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Is Football Manager 2022 Free? A Detailed Guide

Football Manager 2022 (FM22) is the latest release in the popular Football Manager series of association football management simulation games by Sports Interactive. With its incredibly in-depth gameplay and staggering realism, FM22 allows players to live out their dreams of becoming a professional football club manager.

But with the high praise the game has received over the years, many are wondering – is Football Manager 2022 free to play? Or do you need to purchase it?

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about getting Football Manager 2022 for free, including:

  • An overview of Football Manager 2022 and its pricing
  • Ways to get FM22 for free legally
  • What you get with the free version of FM22
  • Limitations of the free demo version
  • How to upgrade from the demo to full game
  • Alternatives to get FM22 at a discount or for free

Let‘s get started!

Overview of Football Manager 2022 and Pricing

Football Manager 2022 was released on November 9, 2021 for PC, Mac, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

The standard pricing for FM22 is:

  • PC/Mac (Steam): $59.99 USD / £39.99 GBP
  • Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One: $49.99 USD / £34.99 GBP
  • Mobile (iOS and Android): $9.99 USD / £8.99 GBP
  • Nintendo Switch: $39.99 USD / £34.99 GBP

There are no options to play the full PC/Mac or console versions of FM22 for free without purchasing the game.

However, there are legal ways to get FM22 for free which we‘ll cover next.

Ways to Get FM22 for Free Legally

Here are some legitimate methods for getting your hands on Football Manager 2022 at no cost:

1. Download the Free Demo

Sports Interactive provides a free, playable demo of FM22 that you can download directly from Steam or their website.

The FM22 demo gives you access to the full game and all features for 6 in-game months. This allows you to experience the magic of being a football manager for around 10 hours before your save expires.

Progress made in the demo can be carried over if you decide to purchase the full version of the game later. We‘ll cover more details on the demo and how to upgrade from it in the sections below.

2. Amazon Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime members can claim FM22 for free right now through Prime Gaming.

Simply link your Amazon Prime account with your Epic Games account, claim the offer on the Prime Gaming website, and you‘ll get access to the full PC version of FM22 on Epic Games Store for free.

The Prime Gaming freebie also includes the Xbox version of FM22. You‘ll need to link your Xbox Live account and redeem the code on the Microsoft Store.

3. Xbox Game Pass

FM22 was available for free earlier this year to Xbox Game Pass members on PC and Xbox consoles.

Unfortunately, FM22 has now been removed from Game Pass. But it‘s likely the next edition, Football Manager 2023, will be added to Game Pass again shortly after its release later this year.

So in summary, the free demo, Amazon Prime Gaming, and Xbox Game Pass are the only legitimate ways to play FM22 for free right now.

What You Get with the Free Demo Version

The FM22 demo gives you access to almost all of the features in the full game, including:

  • Pick from any playable league from over 50 countries
  • Use the powerful and intuitive new Data Hub for in-depth analysis
  • Make tactical adjustments mid-match using new in-game animations
  • Develop young talent at your club‘s newly enhanced youth academy
  • Build your manager persona through press conferences and interactions
  • Take charge of the dressing room with improved team talks
  • And much more!

You‘ll get approximately 6 months of in-game time with the demo which equates to around 10 hours of play.

Your club‘s league schedule is condensed into this time frame so you can experience multiple seasons worth of matches, transfers windows, competitions, etc.

The FM22 demo is essentially the full management experience, just in a limited time period. This gives you plenty of time to get a feel for the game before deciding if you want to upgrade and continue your save.

Limitations of the Free Demo Version

While the FM22 demo provides ample gameplay time, there are some restrictions to be aware of:

  • 6 in-game months limit – As mentioned, your save expires after 6 months. So you can‘t play long-term campaigns.

  • No access to custom databases – You can only use the default leagues and clubs. Custom databases require the full game.

  • Limited transfer market – The transfer market is restricted to free agent signings only. Making transfers requires the full version.

  • Can‘t add new manager leagues – You can‘t create a new league or take over an unemployed manager. Only playable leagues are available.

  • No Steam Workshop access – Mods, custom skins, and graphics require the paid PC/Mac version.

  • No online multiplayer modes – Demo is limited to single player only.

So while you get a large chunk of the management experience, the demo has some understandable restrictions. But it‘s more than enough to determine if FM22 is worth purchasing.

How to Upgrade from Demo to Full Game

If you‘ve enjoyed your time with the FM22 demo and want to upgrade to the full version, it‘s a quick and simple process:

On PC/Mac (Steam):

  • Purchase FM22 through Steam.
  • Your existing demo save will now automatically convert to a full version career.
  • Steam will download any extra content needed that the demo didn‘t include.

On Xbox:

  • Purchase FM22 through the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console.
  • Load up the game, and you‘ll have the option to convert your demo save to a full version.
  • Any missing licences, leagues, etc. will be added seamlessly.

On Mobile:

  • Open the FM22 Mobile app and tap the "Upgrade Now" button.
  • The app will walk you through the purchase process while retaining your demo save.

It‘s that easy! Upgrade to the full version and continue your managerial journey with no limits.

Alternatives to Get FM22 at a Discount or for Free

If you don‘t want to pay full price for Football Manager 2022, here are a few additional options:

  • Wait for a sale – Steam and other retailers regularly discount FM22, up to 50% off or more during major sales.

  • Buy a code online – Sites like CDKeys sell official FM22 codes at a cheaper price year-round.

  • Try Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition on Game Pass – While the PC version left Game Pass, the console-exclusive FM22 Xbox Edition is still included for subscribers. This simplified version can give you a taste of the management experience.

  • Install free alternative managers – Games like Football Story allow you to experience football management gameplay without the FM licensing.

  • Consider older Football Manager versions – You may be able to find older FM editions like 2021 or 2020 discounted heavily or free if you don‘t need the latest features.

Is Football Manager 2023 Free?

At the time of writing, Football Manager 2023 has not been released yet. It is expected in November 2022.

Based on precedent, FM23 will likely follow a similar structure as FM22:

  • Full game will need to be purchased on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile
  • Free demo version will be available
  • Inclusion as a freebie on Xbox/PC Game Pass is possible

So while we can‘t guarantee anything yet, you should be able to get your hands on FM23 for free via the demo or Game Pass when it launches later this year!

Can You Play FM22 Without Buying It? Final Thoughts

While the full Football Manager 2022 game requires purchase on PC and consoles, there are several legitimate ways to enjoy FM22 for free:

  • The free demo provides 5+ hours of gameplay to let you try before you buy FM22.
  • Amazon Prime members can grab FM22 at no cost through Prime Gaming loot.
  • Keep an eye out for FM22 deals during sales or discounted game code sites.
  • Consider trying FM22 Xbox Edition on Xbox Game Pass, even if the standard FM22 left the service.

With the free demo version, you still get access to almost all of FM22‘s impressive features and depth in a limited 6 month timeframe. This gives you plenty of hands-on time to experience being a football manager before deciding to commit and upgrade.

While buying the full game unlocks unlimited seasons, leagues, mods, and multiplayer, you can sink many satisfying hours into FM22 just with the demo alone.

So for both newcomers and veterans of the series interested in the latest installment, downloading the free FM22 demo is definitely recommended as you can play FM22 without paying a dime!



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