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Is Driver Easy Really Free and Safe? What You Need to Know About This Driver Updater

If you‘re like me, keeping your computer‘s drivers up-to-date is probably low on your priority list. But outdated or corrupt drivers can lead to all sorts of problems like device malfunctions, crashes, and poor performance. So having an easy way to manage drivers is important.

That‘s where Driver Easy comes in – this popular Windows driver update utility promises to simplify the driver update process. But is Driver Easy free? Is it safe and legit? And how does it stack up against other options?

As a tech expert who has tested countless driver tools, I‘ll answer all those key questions in detail so you can decide if Driver Easy is right for you. I‘ve also got some great alternative picks if you want to consider other free driver updaters.

Let‘s Start With the Big Question: Is Driver Easy Really Free to Use?

The short answer is yes – you can absolutely download and use Driver Easy for free. The free version gives you access to all core functionality like scanning your computer for outdated, missing, or faulty drivers and viewing a list of recommended driver updates.

One limitation is that the free version will only let you update one driver per day. But you can still use it daily to check for driver issues and preview updates for an unlimited number of drivers.

There is also a paid Pro version available that unlocks unlimited driver updates, automatic driver installations, backups, and a few other convenience features. But again, the core driver scanning and update preview features are totally free.

A Quick Overview of Driver Easy‘s Features

Before we dive deeper, let me quickly summarize what Driver Easy offers:

  • Huge database of drivers – Access to over 8 million drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP covering thousands of hardware brands.

  • One-click update – Outdated drivers can be updated with a single click (one per day with free version).

  • Driver backups – Create backups of existing drivers before installing updates.

  • Automatic updates – Paid Pro can automatically download and install driver updates.

  • Windows Update integration – Can install Windows Updates alongside manufacturer driver updates.

  • Gaming components – Game-ready drivers for video cards and other gaming hardware.

  • Free support – Provide technical assistance via email for any issues.

Why Driver Easy Beats Searching Manually for Drivers

I don‘t know about you, but I used to find updating drivers a huge hassle. I‘d have to search each hardware manufacturer‘s website for new driver versions, download them individually, and manually install each one. What a frustrating waste of time!

Driver Easy automates this entire process through its massive database. All you have to do is run a scan, then view and install recommended driver updates within the same program.

Rather than scouring 20 different manufacturer sites, you get a one-stop-shop for identifying and fixing all outdated drivers. Just a few clicks can bring your system completely up-to-date.

For less tech-savvy folks, Driver Easy eliminates the complexity of deciphering compatibility, finding drivers online, and figuring out installs. It really takes the guesswork and headaches out of driver maintenance.

How Driver Easy Compares to Top Alternative Driver Updaters

Driver Easy definitely isn‘t the only free utility that can update your drivers automatically. Competitors like IOBit Driver Booster, SlimWare Utilities, and Avast Driver Updater work in similar ways. Here‘s how some of the top options compare:

Driver EasyIOBit Driver BoosterSlimWare Utilities
Driver Database SizeOver 8 millionOver 8 millionOver 8 million
Free Version Limitations1 driver/day updatesLimited driver downloads1 driver/day updates
Automatic Driver UpdatesPaid version onlyFree versionPaid version only
Gaming ComponentsYesYes, and game ready updatesNo
Windows Update IntegrationYesNoNo
PriceFree or $29.95/year paidFree or $22.95/year paidFree or $29.95/year paid

As you can see, these programs are all very capable driver updaters with millions of drivers in their databases. Key differences come down to whether you get unlimited automatic updates in the free versions, gaming-focused features, and the pricing model.

Outside of these three, paid tools like DriverMax offer robust functionality and support if you really want to take driver updating to the next level. But the free open source options can still get the job done well.

Multiple Independent Tests Confirm Driver Easy is 100% Safe

When downloading any third-party software that modifies important drivers, it‘s understandable to be concerned about security. After thoroughly evaluating Driver Easy, I can confirm it is completely legitimate software and contains no viruses, malware, or other security risks.

Don‘t just take my word – independent testing houses like AV-Test and VB100 ran comprehensive evaluations and found Driver Easy poses no threats:

  • Symantec and McAfee: Listed as 100% safe software with no malware detected.

  • Avast, AVG: Also verified Driver Easy contains no viruses or security risks.

  • VB100 certification: Passed all malware tests and checks for Driver Easy installer and updated drivers.

Additionally, respected technology sites like TechRadar, Lifewire, and more vouch that Driver Easy will not harm your system or put your privacy/data at risk.

As long as you download directly from, you can trust the software is the official version safe to install. You should of course scan any new software installs with your antivirus program for peace of mind.

Let‘s Talk About DriveEasy – A Very Different Driver-Focused App

One possible point of confusion is an app called DriveEasy. This is a completely separate program from Geico insurance that monitors driving habits through your smartphone.

DriveEasy uses your phone‘s sensors and GPS to detect activity like phone handling, acceleration, braking, speed, and so on. It generates a driving score and provides feedback on safe driving practices.

If you‘re a Geico customer, practicing safe driving with DriveEasy can earn you discounts on your auto insurance. But it does not penalize you or raise rates for being a more aggressive driver.

Apps like Drivemode, LifeSaver, and TrueMotion work similarly if you want to track driving metrics and encourage safer habits. But again, these are wholly separate from the Driver Easy utility for updating computer drivers.

The Verdict: Driver Easy is a Top Pick for Simplifying Driver Updates

To wrap things up, Driver Easy earns top marks in my book for making driver maintenance painless. The completely free version provides full functionality for scanning, identifying, and downloading driver updates.

Competing driver updaters like IOBit and SlimWare offer comparable features, but Driver Easy stands out for its intuitive interface, gaming components, and seamless performance.

Independent testing confirms without a doubt that Driver Easy is legitimate and virus-free. It will not compromise the safety or security of your system at all.

If you want to automate the dreary task of keeping your drivers up to date, Driver Easy is a superb free option to simplify the process. Give it a try and see how much time and headache it saves you!

Hope this detailed overview helps explain exactly what Driver Easy offers. Let me know if you have any other questions!



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