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Is Global Poker free? Yes, you can play for free and win real money.

Global Poker offers a 100% free way to play real money poker online and cash out winnings. Thanks to its unique sweepstakes model, you can earn free "Sweeps Coins" daily and redeem them for real cash prizes. No deposit or purchase required – just sign up and start playing free poker!

As an avid poker player myself, I was thrilled when I discovered Global Poker. Finally, a way to enjoy playing poker online that didn‘t require depositing my hard-earned money. The simplicity and legality of Global‘s approach makes free online poker accessible for almost all players across the country.

In this in-depth guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about playing real money poker for free on Global Poker. I‘ll cover how the site‘s sweepstakes model works, all the ways to get free Sweeps Coins, the game options and tournaments, details on cashing out winnings, and plenty more.

Whether you‘re a total beginner looking to learn poker or a seasoned pro hunting for the juiciest games, you‘ll see why Global Poker is a top destination for legal free play poker. So let‘s dive right in and explore the freerolls awaiting!

How Global Poker Legally Offers Real Money Poker for Free

As a licensed and regulated online poker room, Global Poker has figured out a creative way to provide free access to real money games across the United States. They structure their games as sweepstakes, utilizing two forms of virtual currency on the platform:

  • Sweeps Coins – These are free entries used to play in real money contests. Sweeps Coins have no inherent monetary value but any winnings can be cashed out for actual money or prizes.
  • Gold Coins – For entertainment purposes only. These cannot be exchanged for real rewards. Gold Coins can be purchased if you wish to build a bigger stack.

This separation of free Sweeps Coins and purchasable Gold Coins is the key innovation that keeps Global Poker on the right side of U.S. law. As sweepstakes entries, the Sweeps Coins themselves are not gambling. You simply use them as your "chips" to play real money poker games and tournaments.

Global Poker is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and legal for play in 49 U.S. states. Only Washington state prohibits their operations due to local laws. Beyond that, there are no federal laws banning you from playing poker online through Global‘s sweepstakes model.

So relax – you get to enjoy all the strategic play and thrill of poker with other real opponents, along with the adrenaline rush of winning cold hard cash. The only difference is you aren’t forced to gamble away your own money.

This is an absolute game changer compared to traditional online poker sites. Now anyone can grind their way up from free rolls to big tourney payouts. Global Poker puts world-class poker action previously reserved for the rich within reach of the everyday player.

Collecting Free Sweeps Coins for Poker Play

As we covered already, Sweeps Coins are your ticket to free real money poker on Global Poker. They act as free entries into any cash game or tournament across the site.

Global offers numerous ways you can get your hands on Sweeps Coins at no cost:

  • Daily login bonus – Simply logging into Global Poker each day earns you anywhere from 200 to 600 free Sweeps Coins. Be sure to claim them every day!

  • Refer friends – Referring another person to sign up at Global Poker will net you 1,000 free Sweeps Coins once they register. Get a whole group onboard and watch your stack grow!

  • Social media – Global Poker gives out Sweeps Coins for interacting with them on Twitter, Facebook, or other social platforms. Easy passive income!

  • Newsletter – Signing up for their newsletter gives you Sweeps Coin rewards straight to your inbox.

  • Game promotions – Playing specialty games and promotions will have SC prizes. Always check for opportunities.

  • Contests – Occasional contests award heaps of Sweeps Coins via social media, community events, or pure luck.

As you can see, even casual players can easily stockpile enough free Sweeps Coins for regular play. But the rewards don‘t stop there…

Global Poker also runs endless seasonal promotions that give away tons of Sweeps Coins. We‘re talking hundreds of thousands of SC scattered across poker‘s biggest events:

  • March Madness
  • WSOP (World Series of Poker)
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas

It‘s like having birthday presents lining up one after another! With a packed promo schedule and daily SC bonuses, you‘ll never run out of free chips.

Let‘s use an example to see how lucrative these bonuses can be:

  • You sign up and get 30,000 SC welcome bonus
  • Claim the max daily login bonus of 600 SC
  • Refer 2 friends for 2,000 SC each
  • Partake in promotions for 50,000 SC

That‘s 85,000 free Sweeps Coins, valued at $850 if purchased at 100 SC/$1. And it probably took you less than an hour total to earn all those bonuses!

