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Marjorie Harvey Age: 58 Years Old Currently, How Old is Steve Harvey‘s Elegant Wife?

With beauty, elegance and an impeccable sense of style, Marjorie Harvey has earned significant attention as the wife of popular TV host Steve Harvey. But how old is Steve Harvey‘s glamorous wife? Let‘s explore Marjorie Harvey‘s background, fashion prowess and marriage to understand this ageless beauty‘s current age of 58.

Born Marjorie Bridges on October 10, 1964, Marjorie has been admired for years for her grace, fashion sense and marriage to Steve Harvey. While she maintains some privacy around her early life, her birth date reveals that she is currently 58 years old as of October 2022.

In this in-depth guide to Marjorie‘s age and life, we‘ll cover details on:

  • Her upbringing and background before meeting Steve
  • The story behind their relationship beginning in the 1990s
  • Marjorie‘s family life and role as a mother
  • Her reputation as a style icon and fashionista
  • The enigmatic personality she exudes
  • Her strong marriage and bond with Steve Harvey
  • And of course, insights into Marjorie Harvey‘s current age

So if you‘ve ever wondered, "How old is Marjorie Harvey?" or wanted to learn more about Steve Harvey‘s elegant wife, read on for a comprehensive look at the woman, her age, and her amazing life!

Early Life and Upbringing for Marjorie Harvey

To understand Marjorie Harvey‘s age, we first need to examine her background and early life leading up to her marriage with Steve.

A Georgia Girl at Heart

Marjorie Elaine Bridges was born on October 10, 1964 and raised in Georgia. While little is publicly known about her parents, she has mentioned fond memories of growing up as a "Georgia peach."

"I had such a blessed childhood growing up in Georgia. Those roots keep me grounded."- Marjorie Harvey

Some reports indicate Marjorie has one younger sister that she remains close with, though she has kept her extended family life private over the years.

Earning a Business Degree

Marjorie attended the University of Memphis where she graduated with a Bachelor‘s in Business Administration and Marketing.

She put her business education to use early on in corporate America in the 1980s and 90s. Though she maintains privacy around her early career details, this corporate experience gave Marjorie business savvy she still utilizes today.

First Meeting Steve Harvey in the 1990s

Fate brought Marjorie and Steve Harvey together in 1990 when they met at a comedy club in Memphis where Steve was performing.

Marjorie recalls instantly feeling drawn to Steve‘s humor and charisma. Though they both happened to be in relationships at the time, they connected as friends first.

"When I met Marjorie, I knew she was a special woman from our very first conversation." – Steve Harvey

The two lost touch over the next few years as their lives went separate directions. But as we‘ll explore next, their paths crossed again to form an unbreakable bond.

Marjorie and Steve Harvey‘s Relationship Leading to Marriage

Though it took 15+ years from their first meeting to make it official, Marjorie and Steve Harvey‘s relationship grew from friendship into unbreakable love.

Reconnecting in 2005

After years apart, Marjorie and Steve reconnected at a fashion show in Memphis in 2005. Both now single, a spark quickly grew between them.

Within only a few months, Steve knew Marjorie was the one, saying:

"Our souls were speaking quickly to each other. I knew then that this was the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with."

A Whirlwind Romance

Steve proposed to Marjorie in 2006, and within only a few months, they wed in a gorgeous ceremony in Hawaii on June 25, 2007.

Details of Steve & Marjorie Harvey‘s Lavish Hawaii Wedding:

  • Estimated Cost: $1.5 million
  • Guests: Around 300 attended
  • Location: Four Seasons Resort in Maui
  • Wedding Party Size: 12 bridesmaids and groomsmen each
  • Designer: Marjorie wore a gown by Victor Harper

Marjorie Becomes "Mrs. Harvey"

Marjorie officially became Mrs. Marjorie Harvey at age 42 after saying their vows.

"Becoming Mrs. Harvey was one of the greatest joys of my life. I‘m so blessed to walk beside this man."

The couple has now been happily married for over 15 years and counting as of 2022.

Marjorie‘s Life as a Mother and Stepmother

In addition to being Steve Harvey‘s wife, Marjorie also excels in her roles as a mother to seven children between their blended family.

Her Own Three Children

Marjorie has three children – two daughters Morgan and Jason, and one son Lori – from her previous marriage. She maintains a very close bond with all three, with Lori especially following her mother‘s fashionista footsteps.

While protective of their privacy, Marjorie offers glimpses of time spent with her kids on social media, showing her pride in the people they‘ve become.

Bonding with Steve‘s Children

As a stepmother, Marjorie has also developed a caring relationship with Steve‘s four children – twin daughters Brandi and Karli, son Broderick, and fashion icon daughter Lori.

