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Is DMZ Free in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Yes, Here‘s How To Play for Free

If you‘re a Call of Duty fan, you may have heard about the brand new DMZ mode introduced in Modern Warfare 2. The short answer is – yes, DMZ is completely free to play! You do not need to purchase Modern Warfare 2 to access DMZ. It is included with the free-to-play Warzone 2.0 game.

In this in-depth guide, I‘ll provide everything you need to know about playing DMZ for free. I‘ll cover what exactly DMZ is, how to get started, strategy tips, the current meta, and reasons why this innovative new mode is worth playing.

As a long-time gamer and COD fan myself, I‘m excited to share how you can experience DMZ at no cost courtesy of Warzone 2.0!

What is DMZ Mode? An Introduction for New Players

Let‘s start with an overview of what this new Call of Duty mode is all about:

DMZ stands for Demilitarized Zone and is an open-world, extraction-focused multiplayer mode with shades of Escape from Tarkov, Hunt: Showdown, and The Division.

Here‘s a quick rundown of DMZ‘s key features:

  • Large Open World – Fights take place on the massive Al Mazrah map from Warzone 2.0. This provides tons of freedom.

  • PvEvP Gameplay – Battle against dangerous AI enemies and other players for competitive PvP and co-op PvE action.

  • RPG Elements – Scavenge for loot, take on missions, manage your loadouts and hideout inventory, unlock upgrades, and more.

  • Extraction Focus – Successfully extracting from matches lets you keep acquired weapons, loot, and cash for future use. Dying loses you everything.

  • High Stakes – Limited lives and permanent death for squad members makes every match an intense struggle to survive and extract.

Overall, DMZ provides a fresh alternative to standard competitive Call of Duty modes. The mix of PvE and PvP with strong RPG mechanics and an extraction focus creates a tactical, high-risk experience. You‘ll need to cooperate with your squad, choose engagements wisely, and keep your head on a swivel to come out on top!

Next up, let‘s cover how to get access to DMZ for free without paying a dime.

Play DMZ for Free with Warzone 2.0

The great news is that DMZ does not cost anything to play! Here is how to gain free access:

  • Download Warzone 2.0 – As a component of the new free-to-play Warzone 2.0, DMZ is available to all players who install Warzone 2.0 at no cost.

  • Access via Warzone 2.0 Menu – Once you have Warzone downloaded, DMZ can be accessed directly from the main menu. Just select DMZ and party up.

  • No Modern Warfare 2 Required – Importantly, you do not need to purchase the premium Modern Warfare 2 game to play DMZ. It is completely free as part of Warzone.

  • Crossplay Supported – DMZ allows crossplay between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Group up with friends on any platform!

As long as you have Warzone 2.0 installed, you can experience everything DMZ has to offer. This allows it to reach the widest possible free-to-play audience to experience Call of Duty in a new way.

Now let‘s go over some quick tips to get started in DMZ for the first time.

Tips for New Players Jumping into DMZ

If you‘re excited to boot up DMZ for the first time courtesy of your free Warzone 2.0 install, here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Do the Tutorial – Complete the DMZ tutorial to learn the ropes in a low-stakes setting. It will teach you how looting, fighting AI, extracting, and other key mechanics work.

  • Start Small – Begin with smaller objectives like supply caches to get your bearings. Don‘t immediately try taking on massive multi-area strongholds. Build up your skills.

  • Play Solo or Duos First – Trying your first matches solo or duo lets you get used to DMZ‘s flow without coordinating a full squad. Once you have more experience, go for trios.

  • Focus on Survival – Staying alive is priority number one. Avoid unnecessary risks and stick to the fringes of hot zones if you‘re under-geared and just starting out.

  • Have an Extract Plan – Always know where the nearest extraction points are located. Have a getaway strategy prepared for when things inevitably go sideways.

  • Learn from Death – Dying loses your equipped loot, so reflect on what went wrong and how you can adapt your tactics to be more successful on the next attempt.

Follow these suggestions to get yourbearings in DMZ‘s expansive open world. Once you have the basics down, let‘s discuss how to up your game.

DMZ Gameplay Guide – Key Tips and Strategies

Once you‘ve gotten your feet wet, here are some more advanced DMZ tips to help you thrive:

Picking Your Loadout

  • Focus on 2-4 primary weapons suited to your playstyle to upgrade and become proficient with. Branch out slowly.

  • Pack a suppressed close-quarters and longer range weapon to be equipped for any engagement.

  • Insured weapons are returned on death, so insure favorites like an AK or SP-R 208 sniper you rely on.

  • Customize lethal and tactical items not just for combat but also mission utility like breaching and defense.

Successful Loot Runs

  • Check bodies, backpacks, boxes, lockers, and safes thoroughly for cash, keys, intel, and lootable weapons. Don‘t skip anything!

  • Share finds with squadmates so everyone gets a cut of lucrative items. Keeping everyone geared up helps the team.

