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Is Minecraft Free on iOS?

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time, with over 140 million monthly active players as of 2021. The sandbox game allows players to build and explore worlds made up of blocks, but does require purchasing the game on mobile platforms like iOS.

Can I Play Minecraft for Free on iOS?

Unfortunately, Minecraft cannot be downloaded for free on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. To play Minecraft on an iOS device, you need to purchase the Pocket Edition from the App Store.

The Pocket Edition for iOS currently costs $6.99 as a one-time purchase to download and play. There is no free trial or demo available. This also applies to the iPadOS version for iPad.

So while Minecraft is free to play on platforms like Windows 10 and browsers, iOS users need to pay to download and access the game.

Why Isn‘t Minecraft Free on iOS?

Minecraft is not free on iOS because it is a premium game developed and published by Mojang Studios.

As a high quality game with frequent updates and active development, Minecraft charges a fee on mobile platforms to cover development costs. Offering it for free on iOS would not be financially viable.

Minecraft makes money through game purchases rather than ads or in-app purchases. So the upfront cost allows them to offer all features of Minecraft without freemium restrictions.

Console and mobile versions typically charge for the game as a way to fund development. The free versions on Windows 10 and browsers are more limited editions of the game.

Does Buying Minecraft on iOS Unlock Other Platforms?

Unfortunately, purchasing Minecraft: Pocket Edition on iOS does not unlock the full game on other platforms. It is considered a separate Mojang account and game license.

However, there are some perks to owning Minecraft on mobile:

  • Cloud syncing: You can sync your worlds and progress between iOS and Android devices.
  • Cross-platform multiplayer: Play on servers with people on PC and other devices.
  • Minecoins transfers: Minecoins bought on mobile can be used on Windows 10 and Xbox One editions.

But to play the Java Edition on PC or the version on gaming consoles, you would need to purchase those editions separately. Ownership is not shared across all platforms.

Can I Get Minecraft on iOS for Free?

There are a couple legit ways to potentially get Minecraft Pocket Edition for free on an iPhone or iPad, including:

  • Gift cards: Redeem an App Store or iTunes gift card with enough balance to cover the $6.99 cost.
  • Promotions: Occasionally Mojang offers the iOS version for free for a limited time.
  • App/device bundles: Some app bundles or new devices offer Minecraft as a free download.

But most of these options rely on special promotions or offers. There is no generally available way to download the full iOS game free of charge. You can only play free through gifts or limited-time deals.

What Are Some Options to Play Minecraft for Free?

While Minecraft isn‘t free on iOS, there are some alternative options to enjoy Minecraft gameplay without paying on an iPhone or iPad:

Play Minecraft Classic in Your Mobile Browser

Minecraft Classic is the original free browser-based version of Minecraft from 2009. It has limited features compared to the full game, but allows online multiplayer server access.

To play Minecraft Classic on an iOS device, simply go to in your mobile web browser like Safari. No download or account is needed – you can start playing instantly.

Try Clone Games Like BlockCraft 3D

There are many Minecraft-inspired games on the App Store that mimic aspects of its gameplay for free. Apps like BlockCraft 3D and Crafted World allow you to explore block worlds and be creative.

While not as feature-rich as Minecraft, these clones can provide basic building and survival gameplay without a purchase cost. Search the App Store for "Minecraft" to find free alternatives.

Use an iOS Game Streaming Service

Cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming provide subscribers access to stream Minecraft and other games to iOS devices. This allows playing the full Xbox One version of Minecraft without buying the iOS app.

Streaming requires a subscription and internet connection. But it does work as a potential free option for casual Minecraft gameplay on an iPhone or iPad.

How Much Does Minecraft Cost on Other Platforms?

Here is a quick overview of how much Minecraft costs on other popular gaming platforms:

  • Windows PC: $26.95 for Java Edition, $29.99 for Windows 10 Edition
  • Mac: $26.95 for Java Edition
  • Xbox One: $19.99 digital download, $29.99 physical disc
  • PlayStation 4: $19.99 digital download, $29.99 physical disc
  • Nintendo Switch: $29.99 digital download, $39.99 for physical cartridge
  • Android: $6.99 on Google Play Store
  • Oculus VR: $6.99 for Gear VR/Oculus Go, free with Oculus Rift

As you can see, the iOS and Android versions are the most affordable at only $6.99. Console and PC editions cost more but also offer the most features and flexibility.

Can I Get a Discount on Minecraft for iOS?

There are a few ways you may be able to save money when purchasing Minecraft on the App Store for an iPhone or iPad:

  • Watch for App Store sales around the holidays when Minecraft may be discounted by 25-50%.
  • Use Apple Trade In to get credits towards App Store purchases when you trade in an eligible device.
  • Utilize reward points from your credit card or a program like Apple Card Monthly Installments to offset the cost.
  • Find an App Store gift card on sale from retailers to save on adding funds to your account.

Brick and mortar stores that sell iOS gift cards may offer better discounts than buying directly through Apple. Stacking a discounted gift card with an App Store sale can maximize savings on Minecraft for iOS.

What Game Modes Does Minecraft for iOS Include?

