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Is Lori Harvey Adopted? Unraveling the Truth Behind Steve Harvey‘s Family

To answer the question directly: Yes, Lori Harvey is adopted. The celebrity model and entrepreneur was adopted by Steve Harvey after he married her mother, Marjorie Bridges, in 2007.

While Lori may not share Steve Harvey‘s DNA, their family story reveals a bond that transcends biology. It highlights the meaning of unconditional family love.

This in-depth guide will explore Lori‘s background, Steve‘s motivations, her achievements, and why the Harveys exemplify admirable family values.

A Summary of “Is Lori Harvey Adopted?”

  • Lori was born in 1997 to mom Marjorie Bridges, with her biological dad undisclosed.
  • Marjorie married Steve Harvey in 2007 when Lori was 10 years old.
  • Steve proceeded to legally adopt Lori and her siblings Morgan and Jason as his own.
  • Now 25, Lori has built an impressive modeling career and skincare brand.
  • She stays in the headlines for lavish living, celebrity dating, and as Steve‘s adopted daughter.
  • But most importantly, the Harveys prioritize love and family above all else.

Key Facts and Statistics on Lori Harvey’s Adoption Story

Lori‘s Background:

  • Date of Birth: January 13, 1997 in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Mother: Marjorie Bridges (fashion blogger and Instagram influencer)
  • Biological Father: Unknown publicly
  • Adopted by Steve Harvey in 2007 at age 10

Steve Harvey‘s Family:

  • 7 total children
  • 4 biological children from prior relationships
  • 3 adopted children with Marjorie (including Lori)

U.S. Adoption Statistics:

  • About 2% of U.S. children are adopted, totaling around 1.5 million.
  • Of adopted children, over 70% join families unrelated to them.
  • Transracial adoptions rose from roughly 20,000 in 1996 to 40,000 in 2000.
  • About 2 million LGBTQ+ individuals are interested in adopting.
  • The average cost of adoption ranges from $20,000 to $40,000.

Blended Family Statistics:

  • Around 1,300 new blended families form every day in the U.S.
  • Blended families consist of over 16 million children under age 18.
  • Up to 65% of remarriages involve children from previous relationships.

This data provides helpful perspective on the commonness of Lori’s adoption and the Harveys’ blended family dynamic. Now let’s dive deeper…

Inside Lori Harvey’s Early Life and Childhood

Born in Memphis, Tennessee on January 13, 1997, Lori Harvey spent her earliest years being raised by her mother, Marjorie Bridges. Marjorie worked as a fashion blogger and influencer, with an eye for style she surely passed on to her daughter.

Not much is known publicly about Lori’s biological father or her relationship with him. But despite her father’s absence, Lori remained loved and supported by her devoted mom.

When Lori was around 10 years old, her mother Marjorie began dating comedian and television host Steve Harvey. At the time, Steve had four children of his own from two previous marriages – Brandi, Karli, Broderick Jr., and Wynton.

After two years of dating, Marjorie and Steve decided to tie the knot in 2007. And once they married, Steve officially adopted Marjorie’s three children: Lori, Jason, and Morgan.

Steve’s decision to adopt his new wife’s children demonstrates his steadfast commitment to the entire family, despite having no biological connection to the kids. He embraced all three as his own.

Steve Harvey’s Motivations for Adopting Lori and Her Siblings

What would motivate a famous comedian to adopt three children who weren‘t his? For Steve Harvey, the answer comes down to one word – love.

Long before meeting Marjorie, Steve endured two failed marriages of his own. He has been open about those difficult divorces taking an emotional toll.

But after connecting with Marjorie, Steve realized he had found the partner and family he always hoped for. Marjorie reinvigorated his belief in lasting love.

Steve has shared that Marjorie taught him the significance of “spiritual stewardship” and leaving a positive mark on the world. Inspired by her outlook, he committed to raising her three children with the same devotion as his biological kids.

In numerous interviews since, Steve refers to beloved daughter Lori and beams with fatherly pride. He even wrote in his book about the joy of gaining “three gorgeous new children” upon marrying Marjorie.

Steve summed up the unwavering love for his kids simply with: “When you marry a person, you marry everything that made that person who they are, including their children."

Lori Harvey’s Achievements and Career in the Spotlight

Despite growing up in a famous family, Lori Harvey was determined to pave her own path in life. She immersed herself in the world of modeling and fashion from a young age.

By 17, Lori was walking runways at New York Fashion Week. This opportunity kickstarted her career, leading to campaigns with luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana.

In 2016, Lori signed with the prestigious modeling agency IMG Models. She spent subsequent years expanding her portfolio and working with top designers.