  • Visit Blue Vault caches and use rare keys on locked rooms to acquire premium gear and massive cash stacks.

  • Deposit excess cash into ATMs before extracting. This banks your money even if you die later on.

Winning Fights

  • Use suppressed weapons and repositioning to silently take down isolated enemies. Avoid alerting the herd.

  • Bring lethal equipment like C4, mines, RPGs and assault killstreaks when attacking fortified objectives.

  • Pop smoke on downed teammates to safely revive them under concealment when surrounded. Teamwork keeps everyone alive.

  • Don‘t be afraid to simply run away and re-engage on more favorable terms if you‘re severely outmatched. Staying alive matters most.

Extracting Successfully

  • Scope out extraction points from a distance before approaching. Use your drone to spot camping ambushers.

  • Time your arrival just before extraction to minimize time enemies have to set up traps and kill zones.

  • Exfil solo if carrying extremely valuable contraband to avoid teammates giving away your position or plans.

  • Defend the exfil point as a team once the timer is counting down. Fend off the horde!

Put these advanced strategies to work in your next matches to really up your DMZ prowess. Next let‘s examine the current meta and trends.

Review of DMZ Meta in Season 2 – Best Weapons, Tactics, and Changes

As DMZ evolves from season to season, here is an overview of the current meta:

Top Weapons

  • SMG – MP7 and FSS Hurricane for CQB and room clearing. Vaznev-9k for suppression.

  • Assault Rifle – Lachmann-762 and STB 556 for versatile mid-range engagements.

  • Marksman – SP-R 208 and Victus XMR prove popular for long range and high bullet velocity.

  • Shotgun – Expedite 12 and Bryson 800 are extremely effective inside 10-15 meters.

Notable Tactics

  • Popping smoke and reviving teammates mid-fight to prevent squad wipes.

  • More frequent use of drones to scout ahead and spot hiding enemies near objectives.

  • Camping extracts with proximity mines to ambush loaded squads as the exfil timer counts down.

  • Baiting pursuing players into radiation zones then popping radiation meds to trap and finish them off while they take damage.

Major Changes

  • New Europa faction enemies feature improved AI behavior and accuracy, especially at range.

  • Added rare new "Contraband" weapons only found in matches that are permanently lost on death.

  • Price of permanent weapon unlocks drastically increased. Now takes longer to permanently acquire looted guns.

  • New in-match public events like jailbreaks, high value targets, and fire sales mix up normal gameplay.

These current DMZ tips can help you refine your approach and take advantage of the newest additions. Always be adaptable!

Next up, let‘s examine why DMZ is worth playing and a great compliment to traditional Call of Duty modes.

What Makes DMZ so Enjoyable?

Even though DMZ veers away from standard competitive Call of Duty, it still provides a ton of fun. Here‘s why it‘s worth jumping into:

  • Innovative New Mode – Experience fresh open world extraction gameplay not seen in COD before.

  • Accessibility – DMZ is free for all as part of Warzone 2.0. No need to buy anything.

  • PvE & Co-op – Fight alongside your squad against dangerous AI enemies. Teamwork is key.

  • RPG Mechanics – Enjoy looting, operating bases, choosing gear loadouts, and progressing your character.

  • Open World Sandbox – The wide open Al Mazrah map promotes freedom and emergent gameplay.

  • High Stakes – Permadeath and extraction-focused matches create real tension and reward.

DMZ succeeds at carving out a unique Call of Duty experience focused more on tactics and teamwork than pure twitch reflexes. Give it a shot when you need a break from traditional competitive modes!

FAQ – Common DMZ Questions from Players

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about DMZ:

Do you keep loadout guns and loot between matches?

  • Yes, any exfil rewards and insured loadout weapons carry over. Loot not extracted is lost.

Can you play solo or do you need a squad?

  • You can disable squad fill to play solo or duos. But having a squad makes missions easier.

Is there SBMM or custom matches?

  • Currently no SBMM or private matches, just standard matchmaking based on party size.

How long do matches last before gassing out?

  • You typically have 20-30 minutes before the gas closes in completely. Manage your time wisely.

Can you pick your DMZ server or is it matchmaking only?

  • DMZ uses automated matchmaking; you cannot currently browse and pick servers directly.

Hopefully these common questions help provide useful clarification! Now let‘s wrap things up.


At the end of the day, DMZ provides a stellar new open world PvEvP experience for Call of Duty fans to enjoy for free. It successfully marries the tight gunplay and mechanics of COD with looter shooter and extraction gameplay to create something innovative.

Gaining free access via Warzone 2.0 lets all players try out this bold new mode without any barriers. Alone or with a squad, you can scavenge, fight, loot, and survive your way to memorable extraction victories.

So if you‘re seeking something beyond traditional deathmatch in COD, be sure to give DMZ a shot. It could just become your new favorite way to play Call of Duty!

Let me know if you have any other DMZ questions. I‘m here to help new players like yourself get the most out of this exciting new mode. Now get out there, squad up, and start looting Al Mazrah!



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