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Is Far Cry 6 Stranger Things Free? Yes, the Epic Crossover DLC is Completely Free!

The short answer is yes, the incredibly cool Stranger Things crossover DLC for Far Cry 6 is totally free for all players on Xbox, PlayStation and PC! This special mission lets you explore the dark ‘Sideways‘ Upside Down realm filled with Demogorgons and iconic locations from the hit Netflix show.

As both a huge Far Cry and Stranger Things fan, I was so hyped when this DLC dropped. And the fact that it‘s free made it even sweeter! In this detailed guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about the free Stranger Things DLC in Far Cry 6: what‘s included, how to access it, is it canon, and more tips to maximize your time in the twisted upside down world. Let‘s dive in!

A Thrilling Free DLC Gift for Fans

Ubisoft added the free Stranger Things crossover DLC to Far Cry 6 in May 2022 shortly before the release of Stranger Things Season 4. It‘s available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

This exciting freebie was like an early summer gift for fans of both franchises. And best of all, you don‘t need to own any DLC or even the base Far Cry 6 game to play it! The Stranger Things DLC is completely free to all players as a special thank you to the community.

I seriously respect Ubisoft for making this DLC free instead of locking it behind a paywall. It shows they really care about creating magical moments for fans. And it worked – the DLC has been massively popular, with over 2.3 million players hopping into the Sideways realm so far!

Entering the Sideways Upside Down World

The free DLC, called ‘The Vanishing‘, lets you take a trip into the creepy alternate dimension from Stranger Things known as the Sideways. It‘s an eerie, dark reflection of Yara distorted by supernatural forces.

Fans of the show will feel right at home with the ominous red lightning and floating particles in the air. It perfectly captures the vibe of the Upside Down realm.

You‘ll explore iconic locations like Hopper‘s cabin reimagined in the Sideways, complete with Christmas lights for decoration. There are also neat Easter eggs and references to satisfy superfans.

Hoppers Cabin

Hopper‘s creepy cabin in the Sideways

Battling Demogorgons and Rescuing Friends

The highlight of the Stranger Things DLC is getting to battle Demogorgons – the deadly flower-faced monsters from the show! These things are no joke, with sharp claws, teleportation powers and the ability to kill you in one hit.

Fighting Demogorgons with high-powered weapons like the alien blaster is an absolute blast. I loved unloading on the creatures with an LMG then finishing them off with the powerful flamethrower.

Your goal is to explore the Sideways, rescue missing Yarans and find your cute dog Chorizo who also wandered into the Upside Down. The story ties nicely into Stranger Things lore while furthering your revolution against Antón Castillo.

Awesome New Weapons to Discover

One of my favorite parts of the DLC was getting my hands on radical new weapons themed around Stranger Things:

  • Flamethrower – Roasts Demogorgons with blazing fire.
  • Alien Blaster – Powerful energy rifle that disintegrates enemies.
  • Hawk‘s Hunting Rifle – Surgical long-range rifle good for sniping.
  • Scorpion Stinger – Full auto pistol packing a rapid-fire punch.

These guns are super fun to use and feel straight out of the 80s sci-fi universe. The alien blaster and flamethrower specifically are extremely satisfying for demolishing Demogorgons. And you get to keep all the weapons in the main game after completing the DLC!

Is the Stranger Things DLC Canon?

One common question is whether the Stranger Things crossover DLC is considered canon or officially part of the lore.

The answer is no – the DLC is not canon. It‘s just a fun standalone mission meant as fan service to bring the worlds together temporarily. The events don‘t impact the core storylines of either franchise.

Personally, I‘m totally fine with it being non-canon. The DLC succeeds wonderfully as a vibrant celebration of both universes. And keeping it separate allows more creative freedom.

My take is to just enjoy the awesome crossover adventure for what it is – then return to liberating Yara from Castillo!

How Long is the Stranger Things DLC Available?

According to Ubisoft, the free Stranger Things DLC mission will only be available for a limited time. The current expectation is it will leave Far Cry 6 around July 2022.

This coincides with the release timing of Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 on Netflix. So if you want to experience this trippy crossover, be sure to play it soon before the portal to the Sideways closes!

I recommend clearing out 2-3 hours to fully soak in the environment. Take your time exploring the alternate dimension while blasting Demogorgons and uncovering Easter eggs.

Accessing the DLC – Quick Steps

Here is a quick summary of how to access the free Stranger Things DLC:

  1. Install the latest update for Far Cry 6.

  2. Launch the game and connect to the internet.

  3. Go to the in-game menu and select "Expeditions".

  4. Choose the mission "The Vanishing" and load in.

  5. Get a call from Juan to begin your journey into the Sideways!

And that‘s all it takes to enter the dark dimension. Ubisoft made accessing the DLC seamless.

If you somehow don‘t see the mission, double check the game is fully updated, verify your internet connection, and restart if necessary. That should make the Stranger Things DLC appear.

Tips to Get the Most Out of the DLC

To maximize your time in the Sideways, here are some tips:

  • Take it slow – Explore thoroughly and soak in the environment. Rush and you‘ll miss hidden areas.

  • Use cover – Demogorgons hit hard, so use cover and keep moving. Flamethrowers melt their health.

  • Find collectibles – There are documents, recordings and relics related to Stranger Things lore.

  • Co-op fun – Playing co-op with a friend doubles the enjoyment. Have one player use the rifle while the other flanks with a shotgun.

  • Talk to NPCs – Chatting with characters provides interesting commentary about the Sideways.

  • Photo mode – Get cool screenshots posing with Demogorgons or colorful neon lights.

  • Change outfits – Don your Scoops Ahoy uniform or dress like Hopper for extra style points.

Following these tips will ensure you have an absolute blast within the Stranger Things DLC and get the most bang for your buck.

More Far Cry 6 DLC Options

On top of the free Stranger Things DLC, Far Cry 6 also has premium DLC expansions available:

  • Vaas Insanity – Become the villain Vaas from Far Cry 3 in this roguelike DLC.
  • Pagan Control – Step into the shoes of Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 and redeem your past.
  • Joseph Collapse – DLC focused on Joseph Seed and the Eden‘s Gate cult from Far Cry 5.

These all add substantial new story missions, abilities and perspectives. I found them worth buying if you want to extend the life of Far Cry 6 with more content.

Ubisoft also held a free weekend for Far Cry 6 from March 24-27, 2022. This let new players experience the full base game temporarily for free.

So between the free DLC, free weekend, and in-depth expansions, Ubisoft has provided awesome ways to get more out of Far Cry 6 long-term.

The Verdict? Don‘t Miss This Epic Crossover!

As a passionate gamer and Stranger Things superfan, I couldn‘t have asked for a better free DLC experience. Entering the Sideways to battle Demogorgons with high-powered 80s weapons was an absolute blast.

The creepy vibe, Easter eggs, and mixing of the two universes was masterfully executed. And again, the fact that it‘s completely free for all players makes it an amazing gift to the community.

Just make sure to play it soon before the portal to the Upside Down closes for good! I highly recommend clearing out 2-3 hours to fully explore the environment and hidden secrets. Bring a friend for co-op and use strategies like flanking Demogorgons with the flamethrower and sniper rifle combo.

So in summary, yes the Stranger Things DLC for Far Cry 6 is totally free and absolutely worth your time for the thrilling crossover experience. Now if you‘ll excuse me, I need to hop back into the Sideways and roast some more Demogorgons with my handy alien blaster!



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