As you can see, you can grind a sizeable poker bankroll without funding your account at all. Global Poker hands out free Sweeps Coins like candy, if you just take advantage of all the opportunities.

Sweeps Coins vs. Gold Coins – What‘s the Difference?

By this point, you understand that Sweeps Coins are the free entry tickets at Global Poker. But the site also uses virtual Gold Coins – so how do those fit in?

Sweeps Coins are received for free and redeemed for actual cash winnings. They should be treated with care, as they hold value.

Gold Coins, on the other hand, are meant purely for entertainment. Here are the key differences:

Sweeps CoinsGold Coins
FreeYesYes, smaller amounts
Can be purchasedNoYes
Redeemable for cashYesNo
Game eligibilityAll gamesAll games

Think of Gold Coins as like the play money chips on Facebook poker apps. They are for casual practice or entertainment, but any winnings are just virtual.

Sweeps Coins are your gateway to withdrawing money, so be sure to save them for games and tournaments where you can win real cash prizes.

If you end up buying Gold Coins, use them to learn the ropes or test new strategies. They help make the gameplay smooth when you don‘t want to risk your premium Sweeps Coins. But ultimately those free SC provide the only path to your real money rewards.

Game Options – Global Poker Has it All

A legitimate concern some folks have given Global Poker‘s smaller size is whether they offer a full range of games and enough action. I‘m happy to report they deliver big time in this department!

You‘ll find the complete suite of poker cash games and tournaments on tap 24/7. This includes all the classics like:

  • No Limit Texas Hold‘em
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 7 Card Stud
  • Zoom Poker

Table limits range from penny stakes to mid-stakes, accommodating every bankroll. The competition runs the gamut from loose beginners to semi-pro grinders, so you can find a game matching your skill.

Global also spreads the full range of Sit and Go tournaments, from heads-up to nine handed. Buy-ins scale from as low as 5,000 chips up to 100,000 chip events for the high rollers.

For tournament enthusiasts, they run multiple daily tournaments with guarantees up to $20,000 for the biggest events. Events like the $100,000 guaranteed Sunday Scrimmage are must-plays on poker players‘ calendars.

Let‘s glance at a sample daily tournament schedule:

Deep Dive Turbo12:05 ET$5$500
Mid Day Deep Stack1:05 ET$30$2,000
Mega Deep Stack4:05 ET$215$20,000
Night Owl11:05 ET$10$1,000

They also spread unique variants like Jackpot Poker, which lets you win big progressive jackpots in addition to taking down the main pot. Lottery-style payouts help recoup losses when you take bad beats.

For those who enjoy casino games as well, you can put your poker winnings on the line playing blackjack, roulette, and slots using Sweeps Coins too. This entertainment hub brings Vegas to your fingertips, 100% free.

While Global Poker attracts a smaller player pool than giants like, the traffic continues trending upward. According to PokerScout, Global currently averages 1,600 players online during peak hours – solid for a US-facing poker room.

Tournaments regularly meet or exceed their guarantees, so there‘s definitely no shortage of action. Finding good games around the clock is easy with their intuitive lobby and tournament schedules.

Given the free access and legal standing coast to coast, it‘s no wonder Global Poker‘s traffic has boomed. The poker economy stimulated by people winning free Sweeps Coins creates a sustainable ecosystem benefiting the entire player pool.

How Signing Up and Claiming Bonuses Takes Seconds

Since there‘s no deposit required, getting started at Global Poker is a cinch. You can literally join in under a minute.

Just visit and click the yellow “Play Now” button. Enter some quick personal details and confirm your email address. Then you‘re off to the races with your welcome bonuses!

To claim those free chips, click on “Get Coins” in the top right corner after logging in. You‘ll see your pending bonuses – just click each one to add free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins to your balance.

The welcome offer as of this writing is:

  • 150,000 Gold Coins
  • 30,000 Sweeps Coins

Be sure to take advantage of this lucrative head start on your bankroll!

You can then check the promotions and limited-time bonuses pages for additional free Sweeps Coin opportunities. With those loaded up, you‘re ready to jump right into the action and play real money poker games for free.

Cashing Out Your Winnings – Real Money with No Deposit

The big question everyone has is: "How do I get paid when I win using those free Sweeps Coins?"

