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Is Mario Kart Tour Mobile Free? Yes, but There‘s More to the Story

Mario Kart Tour can be downloaded and played for free on both iOS and Android devices. However, the game does include optional in-app purchases to unlock additional content. While these are not required to enjoy Mario Kart Tour, some players may feel pressured to spend money to access certain features. Let‘s take an in-depth look at what‘s free vs. paid and whether Mario Kart Tour‘s monetization strikes the right balance.

What is Mario Kart Tour? A Quick Primer

For those unfamiliar, Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo‘s mobile iteration of the beloved Mario Kart racing series. It‘s available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Like previous Mario Kart games, players race around creative tracks inspired by global cities while using items and drift boosts to get ahead.

The roster contains a who‘s who of Mario universe characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser and more. Each has their own bonuses. You collect drivers, karts and gliders to build your perfect combo.

Game modes include Cup Races against AI, Online Multiplayer, and Daily Challenges. New York Minute mode challenges you to race through as much of a course as possible under a ticking timer. Tour Gifts provide periodic freebies like rubies.

It‘s a simplified take on Mario Kart designed for touchscreen play. You steer left and right, with acceleration automatic. Drifting, mini-boosts and item use add skill. The core racing captures that Mario Kart arcade spirit!

Downloading and Playing is 100% Free

First, the good news – Mario Kart Tour is completely free to download on mobile devices. After creating a Nintendo account, you can access all major modes without spending a dime, including:

  • Cup Races – Grand Prix style events against AI across 3-5 tracks. Update weekly.

  • Multiplayer – Online races against players worldwide. More on this later.

  • Challenges – Complete in-game objectives to earn rewards.

  • Shop – Spend earned coins on characters, karts, gliders and more.

So the core Mario Kart experience is there. You can enjoy plenty of gameplay without opening your wallet. This gives it a try-before-you-buy appeal over upfront paid games.


In-App Purchases Offer Shortcuts and Extras

While the gameplay is free, Mario Kart Tour tempts you to spend real money on rubies, the premium in-game currency. Here are some of the shortcuts and extras rubies can unlock:

  • New Drivers, Karts, and Gliders – These provide alternative abilities and bonuses. Base options available for free coins, but rubies offer greater selection.

  • Gold Pass Subscription – $4.99 weekly fee unlocks faster 200cc races and gifts. We‘ll analyze this shortly.

  • Retry Races – Spend rubies to bypass failure limits and keep racing without waiting.

  • Faster Unlocks – Skip countdown timers to instantly open gifts and tour rewards.

So in essence, rubies let you expand your collection quicker and bypass patience barriers. While not mandatory, they provide advantages. Let‘s look at ruby pricing:

  • $1.99 – 5 rubies
  • $4.99 – 14 rubies
  • $9.99 – 30 rubies
  • $19.99 – 50 rubies
  • $39.99 – 90 rubies
  • $69.99 – 135 rubies

How does this compare to other top mobile racers?

GameMinimum IAPWhat It Unlocks
Mario Kart Tour$1.995 rubies
CSR Racing 2$1.9960 gold coins
Asphalt 9$0.994-car pack

Mario Kart Tour is on the pricier end for its lowest IAP tier. But how much does this affect the core free gameplay?

Excellent Core Racing, with a Mario Kart Twist

If we just look at the free gameplay components, Mario Kart Tour delivers an enjoyable mobile racing experience. The drift-boosting mechanic retains that familiar Mario Kart feel while being adapted for touchscreen. Courses wind through visually appealing real world locales with creative layouts and hazards.

Races are fast and arcade-like, augmented by items like red shells, bananas and the devastating Bullet Bill! The massive driver roster pulls from all corners of Mario history, with bonuses that change up play style. Challenges add replay value by incentivizing new approaches.

There are understandable mobile limitations. Courses are shorter at just 2 laps. Controls are simplified to swipe or tap. But overall it succeeds at replicating the Mario Kart spirit in a one-handed pick up and play package.

Online Multiplayer – Frantic Fun with Some Caveats

Multiplayer is often highlighted as a core appeal of Mario Kart Tour. It pits you against real opponents worldwide in frenetic 7-player online races. Multiplayer really shines in delivering that competitive Mario Kart chaos on mobile. There‘s a rush from outmaneuvering other racers for 1st place bragging rights.

However, there are some limitations resulting from its mobile free-to-play nature. You must renew multiplayer access every 2 weeks by earning enough points in single player modes. Matchmaking can take time and be hit-or-miss. Lag and disconnections can occasionally disrupt races.

Still, when it works smoothly, multiplayer provides addictive competitive action. It‘s a blast to mix it up with random players, using skill and strategy to dominate. For free online Mario Kart on mobile, it delivers big time.

The Gold Pass Conundrum – Paywalling Faster Speeds

One of the most controversial monetization pieces is the $4.99 Gold Pass subscription. This recurring weekly fee provides faster racing and more gifts. The core benefit is unlocking the faster 200cc class.

Previous Mario Kart games have simply unlocked faster speeds through progression. So gatekeeping 200cc behind a persistent paywall feels underhanded to some players. However, from a business standpoint, it incentivizes recurring spend which has high value.

The Gold Pass also rewards consistent play with login bonuses. For multi-week subscribers, the cumulative rewards become more worthwhile. Ultimately it comes down to how essential you feel 200cc is to the experience.

Monetization Ethics – Striking the Right Balance

Analyzing Mario Kart Tour‘s monetization raises interesting ethical considerations. The rubies model follows standard mobile game conventions – pay to shortcut grind and expand Collection. But certain aspects push the boundaries of fairness. Limited race retries pressure spending as a form of induced obsolescence.

Does aggressive monetization exploit players? Or are businesses justified in optimizing revenue from a free game? There are reasonable arguments from both perspectives.

The reality is Mario Kart Tour must balance player satisfaction with financial sustainability. Its continued live service requires ongoing revenue, and the majority of players don‘t spend. From that lens, the monetization strikes an acceptable compromise, even if imperfect.

Nintendo‘s Calculated Mobile Evolution

Mario Kart Tour represents Nintendo‘s continued evolution into mobile development. Early mobile titles like Super Mario Run failed to resonate and struggled commercially due to upfront payment models. Nintendo realized successful mobile games thrive on free gameplay with incentivized spending.

Games like Fire Emblem Heroes and Mario Kart Tour show Nintendo embracing free-to-play mechanics more strategically. While not without controversy, this shift has allowed Nintendo to sustainably expand its core IPs to mobile while monetizing that sizable new audience.

Mario Kart Tour adopts standard mobile F2P elements like stamina, timers, randomized unlocks and premium currency. But Nintendo injects quality production polish that elevates the experience over many competitors. There are certainly areas to improve, but the direction shows learning.

The Verdict? Download for Free Racing Fun

At its core, Mario Kart Tour successfully adapts the familiar Mario Kart formula to mobile in a fun, accessible way. The gameplay foundation captures the racing excitement and quirky Mario charm millions have come to love. As a free download, it‘s clearly worth checking out for yourself.

Dedicated players may end up investing in rubies for unlocks or the Gold Pass subscription to access greater variety. But they are absolutely not prerequisites to enjoy hours of free Mario Kart entertainment on your phone. Think of rubies as optional tips for Nintendo‘s development efforts.

While its monetization edges on aggressive, Mario Kart Tour ultimately remains fun and playable without spending. For arcade racing fans, it‘s a delightfully addictive mobile experience. And one that can be downloaded free as the ideal entry point to a Mario Kart addiction!



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