Minecraft on iPhone and iPad provides the core game modes that make the sandbox game so engaging and replayable:

  • Survival Mode: Scavenge, mine, craft, and build to survive against hunger, monsters, and environmental hazards.
  • Creative Mode: Unlimited resources and flight to build whatever you can imagine without threats.
  • Hardcore Mode: Permadeath variant where you only get one life before the world is deleted.
  • Adventure Mode: Explore custom map areas and gain rewards by completing challenges.
  • Spectator Mode: Fly around and clip through blocks like a ghost to explore without interaction.

The Pocket Edition has all biomes, mobs, items, and gameplay mechanics as the Java and console versions. You can fully experience Minecraft‘s depth on an iOS device.

Does iOS Have Cross-Platform Multiplayer?

A major benefit of Minecraft on iOS is cross-platform multiplayer support. iOS players can join Minecraft multiplayer servers and Realms to play with friends on:

  • Windows 10
  • Android
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • VR platforms

You play using your free Xbox Live account and can build together or compete in mini-games with Minecraft users on virtually any platform.

This cross-device connection is a big perk for playing Minecraft on your mobile device. You aren‘t limited to only playing with other iOS users.

Is Minecraft Safe for Kids on iOS?

Minecraft is generally safe for kids and has a PEGI rating of 7+ on the App Store. As a single player sandbox game, it contains no objectionable content.

For multiplayer, be sure to monitor chat and servers for any potential harassment. Official Minecraft Realms tend to be more moderated, but public servers can have mature players.

Use parental controls like screen time limits and require approval for purchases. Overall, Minecraft provides a fun and creative environment suitable for most ages to enjoy.

How Does Minecraft Pocket Edition Perform on iOS Devices?

Minecraft Pocket Edition is well optimized to run smoothly on all modern iPhone and iPad models. Even older devices can handle Minecraft through graphics scaling options.

The most recent major iOS versions like iOS 15 provide full support and maximize performance. Using an iPhone 6S or newer will deliver a fluid Minecraft experience.

Tablet-wise, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4 can run Minecraft comfortably. Using an iPad Pro or latest iPad Air and Mini ensures optimal graphics and rendering.

Just make sure your device is updated to the latest iOS/iPadOS for stability enhancements. Close other apps while playing to prevent slowdowns from background processes competing for resources.

Is There a Demo to Try Before Buying?

Unfortunately there is no free trial, lite version, or demo of Minecraft to try before purchasing on iOS. The only way to try the game is to buy the full Pocket Edition.

Mojang does offer refunds within 14 days if you request one through Apple support. So you can buy and demo the iOS game for a couple weeks before refunding if it doesn‘t meet expectations.

But there is no dedicated free demo option to test Minecraft on iPhone or iPad before paying. You need to commit to buying the full app to evaluate it.

What are the iOS Device Requirements?

Here are the minimum iOS device requirements needed to run Minecraft:

  • iPhone 6S or newer model
  • 5th generation iPad or newer
  • iPad Mini 4 or newer
  • iOS 12 or newer
  • At least 600 MB storage space
  • 2GB RAM recommended

So you‘ll need a relatively modern iPhone or iPad running a somewhat current iOS version. Very old devices may struggle with performance even if technically supported.

Aim for an iPhone 8 level device or newer for smooth 60fps gameplay. Using an iOS device with only 1GB RAM can cause stability issues and crashes.

Is There Controller Support on iOS?

Minecraft for iOS has full support for MFi certified controllers like the Sony DualShock 4, SteelSeries Nimbus+, and Xbox Wireless Controllers.

Connecting a Bluetooth controller makes navigating menus, building, and combat much easier. Touch controls can feel slow and imprecise in comparison.

Enabling a controller is as simple as pairing it to your iPhone or iPad. Minecraft will automatically detect and map controls to match the console editions.

Controller support makes Minecraft on iOS feel much more like playing on a PC or console. It improves quick navigation, aiming, and switching between items.

Does Minecraft iOS Support Mods and Texture Packs?

A downside of Minecraft on iOS is lack of official mod and texture pack support. Unlike the Java Edition on PC, you cannot install mods or customize textures.

However, there are limited ways to simulate mods:

  • Download modded world files created on Windows 10/Android and transfer them to iOS using a cloud service or cable.
  • Join multiplayer servers running mod plugins and add-ons.
  • Use unofficial texture pack apps that can swap textures stored locally.

But direct addons, shaders, and mods cannot be installed natively like on other platforms. Options to customize are restricted due to App Store policies.

Can You Play Minecraft on iPhone or iPad for Free?

In summary, here are the limited ways to play Minecraft for free on iOS:

  • Play Minecraft Classic on a browser like Safari at
  • Stream Minecraft through a cloud gaming service like Xbox Cloud Gaming included with Game Pass Ultimate.
  • Try Minecraft-style games on the App Store like BlockCraft 3D.
  • Receive an App Store gift card that covers the $6.99 cost.
  • Take advantage of rare temporary deals where Mojang offers it for free.

But in general, the Minecraft Pocket Edition requires purchasing on iPhone and iPad. Options to play the full game free are very limited.

Is Buying Minecraft on iOS Worth It?

For most iOS users interested in Minecraft, paying the $6.99 cost is well worth it. You get the complete Minecraft experience to play anywhere on your Apple device.

The Pocket Edition has all key features, smooth performance, and cross-platform multiplayer support. And the one-time fee is very reasonable compared to other platforms.

Between the frequent updates and countless hours of gameplay potential, Minecraft is absolutely worth owning on iPhone or iPad for fans of sandbox creativity and survival adventures.



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