclusive forever

Overall, buying early access is great for supporting Gameloft and enjoying Dreamlight Valley ASAP. But casual players on a budget may want to wait for the free edition.

For Switch users especially, be aware of potential performance issues before purchasing.

What Other Disney Games Are Coming?

While we don‘t know for sure what‘s next yet, I can give you some insider scoops on possible upcoming Disney Switch games based on announcements and rumors in the gaming world:

Disney Illusion Island

  • 3D platformer starring Mickey Mouse and friends
  • Developed by Dlala Studios
  • Slated for release in July 2023
  • Almost certainly will be a full-priced game

Disney Speedstorm

  • Cute kart racer like Mario Kart
  • Will be free-to-play with cosmetic purchases
  • Could come in late 2022

Marvel‘s Midnight Suns

  • Tactical RPG featuring Wolverine, Iron Man, more
  • Made by Firaxis (Civilization series)
  • Planned for late 2022
  • Expected to be a standard paid title

Exciting times ahead for Disney fans on Switch! Gameloft‘s CEO has also teased more free-to-play Disney games are in development beyond Dreamlight Valley.

The Bottom Line on Disney Games and Free-to-Play

While Disney Dreamlight Valley won‘t be completely free until 2023, you can play now at a big discount through Xbox Game Pass or the Epic Store. This makes it much more accessible to try before the full launch.

Dreamlight Valley represents Disney‘s first major foray into true free-to-play on consoles. The hybrid model could become more common as Disney competes with free mega-hits like Fortnite and Genshin Impact.

But paid games still have their place, especially for big-budget titles like the upcoming Midnight Suns. We‘ll likely continue to see a mix of free and paid Disney games on Switch.

Hopefully this inside look helped explain whether Disney games are free! Let me know if you have any other Disney gaming questions. I‘m always happy to help a friend out.



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