Beyond modeling, Lori launched her own skincare brand called SKN by LH in 2019. The vegan, cruelty-free line targets issues like acne and hyperpigmentation.

SKN’s initial launch online sold out within hours, showcasing Lori’s business savvy. She has since expanded the brand’s offerings with new products and global availability.

Today, Lori has accrued over 4 million Instagram followers. She often flaunts her signature fashion sense and beauty tips online. While her famous family name accelerated Lori’s platform, her work ethic and vision deserve credit for her success.

Lori’s Place Within the Harvey Blended Family

So where exactly does Lori Harvey fall within Steve Harvey’s full family tree? Here is a breakdown:

  • Steve Harvey‘s biological children: Brandi, Karli, Broderick Jr., Wynton

  • Marjorie‘s biological child: Morgan

  • Steve and Marjorie‘s biological child: Aniya

  • Marjorie‘s adopted children with Steve: Lori, Jason

Steve and Marjorie also have several grandchildren now. But the kids all remain close, with Lori frequently posting about her siblings online.

Lori refers to Steve‘s older daughters Brandi and Karli as her "bonus sisters." And she supports step-brother Broderick‘s flourishing career as an athlete.

The Harvey kids have joined forces for family events too. Lori, Morgan and Jason teamed up for Steve‘s wife Marjorie’s surprise birthday bash in 2021.

While their family tree may be complex, the Harveys have built a cohesive blended family full of love and support.

Why Lori Harvey‘s Story Captivates the Public Interest

As Steve Harvey‘s adopted daughter, much intrigue has surrounded Lori‘s background and family story. But she also attracts fascination as an aspiring model making a name for herself.

Lori‘s eye-catching fashion sense, glamorous lifestyle, and penchant for famous boyfriends keep her in the media spotlight.

She has been romantically tied to boldface names like rapper Future, music mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, and actor Michael B. Jordan. Lori‘s dating life never fails to generate headlines.

Some attribute Lori‘s vast opportunities to "nepotism" and industry connections via Steve. But her work ethic is undeniable.

However, Lori acknowledges that Steve’s mentorship gave her a strong foundation. He taught her to "move through negativity and focus on the positive."

While some may view Lori as an overnight A-lister, she has asserted her goals and agency outside her famous family. Her story fascinates the public as an aspirational tale of success.

The Importance of Family First for the Harveys

Sure, the Harveys may live lavishly. But at their core, they exemplify strong family values and unconditional love.

Steve Harvey never differentiated between his biological children and adopted kids. As he shared, "When I married Marjorie, I married her kids too."

And despite lacking Steve‘s genetics, Lori maintains a deeply close bond with her adoptive father. She calls him "Pops" and her biggest supporter.

Lori also continues a positive relationship with biological mom Marjorie. The two jointly invested in a $15 million Atlanta estate in 2021.

Across their sprawling blended family, the Harveys prioritize spiritual and emotional ties above all else. Steve told Ebony magazine, “Family creates success.”

The Harveys demonstrate that families come in all shapes and sizes. With mutual care and understanding, bonds can form regardless of race, orientation, or biology.

Lori‘s story represents the best of adoptive families – centered in unconditional love, not mere blood relation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lori Harvey‘s Adoption Story

  • Is Lori Harvey Steve Harvey’s biological daughter? No, Lori was adopted by Steve after he married her mother Marjorie in 2007.

  • What is known about Lori Harvey’s biological father? Lori‘s biological father has not been publicly identified. She was originally raised by her mother Marjorie Bridges.

  • When was Lori Harvey born? Lori Harvey was born on January 13, 1997 in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • How did Lori Harvey get famous? Lori gained fame by becoming a model walking in major fashion shows. She has also launched her own skincare line. Her relationship to Steve Harvey increased her public profile.

  • Who are Steve Harvey’s seven children? Steve‘s four biological kids are Brandi, Karli, Broderick Jr., and Wynton. His three adopted children with Marjorie are Lori, Morgan, and Jason.

Conclusion: Love Makes a Family

While Lori Harvey and Steve Harvey don‘t share DNA, their genuine father-daughter bond proves that families are defined by unconditional support. Lori‘s story represents the spectrum of modern families.

Her success as an entrepreneur and role model also demonstrates the resilience of adopted kids thriving through love. Even under public scrutiny, the Harveys exemplify spiritual values and bonding beyond biological ties.

At its core, Lori‘s journey highlights that family means embracing each other with open arms and open hearts. The Harveys show the world that families can take all forms, as long as they‘re rooted in an unbreakable love.



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