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Is God of Ragnarok Free? Here‘s the Scoop on Getting this Epic Game Without Paying

Hey friend! If you‘re wondering whether you can play God of War Ragnarok without paying full price, I‘ve got some helpful info for you. To start – no, there is currently no way to get the full God of War Ragnarok game 100% free and legal at launch. But keep reading, because you have options!

As an avid gamer myself, I totally get wanting to score one of the year‘s biggest releases like Ragnarok for free. With the cost of new games now typically $59.99 (PS4) or $69.99 (PS5), buying every title you want just isn‘t feasible for most players.

The good news is Ragnarok will eventually be accessible without spending a dime if you‘re clever about it. In this comprehensive guide for frugal gamers, I‘ll walk you through legitimate ways to play God of War Ragnarok for zero cash down the road. Stick with me, and you‘ll be adventuring with Kratos and Atreus on the cheap in no time!

Can I Get God of War Ragnarok for Free Now?

Let‘s rip the bandaid off – there are currently no legit ways to grab Ragnarok totally free right now at launch on November 9th, 2022. Being a massive new release and PlayStation exclusive, it‘s only available for purchase directly from PSN for $69.99 on PS5 and $59.99 on PS4. Even PlayStation Plus members need to pay up. Bummer, I know!

While some key details about the game are free (see below), neither Sony or developers Santa Monica Studio are just handing out free copies all willy-nilly. Don‘t fall for sketchy websites claiming to have God of War Ragnarok game codes for free – they‘re scams!

However, savvy gamers like us can utilize the following freebies while we wait patiently for discount opportunities…

Free God of War Ragnarok PS5 Trial (Limited Time Only!)

For a limited 3-hour window, PS5 owners can download a free trial of God of War Ragnarok from the PlayStation Store. This gives you a nice chunk of gameplay to try before you buy. Experience the visuals, combat, and early story totally free while you decide if it‘s worth purchasing.

Save data carries over too, so you don‘t lose progress. But act fast if you want in on this trial, as it‘s only available from November 2nd through January 28th, 2023!

God of War Ragnarok DualSense Controller Features

PS5 gamers can enjoy God of War Ragnarok‘s immersive DualSense controller features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers at no extra cost. Feel every axe swing or arrow shot thanks to the excellent vibration effects exclusive to the PS5 version.

Free Digital Goodies

Pre-ordering Ragnarok digitally unlocks some PS4 and PS5 avatar items picturing Kratos and Atreus. Pop those bad boys on your PSN profile to show your hype for the game while waiting for funds to grab the full experience.

Watch Streams & Gameplay Videos

Can‘t play just yet? Viewing streams and online videos is a free way to experience Ragnarok vicariously. Study strategies to prepare for when you do snag the game yourself. You‘ll hit the ground running watching other gamers take their first steps in the Nine Realms.

See? Even broke gamers like us aren‘t completely left out in the cold. But let‘s get to the good stuff: how and when you can expect to play God of War Ragnarok 100% free!

How to Get God of War Ragnarok For Free (Eventually)

Ready to ascend to gaming Valhalla and play this phenomenal PS4 and PS5 title without paying a cent? The gates will open…you just need patience. Based on historical data from Sony‘s past major releases, here are all the ways you can expect to score God of War Ragnarok gratis:

1. PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium (12 Months After Launch)

Days Until Major PS4 Exclusives Were Added to PS Plus

GameDays After Launch
The Last of Us Part II389
Ghost of Tsushima363
Marvel‘s Spider-Man343
Days Gone337

PlayStation‘s premium subscription services PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium provide members with an extensive catalog of 400+ games to download free, no strings attached.

Based on the data above, we can expect God of War Ragnarok to join the PlayStation Plus lineup approximately 12 months after its November 2022 launch, likely November 2023.

If you‘re willing to wait a year, joining PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium will grant you free access to all of Ragnarok‘s realms and epic storylines! Major savings for just a little patience.

2. Free Play Days Promotional Events

Sony frequently runs Free Play Days weekends where non-subscribers can trial hit games for 48 hours free. Horizon Forbidden West, NBA 2K23, and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection have all been featured recently.

These limited-time events usually happen 3-5 months after a game‘s release. I‘d bet my Leviathan Axe we‘ll see God of War Ragnarok be playable free for all players on a promotional Free Play Days weekend during Spring 2023!

3. Permanent Price Drop

First party PlayStation titles typically see a permanent price drop around 1-2 years after launch. 2018‘s God of War took nearly two years to drop from $59.99 down to just $9.99.

Judging by this precedent, God of War Ragnarok‘s price could slash down to $20 or less by late 2024, over 50% off. For the utmost patience, wait for the permanent discount.

4. Buy Discounted PlayStation Store Gift Cards

Here‘s a clever way to take advantage of gift card deals and discounts to lower the burden of buying Ragnarok upfront.

Apps like CardCash let you purchase discounted PlayStation Store gift cards for up to 25% off. Or you can trade unwanted gift cards for PSN credit using sites like GiftCardSpread.

If you‘ve been hoarding credit card points and rewards, exchange them for heavily discounted PSN cards. Using discounted gift cards to buy Ragnarok essentially scores you the game for less.

5. Sony Hosted Giveaways

As part of promotions, Sony occasionally gives God of War games and merch away for free. To celebrate Ragnarok, they may host social media sweepstakes to win a free copy or swag.

Follow PlayStation accounts and turn on notifications so you never miss a giveaway opportunity. With some luck, you could win Ragnarok for free and have Kratos blessing your good fortune!

6. Trade Games for Store Credit

No cash? No problem! Trading old games towards store credit can cover the cost of new ones. Sites like Decluttr, GameStop, and Glyde let you trade games for decent credit.

Save up PlayStation Store credit from trading games you don‘t play anymore. Put that moola straight towards buying Ragnarok! Just be sure to trade unwanted games while they still have value.

There are even subreddits like r/GameSwap where you can directly trade games with other users. Leverage what you already own to obtain Ragnarok free!

Don‘t Despair – Patience Pays Off!

As you can see, getting God of War Ragnarok for zero dollars is absolutely possible with strategic waiting. While buying it full price at launch may not fit your budget, your chance to score this Game of the Year contender gratis will come around.

Stalk the PlayStation Store for sales, partake in giveaways, grab discounted gift cards, trade your games, or consider PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium. With the right freebie finessing, you‘ll be mastering Leviathan Axe throws and Spartan Rage smackdowns without paying a cent!

The gates to the Norse realms will open for broke gamers soon enough. For now, smack baddies in other realms until you can join Kratos and Atreus on their free adventure. Game on!



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