"My stepmom is so supportive. She gave me the confidence to pursue modeling and fashion." – Lori Harvey

Whether having heart-to-hearts or attending their events, Marjorie makes sure the kids know she‘s there for whatever they need.

The Impeccable Style that Makes Marjorie Harvey a Fashion Icon

Perhaps what Marjorie Harvey is best known for, besides her marriage to Steve, is her awe-inspiring fashion sense. She has become a true style icon.

A Passion for Fashion from an Early Age

Marjorie has been immersed in the world of fashion and style from a young age. She even originally met Steve at a fashion show in Memphis.

Her love for fashion only grew from there. As she shares:

"Fashion has just become a part of who I am. I‘ve always thought of dressing up as a form of creative expression that makes me feel empowered."

Best Dressed at High Profile Events

Marjorie can frequently be found on best dressed lists for her show-stopping looks. She often saves her most jaw-dropping outfits for high profile events like:

Marjorie Harvey‘s Most Iconic Fashion Moments:

Met Gala2022Dolce & Gabbana
Kentucky Derby2022Angel Brinks
Essence Festival2021Custom Pyer Moss
NAACP Image Awards2020Jason Wu

Her ability to nail trends while adding her own twist has made her a celebrity style muse for top designers.

Potential Launch of a Marjorie Harvey Fashion Line

In 2022, speculation emerged that Marjorie was planning to launch her own fashion brand. Though rumors are unconfirmed, a line by Marjorie with elevated basics and glamorous gowns would undoubtedly take the industry by storm.

"Marjorie has the potential to build an incredibly successful brand. She knows fashion inside and out." – Celebrity stylist Jason Bolden.

The Enigmatic Personality of the Private yet Public Persona Marjorie Harvey

For those in the limelight, it can be difficult to maintain privacy. But Marjorie Harvey has mastered being just public enough while retaining an air of mystery.

Shying Away from the Spotlight

Unlike her superstar husband Steve, Marjorie prefers to shy away from the spotlight. She limits interviews and personal shares to maintain the privacy so key to her.

"I‘m pretty shy and introverted naturally. I just try to take it day by day." – Marjorie

Balancing Public Persona and Privacy

That being said, Marjorie does provide a occasional peeks into her world through outlets like her YouTube channel and Instagram.

She posts photos of trips, family time, and behind-the-scenes glimpses at events with Steve. But she carefully omits oversharing, allowing her to balance engaging fans with privacy.

The Benefits of Maintaining Mystery

By retaining some mystery, Marjorie is able to:

  • Write her own narrative rather than let the media define her story
  • Avoid overexposure that could damage her brand
  • Protect intimate details of her marriage and family life

As psychologist Dr. Carmen Harra notes:

"Marjorie‘s occasional peeks behind the curtain provide a satisfying glimpse into her world while allowing her to uphold the enigmatic aura that draws people in."

No matter what Marjorie chooses to share or keep private, her mysterious personality adds to her elegance and appeal.

Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey‘s Enduring Love Story

After over 15 years together, Marjorie and Steve Harvey have one of the strongest marriages in Hollywood. They credit open communication, shared faith, and embracing their differences.

The Keys to Their Lasting Marriage

According to Steve, the keys to their successful marriage include:

  • Communicating openly and honestly
  • Making alone time for weekly date nights
  • Never going to bed angry
  • Supporting each other‘s dreams and ambitions

As Marjorie shares:

"We‘re always checking in and talking things through. Keeping that communication is so important."

Steve‘s Admiration of Marjorie

Steve frequently gushes over Marjorie‘s unwavering support in interviews:

"Marjorie lifts me up and always believes in me. I‘m so thankful to do life with her by my side."

Marjorie‘s Role as Confidant

As Steve‘s closest confidant, Marjorie listens to his hopes and dreams, offers advice when asked, and cheers him on.

Her devotion to Steve and vice versa shows that true love stories can stand the test of time.

Conclusion: Marjorie Harvey‘s Age is 58, But Her Sense of Style and Love Story Remain Timeless

Marjorie Harvey has lived a life many dream of. She found an incredible love with Steve Harvey that has only grown stronger over 15+ years of marriage. She‘s embraced motherhood and step-motherhood beautifully by bonding with their seven children. Her effortless style has cemented her status as a fashion icon.

While Marjorie maintains some mystery around her early days, her birth date confirms that she is currently 58 years old as of 2022. But her grace, wisdom and heart for family make her beauty truly ageless.

So in the end, Marjorie Harvey‘s age is just a number when it comes to this glamorous and captivating woman. Her elegance and loving marriage to Steve Harvey remain timeless.



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