Collecting your real money rewards is straightforward at Global Poker. When your Sweeps Coin balance exceeds 10,000 SC, you can exchange them for cash prizes.

There are two ways to redeem your virtual winnings:

  • Gift cards – Numerous popular gift card options from Amazon to Target to restaurants. Gift cards are sent instantly via email.
  • Bank transfer – Direct transfer of funds into your bank account. Takes 1-3 business days.

I‘d recommend gift cards if you plan to spend your winnings on regular purchases. The instant delivery lets you enjoy the spoils of your poker prowess right away.

Bank transfers make sense for larger amounts or if you prefer funds sent directly to your bank. Processing times are still faster than alternatives like paper checks or wire transfers.

To request a payout, click on “Get Coins” after logging in. Choose the “Redeem Prize” tab, select your preferred withdrawal method, and enter the cashout amount.

That‘s all it takes to turn your virtual poker success into cold hard cash and prizes without risking a cent of your own money. Be sure to verify your identity by submitting photo ID to increase payout speeds and limits.

Purchase and Withdrawal Limits

All regulated gambling sites have to impose some limits on transactions to ensure responsible play. Here is the need-to-know info on Global Poker‘s purchase and cashout rules:

  • $3,000 per 30 days – Purchase limit for unverified accounts
  • $12,000 per 30 days – Purchase limit for verified accounts
  • $50 minimum cashout – Minimum to request a payout
  • 24-48 hours – Standard cashout processing time

These seem very reasonable to me as someone who plays routinely. Keep in mind daily bonuses provide a steady stream of Sweeps Coins at no cost anyway.

Submitting photo ID verifies your identity and lifts limits significantly, allowing serious players to withdraw five-figure prizes monthly. Just be sure to wager responsibly, only playing with money you can afford to lose.

Global Poker – Licensed, Legal, and Legit

Given that Global Poker handles your personal info and cash, it‘s reasonable to wonder – can you trust them? Based on my extensive research, the answer is a resounding yes. Here are the key facts confirming Global Poker is completely legit:

  • Regulated and licensed – Global Poker holds a gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority, one of the strictest regulators in the industry. Rigorous oversight ensures fairness and financial accountability.

  • Operational since 2017 – Global Poker has been servicing players for over 5 years. Their longevity proves they pay out reliably.

  • VGW Holdings ownership – Global is owned by Virtual Gaming Worlds, a respected operator of multiple longstanding gaming sites.

  • 49 states served – Global‘s sweepstakes model is legal for players nationwide with the lone exception of Washington state. If they weren‘t on the up and up, they couldn‘t operate so widely.

  • SSL Encryption – All your personal information is secured using advanced encryption. Financial transactions are facilitated by trusted processors.

Based on their flawless track record and strict regulatory oversight, I can say without reservation that Global Poker is a 100% legit place to play free online poker. Customer support is also top-notch in case any issues arise.

Why Global Poker is My Go-To for Free Play

Hopefully by now I‘ve showcased why Global Poker is such an amazing option for playing real money poker online free of charge:

  • Access free Sweeps Coin bonuses daily and through promotions

  • Enjoy the full range of poker cash games, tournaments, sit and goes

  • Gain valuable experience playing different formats and stakes

  • Develop your skills competing against real opponents of all skill levels

  • Chase lucrative payouts without risking any of your own funds

  • Cash out winnings via convenient gift cards or bank transfer

As someone who has played on nearly every US-facing poker site, I can definitively say Global Poker offers the best free play experience. Their Sweeps Coins model brilliantly opens up online poker and takes it back to its equal opportunity roots.

It still blows my mind that anyone – from a newbie playing their first hands to a grizzled vet – can sign up at Global Poker and play real money poker absolutely free. Then cash out actual earnings directly to their wallet or bank account.

While the concept of playing online poker legally for free may seem too good to be true, Global Poker pulls it off with flying colors. I invite you to see for yourself by signing up today to claim your welcome bonus Sweeps Coins.

If you have any other questions after reading this guide, I‘m always happy to help out a fellow player! Just drop me a line and I‘ll offer any other tips I can so you get the most enjoyment (and winnings!) out of Global Poker. Now let‘s get to the tables and put those free Sweeps Coins to work!



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